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Coffee is one of the oldest luxuries on the planet. We’ve been brewing and drinking coffee for at least 500 years, and we figure to continue doing so for a long time yet. It’s one of the most popular kinds of drinks on the planet, and it is enjoyed all over the world. For those of us who enjoy coffee frequently, it’s absolutely necessary to have a coffee brewer. Sure, going out for coffee is a convenient and fun distraction, but it’s both costly and time consuming. Having a way to brew coffee quickly at home is something that everybody who drinks coffee consistently should have.

Likewise, we’ve been brewing coffee for hundreds of years. Even the modern method we use today to brew coffee (drip brewing) has been around for more than a century. There are many different ways to brew coffee, however, and this is merely the most popular. Many alternative ways of preparing coffee have been around for hundreds as well, and can produce some subtle difference is the taste of coffee. The difference between today’s coffee brewer and manually making coffee is that a brewer doesn’t require the water to be boiled separately, and comes with the filtering system that is necessary for the coffee to brew.

As mentioned earlier, the most popular type of coffee brewer, by far, is the automatic drip brewer. This works by boiling the water you need separately from the ground coffee beans, and then funneling the water through them. The coffee beans are held in a filter just over the dripper. The dripper only allows a little bit of water to trickle out, so when the boiling water is poured into the coffee beans, it stays in the filter for a while to collect some of the flavor as it passes through. This process can make any amount of coffee, so long as the brewer is big enough, though most coffee brewers for the home only make a few cups.

There are many other kinds of coffee brewers, which can change the flavor of the coffee somewhat. For example, Starbucks bought exclusive rights to a specific kind of coffee maker, called the Clover, which is supposed to be able to bring out specific flavors in coffee to make it more customizable. On the other hand, there are other methods of brewing coffee, like vacuum brewing, which relies on steam in order to function correctly. However, these on their own rarely produce a markedly different cup of coffee, at least to the tastes of most people.

When buying coffee brewers, its important to know exactly what it is that you need. Are you brewing coffee for your whole family, or just yourself? Do you value quickness more, or a more thoroughly brewed cup? Coffee or espresso? Or both? All of these questions should be answered before you start shopping, because coffee brewers are typically separated from each other by details like these. For example, you can buy a coffee brewer, a brewer that also makes espresso, or an espresso maker. Coffee brewers are typically made to brew a specific amount as well, but if your amount changes, you can also purchase a coffee brewer that has different amount settings.

Price-wise, you might want to consider just how important the taste of coffee is to you. To be sure, much of the quality of coffee depends on the bean, but a good amount also depends on the quality of the brewer. If all you want is an instant cup of coffee to run out f the door with, you’ll probably be able to buy a coffee brewer for less than $50. On the other hand, the most expensive coffee brewers can cost thousands of dollars.

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