Consumer Electronics

1080p HDTV

Since the early days of television, the ultimate goal has been to bring the movie theater experience into the living room. After many years of research, high definition television (HDTV) is the realization of that goal. It provides superior picture quality and a widescreen format, along with surround sound when the right speaker system is [...]

Pentax Digital Camera

The tech savvy modern world has seen all types of digital gadgets including the digital cameras enter the market in the past ten to twenty years. There are a number of brands and classifications available in the market today. The process of selecting a digital camera has become very tough job because of the varieties [...]

Unlocked Cell Phones

It’s a common scenario: you pick a cell phone provider, then later change your mind and want to change cell phone services. Only all of your information is on a SIM card, and you can’t switch it over to the call phone provider that you wish. You have just found yourself engaged in a little [...]

Hard Drive Camcorder

Remember when camcorders first were introduced? They were huge cameras that had to sit on your shoulder and weighed a ton. To record your video, you almost looked like a member of a professional camera crew. You also had to keep an eye on your taping time because the old style VHS video tapes had [...]

Digital Audio Amplifiers

One of the more exciting innovations in audio equipment to come along in recent years has been digital audio amplifiers. While they don’t actually have anything to do with digital music, they provide many advantages over regular amplifiers. Choosing any new amplifier is a difficult choice and there are many features that need to be [...]

Palm Treo Pro

Palm has always focused on the communication needs of business people. This is reflected in their Treo series of mobile smartphones, which have been widely praised for their email and messaging functions. The Palm Treo Pro may have a stylish design that resembles an Apple iPhone, but it competes with the RIM Blackberry and other [...]

Onkyo Receivers

Possessing a high quality receiver is integral to any true media lover’s home theater system. While the layman might not even be able to tell you what a audio receiver is, the audiophile (and, for that matter, cinephile) will talk about audio receivers in excruciating detail if you give him or her half the chance. [...]

Underwater Digital Camera

Underwater photography is a challenging and rewarding hobby for many people and a career for a lucky few. An underwater digital camera can be very expensive but there are a few cheaper options for the amateur diver on a budget. A camera housing is a sealed plastic box that fits a regular camera ands keeps [...]

Home Speaker System

Audio hardware has come a long way since the days of record turntables. The typical home speaker system is now a complex arrangement of many components. Its main purpose these days is to create a surround sound experience comparable with that found in movie theaters. Getting the best possible sound out of a system depends [...]

DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone

Cordless phones are great gadgets to have around the home. They can be taken from room to room and they can also be used in the garden, or even a short distance down the street. Placing a handset in every room means no more rushing around just to answer a call, and some models can [...]

HD DVR Satellite Receiver

Satellite broadcasts are very popular in many parts of the world. With the help of a small satellite dish and a receiver, a large number of new channels suddenly become available. The HD DVR satellite receiver combines a high definition (HD) satellite receiver with a digital video recorder (DVR). This device saves having two separate [...]

iPhone Car Kit

The Apple iPhone is a mobile phone, music player, and portable computer that is small enough to be taken anywhere. It can even be used in the car, provided that it has the right iPhone car kit to support it. A car kit is an accessory item that is purchased separately to the phone and [...]

Digital MP3 Player

Is your old MP3 player obsolete and you want to replace it with a new digital MP3 player? If it has been awhile since you bought a new one, you’ll be amazed at the technology in the new digital MP3 players today. A quick internet search will reveal the many choices you have. If you [...]

Digital Video Camera

Video cameras have come a long way since the original models were introduced. The main improvement in that time has been the shift from analogue to digital. Digital cameras provide better picture quality and allow videos to be quickly copied to a computer and uploaded to the internet. The digital video camera has been so [...]

Sony Home Theater

To anyone who’s been buying consumer electronics for even a short period of time, Sony is not an unfamiliar name. Sony has been known to produce great electronic and digital products and some of its brands are thought to be among the best in their categories. All of us have stopped to admire the Sony [...]

iPod Shuffle Charger

The iPod Shuffle is the budget line of Apple’s famous family of personal music players. It is normally charged by connecting it to a computer but it can also be charged from a wall socket with an iPod Shuffle charger. A charger is one of those bland gadgets that gets overlooked until it is desperately [...]

