Central Vacuum System

Imagine all the housework you have to do to keep your house neat, clean, healthy, shining and presentable. Chances are this includes sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, straightening and lots of scrubbing. What a lot of work! Unless you are one of the few people that actually enjoys housework, just thinking about all the things you need to do to in order to get your house in good, clean working order is enough to make you exhausted. But what if there was a way to make one of the worst, most time consuming and heaviest household chores much simpler with just a small investment? Would it be worth it to you. What if I told you that chore was vacuuming and that you could make it much, much easier simply by installing a central vacuum system in your home?

For most people when they vacuum, they use a moveable unit. This unit is often heavy and unwieldy. It must be moved around the room and then from room to room. It often needs to be unplugged and re-plugged in in different places. And the bags or cylinders often need to be changed. Vacuuming is a horrible chore plain and simple. But with a central vacuum system, vacuuming does not have to break your back or, perhaps more importantly, break your bank.

Central vacuum systems are installed in the home. After installation, central vacuum systems work to remove all dirt and debris from your home and send it, through a system of tubes, to a receptacle in an out of the way place such as your basement or garage. With regular vacuum cleaners, you have to carry a large, heavy unit around your house. With an installed central vacuum system though, you only have to carry a lightweight hose and power brush from room to room as you vacuum your house.

The way a central vacuum system works is simple. Instead of lugging a large, heavy vacuum cleaner unit around your home, you install several inlets around the house (i.e. think “inlets” instead of “outlets” where you would normally pug in a heavy vacuum unit.) From there, you move the central vacuum hose from inlet to inlet. The dirt you suck up with your central vacuum system goes straight into the inlets, through the previously mentioned tubes, and into that out of the way receptacle. If you also want to do your sweeping through your central vacuum system, you are in luck. The same people that install your central vacuum system can install something called an “automatic dustpan” in your walls. With this dustpan in place, you simply sweep your trash into the dustpan (which is located in the wall) and the automatic dustpan sucks the dust through the same tubes used by your central vacuum system into the dust and waste receptacle.

Even better than all the time and labor saved by using a central vacuum system, these handy units can also add as much as $2,000 in value to your home when it comes time to resell. What’s better than a system that makes your life easier and makes you worth more money? Not much, that’s what!

Keep in mind, though, that installing a central vacuum system does require running a system of tubing through your house. Though, central vacuum systems are actually less expensive than high end vacuum cleaners are work for the life of your house, unlike vacuum cleaners, which often break, short out, or suffer from wear and tear. If you are in the market for a central vacuum system, be sure to do your research and hire a reputable professional for installation.

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