Home Automation

Wireless Smoke Alarms

A wireless smoke alarm is an easy to install device and can help to protect your family in the event of a fire in your home. They do not require an electrician to install and have no wiring that needs to be connected to a power supply. It is recommended that you link wireless smoke […]

Swing Gate Opener

A swing gate opener is designed to provide increased security for your property. It is set up as an enhanced security option for your home. The swing gate opens whenever you need it to through keypad or remote activation. This is effective when leaving and entering your home late at night, as you do not […]

Freeze Alarm

A freeze alarm should be found in any home because of the benefits it has to offer during the winter months. The freeze alarm will provide you with a prevention alarm for your home. If water pipes begin to freeze, the freeze alarm can notify you of this so the problem can be resolved before […]

Touch Screen Thermostat

Thermostats has been around for as long as there has been air conditioning, but the old mechanical models were notorious for being inaccurate and prone to break downs. If your home or office still has one of these old models, it’s probably time to think about upgrading to a modern touch screen thermostat. Not only […]

Photoelectric Detectors

A photoelectric detector is a device that is used to detect objects within a certain zone. The device can also be used to detect that the area is clear and some detectors can determine how far specific objects are. Photoelectric detectors use infrared light which is processed with a transmitter. Some devices also use a […]

Outdoor Motion Sensor

Outdoor motion sensors allow you to supply better protection for the area around your home. There are a variety of benefits to using an outdoor motion sensor on your property. They give you the ability to keep a watch on your home at all times without actually having to be there to watch. The sensors […]

Electric Door Strikes

For your office complex, your home, or your apartment’s main door, and electric door strike is one of several accessories that can help you improve security, lock out unwanted guests, and keep your living space safe and sound. Known as ‘door releases’ by some, electric door strikes are some of the most common security accessories […]

X10 Home Automation System

Have you ever considered installing a system in your home for controlling all the mains appliances and lighting? If so then an X10 home automation system may be something that would definitely be of interest to you. The X10 can control certain appliances through using signals that are carried over the mains power cables. You […]

Smart Home Systems

Technology is changing, and yesteryear’s electrical wiring and telecommunications systems are no longer suitable for many modern residents. From cable television systems to multi-room audio and entertainment sets, a variety of devices need to be hard wired into the home before they can be used to their full potential, both by homeowners, apartment residents, and […]

Wireless Dog Fences

If your dog is continually getting out of your yard and running away you may want to get one of the new wireless dog fences. A wireless dog fence uses new technology that can confine your dog effectively. A wireless dog fence is an electric fence and is a great option for people who want […]

Voice Activated Light Switch

Once a novelty reserved for Hollywood blockbusters and top fiction, voice activated light switches are now a reality. Available in a variety of designs and able to be customized to suit any voice tone, a voice activated light switch can add flair and flavor to an otherwise bland room. Many are built as part of […]

Wireless Gate Intercom

A wireless gate intercom is a highly suggested device to improve the overall safety of the security system at any home or business place. It provides a great increase in the security of the property, as the owner will have control over who is let into the property. The gate is opened from inside the […]

Programmable Thermostats

If you have the kind of thermostat that you have to manually adjust the temperature settings to keep your house warm or cool you have an old fashioned thermostat. Advances in technologies have made it possible for programmable thermostats to be created. A programmable thermostat is one that allows you to automatically control the temperature […]

Wireless Driveway Alarm

Protecting your home and your family from intruders is likely to be of the utmost importance to you. Many people invest in a driveway alarm to ensure that they are able to monitor any activity directly outside their house. You have numerous options as to how you wish to use this form of security device […]

Garage Door Opener

Some things in life aren’t absolutely necessary, but besides being useful they add to your personal comfort… and that is something quite invaluable. Garage door openers are a good example; sure, you can live without a motorized device that opens your garage door at the flick of a button. You could just stop the car, […]

Home Alarm Systems

The very best way to keep your home and your family safe is by having one of the new home alarm systems installed. Home alarm systems are notorious for getting help to the home owner and family when they are experiencing a break in and need the help as soon as possible. Home alarm systems […]

Fingerprint Scanner

There are all types of fingerprint scanners on the market today. The police and FBI use them to identify criminals. The Department of Motor Vehicles uses a fingerprint scanner and now commercial and industrial businesses are now starting to use them for security sake. Even private citizens are using certain types of fingerprint scanners. Security […]

