Closet Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier is a device that is designed to lower the humidity level in various rooms of the home. Traditional dehumidifiers work much like air conditioners and use a fan to draw air from the room along with moisture and turn the moisture into dryer air. The dry air allows you to keep your room’s temperature closer to a normal state. There are many dehumidifiers available with regards to type, design and size. Many are designed to dehumidify the entire home while others are specifically designed to work in basements, bathrooms and closets.

A closet dehumidifier will help to lower the level of moisture in your closet and helps to protect your clothing from becoming musty and moist. If your home allows large amounts of moisture in, your clothing can become mildewed and musty smelling. Closet dehumidifiers are designed to prevent this from happening and better protect clothing. Most of these devices are completely wireless and require no batteries or electrical power in which to operate. They use silica gel, salt or another material that helps to absorb the moisture in the air. Once the dehumidifier becomes saturated with moisture it will need to be replaced or the absorbent material changed.

Close dehumidifiers require little to no actual installation. Many simply hang on the inside of the close or sit on a shelf. Depending on the specific type and brand of dehumidifier that you purchase, you may be able to use it over and over by simply renewing the absorbent material. Many can be simply placed outside in the sun for a few hours in order to dry. Most models that are designed for closet use can be used for at least two to three months before they will need to be renewed. This of course will depend on the specific type and brand that you purchase and just how much moisture is in your home that will need to be removed.

Some models use a silica gel to absorb moisture. This gel may begin to change colors as the unit becomes saturated with moisture. This allows you to know exactly when the dehumidifier needs to be replaced or renewed. The closet dehumidifier should dry all of the moisture and dampness from your closet or other smaller room such as coat closets or pantries. They will trap the moisture and prevent it from causing damage to your clothing. If you renew the dehumidifier by drying it in the sun, be certain that it is completely dried before hanging it back in the closet to ensure that all of the moisture is gone. Once they are dried you can simply hang them back in the closet for future use.

Closet dehumidifiers can also help to promote better health by eliminating mold spores from your home. In addition, they help to save money on laundering and clothes replacement. Clothing that becomes mildewed from moisture must be laundered before worn. Even if your clothing is clean, it may smell musty. This causes you to repeatedly need to launder your clothing. In addition, you may find many pieces of clothing simply do not withstand mildew and must be replaced due to stains and discoloration from the moisture in your closet. Placing a closet dehumidifier in all closets in your home will help you to cut down on your need to launder clean clothing and can help to protect expensive or otherwise memorable pieces of clothing.

Since they require little to no installation, closet dehumidifiers offer an excellent way to protect your clothing and other items such as leather handbags and shoes. They can be purchased at a variety of places including wholesale department stores and most home improvement stores and typically cost very little. In fact, you should be able to place a dehumidifier in every closet in your home for less than $100 depending on the number of closets you have and the specific type and brand of closet dehumidifier you purchase.

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