Bluetooth Adapter

Whether it’s about desktop computing, listening to your favorite music, or watching your favorite videos, Bluetooth technology is all the rage nowadays. Just recently, a company named Belkin has released their newly designed Bluetooth adapter. Although this Bluetooth adapter has myriads of uses, Belkin has specially designed this device to access your iPod – undoubtedly [...]

HDTV Converter Box

High definition television (HDTV) can transform any living room into a home theater. A HDTV converter box is an essential piece of equipment for viewing television broadcasts in high definition. However, there is a lot of confusion about what qualifies as high definition. Consumers are often misled by confusing marketing terms into purchasing products that [...]

Canon Camcorders

When it comes to optical excellence, advanced image processing, as well as excellent performance, Canon is one of the brands that have a long history on these and stay on top all the time. Their excellence shows not just on their printers, point-and-shoot and digital cameras, but on their high definition Canon camcorders as well. [...]

Fujifilm Digital Camera

Are you into taking a lot of photographs? Perhaps you are taking a photography class to learn more about taking pictures so you can enjoy your pastime hobby a lot more. Maybe you are just now thinking of entering a photo contest online. A Fujifilm digital camera can help you have fun with your hobby [...]

Nokia Cell Phone

The Nokia cell phone is the world’s most popular mobile phone. More than one in three phones sold today is a Nokia and dozens of new models are released each year. In nearly thirty years, they have released over three hundred different models. Their early phones were given names but they soon shifted to a [...]

iPod Car Adapter

If you are really into music, you more than likely have an iPod portable music player. If you are old enough to drive, you will want to take your iPod with you so you can listen to music in your car while you are driving. For your iPod to work in your car so that [...]

Rechargeable NiMH Batteries

In today’s world where everyone is trying to go green, the rechargeable NiMH batteries are considered to be highly environmentally friendly. In fact, it will be a good idea to replace all of your battery needs with rechargeable NiMH batteries. However, the biggest question here is what are NiMH batteries? What are NiMH Batteries? NiMH, [...]

MP3 Video Player

All your buddies and schoolmates have it – an MP3 video player. Yes, it’s one of the most sought after gadgets by almost all age groups. And if you’re planning to buy one this weekend, you’ll be pleased to know that you have a lot of options. However, the very same fact – that you [...]

Home Audio Speakers

Putting your home audio speakers in the right position is one of the most crucial parts of setting up your home entertainment system. It’s a great experience when the speakers are placed just right and the sound can be literally felt and not just heard. The sound that we hear from our home audio speakers [...]

Pioneer DVD Player

Having your own home theatre is one of the best ways to spend some time with the family enjoying movies and games while having a great deal of fun at the same time. The choice of the components that you will use in your home theatre is an important consideration. Along with the right furnishings [...]

Digital Television Antenna

If your cable TV bill is getting out of hand and you are looking for ways to cut down on your monthly expenses, why not switch over to free TV? Free digital HDTV can become a reality for you if you purchase a digital TV antenna so that you get the stunning picture quality that [...]

Bose Headphones

Bose Corporation is the manufacturer of their world famous noise canceling headphones. Bose was the first to come up with noise cancellation technology and introduced it to the public in 1989. Their headphones are far superior to all the other brand names and they provide superb noise reduction with extraordinary sound quality. Since then the [...]

Flip Video Camcorder

Have you been staying up to date with the latest technology on video camcorders? If you have, then you already have heard about the Flip video camcorder. It is the latest gadget to hit the camcorder market. The Flip video camcorder is easy to use. It is a cigarette pack sized camcorder that takes amazingly [...]

