Charcoal Air Purifier

If you’ve got a home that seems to always have some odd odor in it, you may need to purchase a charcoal air purifier. Unlike air fresheners, a charcoal air purifier will be able to eliminate smells from the air rather than simply mask them. These smells include burnt food, cat or dog smells, smoke, and much more. There’s not much you need to do to remove these smells, either – simply set up the charcoal air purifier and turn it on.

To show you how powerful a charcoal air purifier is, here are a few other uses of the technology: it’s used for water filtration systems, and it’s also the same technology used in most military gas masks to protect military personnel from poisonous gas. If it can absorb and protect against poisonous gas, just imagine what a charcoal air purifier can do against those odors in your home!

A charcoal air purifier uses activated carbon or activated charcoal, a powerful deodorizer that can obliterate smells. Activated charcoal is actually used in aquariums and other fish tanks to remove the smell that standing water often gets. Activated carbon, once it’s treated with oxygen, has millions of little pores between the carbon atoms that the oxygen opens up. Once opened, they can begin to absorb any odors near them, effectively sucking the smells out of the air. This is much more effective and better than trying to cover the scents with air freshener or by burning incense and candles.

Activated carbon actually attracts other chemicals to it. Once attracted to the activated carbon in the charcoal air purifier, the chemicals become bonded to the carbon. Because there are millions of little pores on the activated carbon in a charcoal air purifier, you won’t have to worry about replacing the charcoal air purifier filters that often. In fact, one filter can last for nine months or more! If you buy bigger filters, you’ll have more activated carbon to trap scents. In fact, the largest charcoal air purifier filters you can find may actually last for two years before you need to change them.

Some air filters and charcoal air purifiers have more options for odor eliminating efficiency. For some, you can actually add catalysts, or blends of activated charcoal, to the charcoal air purifier. There are various blends you can add to your purifier, and many of these blends are targeted at specific smells. If you have a cat that keeps spraying your home, for example, you may want to add a blend of activated charcoal mixed specifically to neutralize cat smells. If you’re dealing with cigarette smoke, you can purchase a different blend specifically aimed at that.

Charcoal air purifiers and their activated carbon and charcoal are completely safe for all homes. They do not add any chemicals or other things to the air; instead, they suck odors and chemicals out of the air. They’re also very economic – one filter can last for two years, and the system does not use that much electricity. A charcoal air purifier is also not too expensive, and the filters, when you need to replace them, are also very affordable.

If you need to get rid of some really nasty odors quickly, a charcoal air purifier is exactly what you need. Don’t even bother trying to hide the smell with anything—if it’s a really horrible odor, it will overpower candles, air fresheners, incense, and anything else you can throw at it. A charcoal air purifier, however, will not try to mask those smells. It will suck them in and absorb them, truly cleaning the air and eliminating all smells.

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