There are a lot of interesting, valuable and greed-inducing objects in the world, and the sad truth is that there are groups of criminals out there who will stop at almost nothing to possess these items. The same goes for people. Sometimes, the sad fact is that there are people who simply want to harm other people, whether they are political figures, famous people, or simply people who are at the wrong place at the wrong time or belong to an unpopular ethnic group. That’s the bad news. The good news is that there are even more people and technologies that work very hard to make sure that those items – whether they are diamonds, art, military secrets or natural resources – are kept safe and secure. These people are in charge of security for places such as businesses, government institutions, military bases, museums, harbors and other places where valuable items can frequently be found. And, luckily for them, modern cutting edge technology has allowed them to harness the power of technical advances to do their jobs and keep objects and people secure. One way to ensure the security of valuable objects and even more valuable people is by using a CCTV DVR.

Closed circuit television (or CCTV) is when someone uses one or more video cameras to transmit video images to a monitor, set of monitors, or a digital video recorder. While closed circuit televisions can often be viewed just like regular television, the difference between CCTV and over the air television is that CCTV is only broadcast to certain monitors. It is controlled and not meant for public consumption.

So how can a heavily controlled versions of television – one that sometimes allows audio as well as video to be transmitted to a monitor, set of monitors or CCTV DVR – help with the security of important people or objects? Simple. CCTV allows a security guard or another person monitor what is going on in a specific location, even if they are not present at that particular location at the time. We have all seen spy movies where the villain has a large bank of monitors on which he watches the hero’s every move as he progresses through the villain’s underground volcano lair. CCTV, and CCTV DVR, operates by the same principal. Security guards anywhere an monitor the goings on of a certain secure location.

But sometimes a location does need to be monitored, but perhaps not by a human. This is where CCT DVR comes in. A digital video recorder (or DVR) is an electronic device that records images captured by the CCTV. While some old CCTV security monitoring systems used old fashioned VHS tapes, and many still do, the CCTV DVR is a much better way to record the goings on of a particular place. First, VHS is limited by size. Even the most advanced VHS tapes often could only hold about 8 hours of footage. This meant that a security guard or other personnel was required to change the tape very often. On the other hand, a CCTV DVR records footage digitally. The most common four-camera CCTV DVR setups allow the DVR to record about 80 hours of footage onto a computer hard drive. This is, of course, much more efficient and allows the security guards to monitor areas for much longer periods of time without tinkering with the equipment.

Another popular use for CCTV is in schools. Some schools use CCTV in order to broadcast educational programming that is not currently playing over the airwaves. Interestingly, some schools might be showing CCTV educational content while the school security guards are using the same technology to keep the students safe.

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  1. Thomas says:

    CCTV DVR are introduced mainly for high security and to decrease and protect the crime and criminals. It can also be use in high traffic area and offices. We cannot keep an eye on each and everybody but CCTV do all that works and nobody can cheat in front of it.

  2. In regards to security systems, specially for companies, I have to concur with you totally. You will find so a lot of choices on the market, it really is crucial for a professional to know what is ideal for their scenario and specific construction. The remarks you’re providing remain a fantastic assist to companies as well as security professionals as well. Thanks once more!

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