Home Cinema Projector

If you want the best home entertainment system, consider getting a home cinema projector. This is one way to experience cutting edge technology in your home with exceptional video viewing. You can find these projectors where they sell LCD and HDTVs and they cost about the same as a HDTV. A home cinema projector projects [...]

Bluetooth Remote Control

Do you want a great way of remotely controlling electrical gargets from anywhere in your house? Have you considered Bluetooth remote control? Bluetooth technology has been making life a lot easier these days. Now we can manage our electrical devices and gadgets with wireless signals that are really radio frequency signals. Bluetooth has developed cutting [...]

AV Receiver

Today’s computers do so much more than simple word processing and playing games. Many people today have integrated their computers into a complete home entertainment system which means they’re connected to our stereo systems as well as our high definition television for a full home theater experience. The most important component in the mix is [...]

Home Audio Amplifier

When people say the world amplifier they are usually either referring to those big black boxes blasting sound on the concert stage or maybe the devices installed trucks that drive through cities blaring messages. While those are, of course, examples of amplifiers, amplifiers are actually all around us. In fact, if we did not have [...]

Samsung Camcorder

Family gatherings, graduations, birthday parties and traveling are just some of the reason you may want to invest in a digital camcorder. Perhaps you wan to shoot a movie … there are a whole other set of things to consider. From a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, there is a device for everybody, [...]

Polaroid Digital Camera

When most people think of Polaroid, they’re likely to think of the instant cameras that dominated during the 1980s. However, the Polaroid camera industry has lasted well into the 21-st century, with a wide array of digital camera for every level of expertise, from beginner to enthusiast to expert … and even a waterproof model [...]

LG Cell Phone

LG cell phones are the third most popular brand of cell phones in the world. But did you know that LG is actually one of the largest conglomerates in the world and that they make everything from LG cell phones to televisions to home appliances? LG Electronics, the maker of LG cell phones, is actually [...]

eBook Reader

The eBook reader is a very popular gadget right now, despite the fact that computers and mobile smartphones are able to display eBooks. It is designed specifically for reading and editing, and it has a portrait screen and many other features that makes reading a more pleasant experience. Each reader can hold hundreds of eBooks [...]

Wireless Weather Station

Weather stations are great for telling what the conditions are inside and outside the home. However, many homeowners are put off by the amount of wiring required to install one. The main benefit of using a wireless weather station is that it doesn’t need any wiring, saving both time and money. It functions just as [...]

Blackberry Phone

The Blackberry phone is a brand of mobile smartphone that is popular with people who work in government and business. Executives, politicians, and other busy people who travel frequently need a mobile phone that allows them to read and send messages while they are out of the office. The Blackberry phone was designed especially for [...]

iPod Battery Charger

It’s hard to imagine life before the portable media player. And by portable media player, most people mean iPod. These handy music and video playing devices are so ubiquitous that their name has become a literal substitute for portable media player. You can bet that no matter what brand of portable media player a person [...]

Surround Sound Receiver

With more and more people choosing to opt out of the Friday night movie going tradition, a new alternative to long ticket lines, high popcorn prices, and crying babies interrupting the movie has emerged – the home theater system experience. While when many people think of home theaters, they think of big screen high definition [...]

Philips DVD Player

With the advent of high definition technology, DVD players can do more than ever before. Picture quality is sharper, audio quality is more improved. While DVD quality in general is good anyway because it is all digital, high definition takes it to an entirely new level. Most DVD players are about the same in visual [...]

Samsung Mobile Phone

Samsung mobile phones are available for all sorts of carriers, including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless. It appears that the top models for the brand are T-Mobiles, although there are options for everyone. There are many things to consider, including how high of quality you want your camera to be; 5 or 8 megapixels? [...]

Serial Adapter

Nothing is more annoying than being cramped up in a tight space in your home or workplace office and trying to hook up a printer or scanner to your computer. You want to have your devices placed placed somewhere that is convenient, safe and promotes optimum functionally, but you also don’t want to be up [...]


