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You can ask any housewife what is the domestic chore they most hate, and by far the most common answer will probably be: iron-pressing clothes. Indeed, it can be a strenuous and time-consuming task; not to mention that you can easily damage your clothes unless you’re really good and know what you’re doing. Fortunately, there are now much better alternative to the conventional steaming iron, such as the new domestic clothes steamers. These appliances are very much like those commonly used in laundries, except they’re more portable and affordable… regardless, they are still very efficient, and they will allow steaming your clothes in record times.

How does a clothes steamer work?
A clothes steamer is very much like a standard iron steamer, except it’s larger and more convenient. Rather than placing your clothes on a steaming board and sliding the iron steamer across the fabrics until they’re wrinkle free, using a clothes steamer is much simpler and practical. You just have to place the clothe in the steamer and close it for a few seconds, open the steamer and remove the piece of clothing. Once you’re used to using these devices, you will easily steam press most pieces of clothing in a single go, rather than having to move them around in different positions across your steam board.

Simply put, a clothes steamer is a combination of a iron steamer and a steam board. Rather than having to move the steamer all the way across the clothing until it’s free of wrinkles, the steam will come out from the actual boards. So you just have to sandwich each piece of clothes in the steamer for a few seconds, and that’s it! In a few seconds the steam will do the trick and your clothes will be ready to get neatly folded. You just have to learn how to place the clothing on the steamer the right way, so that you will get perfect results with a single pressing. As you can imagine, this is much faster and efficient that iron steaming your clothes the old-fashioned way… and it will never pose a risk of scorching or damaging the fabrics.

How to choose the right clothes steamer for you

There are to particular considerations to keep in mind, while looking for an appropriate steamer. To begin with, you should decide if you prefer a home or travel steamer. If you move around a lot or you’re on a tight budget, you may want to get a travel steamer – since these devices are usually more compact, lightweight and less expensive. If you don’t plan to use the steamer outside your house and you don’t mind spending a little more money, a home clothes steamer is the thing for you. You will be able to steam a higher number of clothing pieces in the least amount of time, if you choose a big clothes steamer.

Another important specification you should be attentive to is power usage, since certain clothes steamer have a high demand for energy which may negatively offset the savings you make from steaming your own clothes, as opposed to taking them to the laundry. Just as long as you select a device with a reasonable power consumption, you will be able to make huge savings both in time and money, but if you are worried about spending too much electricity, it’s wise looking for eco-friendly clothes steamers.

How to make sure you get perfect results with a clothes steamer
Using a clothes steamer is quite intuitive, and you’ll probably get used to it in your first few attempts. However, there are some tips that you should keep in mind, if you would like to get perfect results in record time. To begin with, you should get familiar with how quickly your steamer will heat up, since that will help you get things done faster and save electricity as well. There is usually an indicator in the clothes steamer that will light up when it’s ready to go; just locate that light and pay attention to it, and you’ll do just fine.

You should also learn how to regulate the steam output in your clothes steamer, in order to prevent excessive steam and avoid spilling hot water. This is also pretty simple, once you get familiar with your steamer; there is usually a dial or knob in the steamer’s surface with you can use to regulate this setting, just like you would in a regular iron steamer. If you’re used to ironing clothes using a standard iron steamer, you will have no trouble at all getting adjusted to your new clothes steamer, though! You will just have to be concerned with finding new ways to occupy all the extra time you’ll benefit from, after getting your clothes steamer.

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