Ceramic Water Dispenser

One of the neatest things to have in your home is a ceramic water dispenser. Now, you might think one of these items is a waste of money. After all, you can get water straight out of your kitchen sink, right? Well, some people’s tap water looks a bit dirty or has an odd taste to it. If you don’t like drinking your tap water and you don’t want to spend money on individual bottled waters, you can purchase a larger jug of purified water. These larger jugs are usually cheaper than bottled waters, so you save a bit of money.

On the downside, though, this means you have to have some way of getting the water out of the jug. Some come with small nozzles on one end, but these usually cost a bit more. However, if you’d rather simply buy a standard three or five gallon bottle of water, you can usually find a porcelain or ceramic water dispenser to use with it. These ceramic water dispensers aren’t like the office water cooler—they’re more than just a jug of water positioned on top of a stand with a nozzle to dispense the water. No, porcelain and ceramic water dispensers are usually decorated, and many come in interesting shapes and colors. Of course, you can always get a simple pump nozzle to use with your larger jugs of purified water, but why get something that looks so dull when you can have something that looks great?

Most ceramic water dispensers are sold simply by themselves, so you need to put them up on a kitchen counter or on a table to get any use out of them. However, since this can take up a lot of your counter space, you can purchase a couple of different stands for them. One type of stand is the counter stand. This type stands only a foot or so tall and is meant for use on a counter top or table. Without one of these stands, however, you’ll have to position your ceramic water dispenser near the edge of the counter or table so that you can fit your cup underneath the nozzle. With a counter stand, however, your ceramic water dispenser is raised up, allowing you to easily fit standard sized cups underneath it.

The taller floor stands, on the other hand, are somewhat similar to the office water cooler in that they raise the cooler up to about four feet. You can then simply walk up to your ceramic water dispenser, place any sized cup under the nozzle, and fill it with water. With one of these stands, you can place your ceramic water dispenser anywhere in your home and still get use out of it. You could even use one of these stands and ceramic water dispensers in your office if you don’t want to walk all the way to the water cooler or if you simply want your own personal supply of water in your office.

If you’re looking to match a specific type of décor in your kitchen or office, chances are you’ll be able to find a ceramic water dispenser that goes great with what you already have. Ceramic water dispensers come in a variety of different colors and patterns, plus some are even designed to look like basketballs, flowers, and other items. With these types of ceramic water dispensers, you not only get a great device but also an interesting new piece of décor. These types of dispensers often become conversation pieces and will be commented upon by anyone who uses them. No matter what type of ceramic water dispenser you select, you know it will make people take note.

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