HD PVR is the first type of high definition recorder that can record compressed images of up to 1080i in real time. This technology can be used to burn Blu Ray disks and you have up to 2 hours of high definition records that are recorded at 5 megabits a second. You can burn this [...]

SD Memory Card

With technology advancing and electronic devices becoming smaller and smaller, electronics designers have had to content with some very particular issues. One of the main issues they have had to deal with is how to store memory in smaller and smaller devices. For some devices, the challenge of storing memory in such a small space [...]

Satellite Dish Antenna

Satellite cable first hit the market in the early 1990′s and it was difficult for everybody to afford the satellite dishes, and they were large and unweildy. Only the most die-hard of television fans and the ones who could afford it would have a satellite dish. Nowadays they are more common. Mounting hardware, subscriptions and [...]

McIntosh Power Amplifier

For the casual music listener, it’s not going to be a big deal to buy the fanciest amplifier out there. However, these amplifiers add volume and realism that will make even the slightest audiophile incredible excited. If you are going to take the leap and spend real money on a good amplifier, don’t try to [...]

Electronic Organizer

Keep track of your appointments, count your calories, convert your currency and more with electric organizers. Really — what did people do before these things. There are appointment reminders with alerts, food lists, braingames — the list is endless. There are even features for syncing to your work e-mail if your company uses Outlook. For [...]

Rechargeable Batteries

For those trying to save money or simply tread more lightly on the earth, there are myriad ways to go about accomplishing those goals. Many tipsters advise to start small by trying to think of little daily habits or buying patterns you can change. And what are some of the smallest yet most useful things [...]

Wireless Cable Transmitter

Wireless cable transmitters take the headache out of having to deal with multiple wires when setting up your cable. In the past, if you wanted to extend you cable to another room without a cable jack, you would have to find a way to get the coaxial cable from one room to another (often across [...]


Whether you like to chat on the road, or talk while you’re walking around or are at your computer, a good headset can be priceless. There are many factors to consider, including sound quality, the type of mode you need to carry out your tasks (stereo or mono), how comfortable the device will be, how [...]

Optical Zoom Camcorder

Today it is easier than ever to edit and create your own videos with great quality, for the enjoyment of your friends and family. There were once only a few options for your camcorder, but today there are so many more choices that you might find it a little difficult to choose the right one. [...]

RCA to HDMI Converter

Slowly but surely, high definition is becoming the new standard for television, but it will many years before it completely takes over. Many homes now have a mix of new and old equipment which can be difficult to use together. A RCA to HDMI converter helps solve this problem by connecting incompatible equipment. It is [...]

Solar Phone Charger

You may not know it yet, but if you have a cell phone you need a solar phone charger. Why do you need one? Well, for starters, you will not have to worry about being out in the middle of no where with a dead cell phone battery. No more going out of town and [...]

Olympus Digital Cameras

Olympus digital cameras are one of the top brands of digital cameras on the market today. Known for their versatility and cutting edge technology, Olympus digital cameras are made by a company so ambitious that it was named after the home of the god’s themselves – Mount Olympus. Contrary to images that Mount Olympus might [...]

USB Battery Charger

Stop and think for a minute. Try to picture how many devices in your home take AA or AAA batteries. Still thinking? That’s the problem – so many devices use batteries, from remote controls to cameras to small appliances to game controllers and music players. In fact, Americans purchase nearly 3 billion dry-cell batteries every [...]

HD Camcorder

Home movies have been a part of our lives almost as long as the technology was available. Our parents and grandparents made home movies on shaky Super 8 cameras, and later, we moved on to video camera and camcorder technology. Camcorders are so named because they contain both a video camera and a video recorder [...]

DVI Adapter

The Digital Video Interface (more commonly known as DVI) is a video interface standard designed to maximize the visual quality of digital display devices such as flat panel LCD computer displays and digital projectors. In essence, with all the diverse technology available out there, DVI ensures that an image will look just as good on [...]

