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How one listens to music directly influences the kind of CD player one will need to purchase. There are simple one-CD players for those who have basic music needs and there are multiple disk players for those who like a wide variety of music to be playing at once or for someone who does a lot of entertaining in the home.

These multiple disk devices, which usually hold three to five CDs at once, have the power to shuffle disks so that there is a steady stream of mixed up songs for several hours. In addition, certain CD players play burned CDs while others don’t. It is essential to know this kind of thing before going into purchasing a CD player. There are even CD players and jukeboxes that hold enormous quantities of CDs at once and will swap them out, shuffle and play them without the assistance of the user.

There are several formats of disks that must be paid attention to. These include standard CDs, such as the ones you purchase from your favorite artist. Then there is the home-recorded CD-R (recordable), the CD-RW (rewritable) and the MP3. Getting to know these formats and how each of them work is essential if you plan on burning your own music. Super Audio CDs and DVD-Audios are high-resolution CDs that can hold massive amounts of music for up to six channels. Most of these CDs are compatible with CD and DVD players of all standards and ages. In fact, most DVD players can play CDs.

Another thing to consider when purchasing a CD player are receivers. Does the device you’re considering have AM/FM radio capabilities? Does it matter? There are devices with enough receivers to connect to other audio equipment, such as DVD players and surround sound, to accommodate an entire home entertainment system. Decide what kind of components you will need before choosing a device. Many A/V receivers on the market that can connect a CD or DVD players, a VCR, a satellite receiver or a cable box. If you are interested in surround sound consider an A/V receiver, which usually power at least six speakers and can accommodate Dolby Digital 5.1 and Digital Theater System.

Here is a sampling of CD players out on the market:
The RCA RS2663 5-Disk CD Changer Bookshelf Audio System is MP3, WMA, CD-R, and CD-RW compatible. It includes digital AM/FM Tuner with 32 presets that allow for station tuning and channel changing. Features include an angled carousel tray, simultaneous play and load and a single-deck cassette player.

The Coby Micro CD Stereo Shelf System is a vertical loading device that features a multi-function backlit LCD display, an AM/FM stereo tuner and a remote control. Playback modes include program play, random play/shuffle, all tracks repeat, and one track repeat.

The RCA RS2664 5-Disc CD Changer Bookshelf Audio System is MP3, WMA, CD-R and CD-RW compatible. The player includes a USB host and CD ripping. You can plug in your MP player and record/rip to a CD without the assistance of a computer. Or you can just plug in the MP3 player and listen to it through the CD player. Features include a five-CD changer that allows for simultaneous play and load, and an AM/FM tuner.

The Emerson 3-CD Audio System can play normal CDs, recordable CDs, rewritable CDs, and CDs that contain compressed MP3 Or WMA audio files. An ED3 text support feature displays the title, artist, and album information from MP3/WMA CDs, when it is available. There also is MP3 player connectivity. Other features include a 20-track programmable memory system and a timer and alarm clock.

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