Wireless Transceiver

If you are reading this, there is a very good chance that you own a television. A modern television, to be precise. With a remote control. Chances are you also own a DVD player which also comes with a remote control. If you own a laptop with media center capabilities, there is a very good […]

Motion Switch

Motion sensors have become a vary popular feature in a number of products. Some of the more common areas where motion sensors exist are in domestic lighting and security cameras. This article will look at using motion sensors for lighting. We will also give you some tips that will come in handy when you go […]

IR Repeater System

The purposes of IR repeater systems are simple: to effectively relay the Infrared signals from one place to a remote location to execute commands. In simpler terms, it is simply a very handy way where one can use a remote control for changing audio/video instruction in devices which are located in an entirely different room […]

Electric Curtain System

The electric curtain system is a curtain that can be controlled using a remote control. Though they are mainly used in auditorium, theatre and conference hall, they can also be used in home, hospital and schools. The system is made up of a single phase induction motor drive, a forward-reverse starter and two limit switches. […]

Digital Thermostat

There are many possible uses for a digital thermostat. This would include using it as a replacement for your typical analog thermostat, and using it as a way to control both air conditioning and heating within your building. Not only would it be a great idea to purchase and install a digital thermostat in a […]

Fire Alarm System

A fire alarm is a device designed to detect fires and alert everyone nearby of the danger. Fire alarms work by detecting changes in the environment. There are three different types of fire alarms: manual, automatic, or an alarm may combine the two. Automatic alarms are useful in instantly alerting people to a fire in […]

Heat Detector

A heat detector is a small device that detects changes in the temperature. Generally, heat detectors only set off alarms when the temperature gets too hot, not cold, thus the term heat detector. In some ways, a heat detector is like a smoke detector in that it can alert you to a fire. However, a […]

Home Automation Controller

Think of your daily routine. Wouldn’t it be easy if the coffee was ready and the house was at a comfortable temperature when you woke up in the morning? Or if the garage door opened up for you before you even had to leave the house? How about if the refrigerator alerted you when you […]

Wireless Video Door Phone

We have all heard horror stories of someone becoming the victim of violent crime after performing an action as innocuous as answering their front door. A hit man in Atlanta used the guise of delivering flowers to gain access to a socialite and murder her in cold blood. Other clever criminals represent themselves as utility […]

Proximity Card Reader

A proximity card reader is a type of reader that eventually replaced card readers that used the Wiegand effect. This effect was used in magnetic card readers that were very popular when the technology was invented. Each of the keycards used in these readers had strands of Wiegand wiring embedded in them. When the wires […]

Remote Control Dimmer

Think of the next romantic dinner you are planning. Where will you go? What will the lighting be like? It’s rather hard to have a romantic evening under fluorescent lights. That’s why McDonalds and other fast food joints have never exactly been well-known romantic hot spots. On the other hand, think of a fancy restaurant. […]


There are a lot of interesting, valuable and greed-inducing objects in the world, and the sad truth is that there are groups of criminals out there who will stop at almost nothing to possess these items. The same goes for people. Sometimes, the sad fact is that there are people who simply want to harm […]

Wireless Security Camera

Cameras are an effective way of maintaining security in a remote location. While they are small and inexpensive, installing cables for them can be very expensive. Wireless security cameras get around this problem by using radio signals instead of cables. There are infrared models that can see in the dark and small pinhole models that […]

CCTV Surveillance System

Home owners now have access to security systems that were previously only used by governments and large businesses. One of the most popular of these is the CCTV surveillance system. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) has been around for ages and has proven to be an effective means of monitoring and security. Closed-circuit simply means that the […]

Wireless Motion Sensor

Imagine you are home alone at night. You live in the country or a neighborhood without streetlights, so the darkness outside is almost absolute. Suddenly, though it is a calm night, you hear a noise outside. It could be the wind, but the weather forecast did not predict bad weather. You listen further and the […]

Gate Operator

If you have ever lived on a ranch, farm, estate or other place with a driveway entry gate, you know that interesting logistics can become involved when it comes to getting the gate open and closed. As the worst case scenario, and the most time consuming, you get out of the car and open the […]

