With the growth in popularity of GPS systems there have been many add-ons made available. One popular add-on is the chartplotter device which is extremely useful for navigating while out in open waters. There are a number of benefits to using a chartplotter while out in the marine and for its price you are getting a great deal.

A charplotter can come in handy for a number of reasons. Firstly though, lets look at what a chartplotter device is capable of doing. Some performance tasks and features offered with the chartplotter device for your GPS system include: radar, AIS, ENC, and various other sensors. AIS refers to the automatic identification systems which is used as a short ranged tracking system to locate other ships and/or stations nearby.

The main feature, however, is the ENC readings. ENC refers to “electronic navigation chart”. With this feature you will be able to pinpoint your location, the direction you are heading, your current speed, and other information. There are a few other features as well but they will vary by device.

How Electronic Chartplotters Work
For the charplotters to work properly they will need to be associated with a computer. In some cases it may be required to have more than one computer running to use the charplotter device effectively. It is of no importance whether the computer is specifically designated to be used for chartplotting or if it is casually used as well.

Some computers may not be compatible with the charplotter device though as it requires 3D images to be displayed. This is specifically important when using the chartplotter device during a fishing trip. To be sure that you have a strong running computer that will work with the chartplotter you will have to make sure your processor and video card is compatible with the chartplotter device.

The technology of chartplotters is continuing to advance and there are regularly better products being produced. Newer models of chartplotter devices are designed with large display screens, faster processors, and more features and capabilities. In particular, chartplotters are now designed to be capable of displaying various important pieces of data from other devices. This includes fish finders, weather data providers, and more. The chartplotter device can also be hooked up to a network of chartplotters within the marine.

Electronic Navigation Charts
The most crucial part of a chartplotter device is the electronic charts. The accuracy of a chartplotter is fully based on the charts used with the device. For the best results possible you would need charts that meet the requirements set by the International Maritime Organization.

There are two different types of electronic navigation charts, raster charts and vector charts. The raster charts simply utilize an image of a chart or map on paper that correlates with geographic coordinates. The vector charts creates a replica of the original chart from the original data provided by the chart data base. This type of chart is much more convenient and strongly preferred over raster charts.

When buying a chartplotter device you will want to read up more on how exactly they work. It would help to learn more about the human interface and the various features included with the device. There are various chartplotter devices available that are programmable and offer other extra convenient features that you should look out for.

To get the best device possible you will need to learn more about the devices before shopping for one. If you wish to become fully informed on chartplotters then just do some research online on the subject. When you finally decide it is time to purchase a chartplotter, look for a trusted brand name and read reviews on the specific models that interest you before making a purchase.

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