Wireless Doorbell

A doorbell is a great convenience to have in any building but the wired models have always been difficult and expensive to install. The wireless doorbell makes installation much simpler and cheaper by removing the need for wires. It has many other advantages over the wired models but also a few problems consumers need to […]

Night Vision Security Camera

As any police officer or security guard knows, criminals prefer to operate at night under the cover of darkness. A night vision security camera is essential for showing what is happening when the light level is too low for a regular camera. Infrared lights inside the camera automatically turn on to illuminate the area in […]

Home Automation Systems

Home automation systems provide many practical benefits, including improved comfort and lower energy usage. They are used to control lighting, heating, ventilation, security, entertainment, and appliances. Homes fitted with these systems are so advanced that many people call them smart homes. For years, their high cost meant that they were only used in larger homes. […]

CCTV Monitor

The popularity of closed-circuit television (CCTV) has increased in the last few years. It was originally intended for use by governments and businesses, but many home owners are now discovering its benefits. Choosing the right CCTV monitor can make the difference between an effective system and one that fails to deliver. Even the owners of […]

Security DVR System

The recent introduction of the security DVR system has made video camera surveillance more effective and easier to use. It removed most of the restrictions and problems associated with video tape recorders and added some useful new features. The only negative of upgrading to a security DVR system is the high initial cost but that […]

Water Alarm

A water alarm is a device that gives off an audible alarm in case of a water leak. There are many applications of a water alarm; wherever there is a chance of water being leaked, a water alarm can give advance indication of the problem. It can be used in basements and garages and in […]

Fire Alarm

One of the greatest innovations in fire safety has been the development of the home fire alarm. This inexpensive, compact and easy to install device has saved many lives over the years. Installation of alarms in the home is strongly recommended by fire departments, and has even been made mandatory for new homes in some […]

Home Alarm System

No matter how safe we like to think that our community is, there is always the chance that our homes will be robbed or burglarized at some point. However, one way to keep this from happening is to check into the safety options provided by home alarm systems. These small devices can not only just […]

Wireless Motion Detector

Your safety and security matter a lot; thus, it is only normal if you want to go through great lengths to have your home secured. Perhaps, then, you have already invested in quite a lot of home safety devices. A more recent breakthrough in this type of technology is the wireless motion detector, and a […]

Security Camera

The security camera is the most essential part of any residential or commercial security system. Basically, it is a camera that is positioned in a way that it can ‘see’ a particular area that needs to be monitored. The cameras themselves are mostly stationery and even their positioning is stationery, since the main intention is […]

Electronic Lock

Electronic locks can use various kinds of mechanisms to open doors and activate devices. These can be a simple lock that requires a key or they could be highly complex devices that require some kind of biometric identification. The electronic locks are sometimes called as keyless locks because they do without the traditional keys. They […]

Washing Machine

Washing machines replaced wash boards long ago as the preferred way of cleaning fabrics. The two types available today are top loading and front loading. The original machines were top loading and they are still popular today in countries outside of Europe, but front loading machines have become the most popular within Europe. Front loading […]

Flood Alarm

If you live in an area that deals with frequent flooding or have basement pipes that have a tendency to burst and flood your basement, you may want to invest in a flood alarm. There are several different styles of flood alarms, but all do basically the same thing: make a lot of noise when […]

Home Security System

A home security system is now more affordable and easier to install than it has ever been in the past. Wireless technology have removed the need for wiring the various sensors to the control panel. Alerts can be sent to mobile phones by the system and they can even allow homeowners to see and hear […]

Home Safety Products

With a rise in residential crime, it is only understandable that there in an increasing demand for home safety products today. Several products are being designed specifically for use within homes, some of which are completely automated and will also call the local law enforcement agencies in case there has been some kind of a […]

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Inhaling carbon monoxide can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Once you are affected by the toxic gas, you will be sick and reach the point where you might need hospitalization. The worst effect that carbon monoxide could bring is death. In the United States alone, it was recorded that it is one of the leading […]

Wireless Keyless Entry

There are many different uses for a wireless keyless entry system in your home and car. These allow you to have access to your property with the simple click of a button or entry of a specific numeric code (depending what type of wireless keyless entry device you are using at that time). These systems […]