PSP Memory Stick

These days, the Playstation is more than just a game console. The same is the case for its portable cousin, the PSP. Now a popular way to view television shows, listen to music, watch movies and, of course, play games, there are many people of all ages that just can’t live without their PSP. PSP [...]

HDMI Splitter

So you have a device with HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) and you want to send ti to more than one screen? It may be time to invest in am HDMI splitter. There are many things to consider when purchasing a HDMI splitter. How many display devices do you want to deny your signal to? [...]

CD Players

How one listens to music directly influences the kind of CD player one will need to purchase. There are simple one-CD players for those who have basic music needs and there are multiple disk players for those who like a wide variety of music to be playing at once or for someone who does a [...]

Blu-ray Surround Sound System

Blu-Ray is about cutting edge as it gets right now when it comes to high definition viewing. But a Blu-ray layer is no good unless you have a speaker system to do it justice. Enter the big three when it comes to Blu-Ray compatible home theatre speaker systems: Sony, Samsung and Panasonic. Before delving into [...]

Mobile Phone

Whether you are young or old or in-between, just about everyone today has a mobile phone. Mobile phone technology has advanced at such an amazing degree that it is hard for most of us to keep up with it. If you are a technology buff, you probably eagerly await for the latest release of new [...]

Subwoofer Speakers

If you are amongst those who really enjoy the music and do not like to compromise on the quality, subwoofer speakers are a must for you then. The job of a subwoofer, or subs as many call them, is to reproduce bass audio frequency. Depending on the type and cost of the subwoofer you go [...]

Bluetooth Headphones

One of the more popular wireless gadgets to appear in recent years is the Bluetooth headphone. The wireless headphone is not a new concept but Bluetooth provides it with many advantages over the older models. The main advantages are the clearer reception from using a digital signal and the ability to receive music from many [...]


Before we discuss Sony HDTV, we should probably talk about what HDTV is and why we even want it in the first place. HDTV stands for high definition television. With the same aspect as a movie theater screen (16:9) and three resolution levels to choose from, a picture is created that is more vivid, more [...]

Dolby TrueHD Receivers

Anybody who is in the market for a sound system, whether it is for listening to music in its own right or, more commonly these days, as just one component of a multi-component home theater system, should understand the importance of having a top quality sound receiver. Sound receivers are in charge of the quality [...]

MiniDV Camcorder

MiniDV camcorders dominated the camcorder field for a long time, though now, as with most dominating technology, they are being supplanted by newer, younger, sleeker camcorders. But before discounting MiniDV camcorders entirely, it is important to remember that they still dominate sales in most first world countries, and these simple, easy to use and cost [...]

Digital Audio Player

There are so many models and brands of digital audio player on the market that it can be difficult to choose the right one. There are some things that you can do to make sure that you are selecting the model and player that will best handle your requirements for your music player. The first [...]

Canon Copiers

The Canon company often makes top ten lists when it comes to business practices, innovation, and creativity. Specializing in the production of optical equipment such as photocopiers and computer printers, the company is especially renowned for its Canon copiers. A multinational corporation based in Ota, Tokyo, Japan, Canon got its name from the Japanese word, [...]

Blackberry Smartphone

The Blackberry smart phone combines the use of a cell phone with that of a PDA. It can be used as an organizer, for e-mails, for phone calls and more. There are many things to consider when looking for a Blackberry. When shopping for a Blackberry, ask yourself: does it offer WiFi? do I need [...]

TomTom GPS

Nothing is worse than not knowing where you are going. This can be especially bothersome for those who travel for a living, or those who are naturally terrible at navigation. With the TomTom GPS system, drivers can now find their way around with the assistance of a device you simply mount inside your car on [...]

Casio Exilim Digital Camera

Buying a digital camera will require you to look at a number of features and determine the ones that you find to be important in a camera. The features that you choose for your digital camera will enhance your use of the camera and allow you to take the kind of pictures that you want [...]

Portable DVD Players

Portable DVD players are a wonderful way to watch movies on the go without draining the battery on your laptop. Not only are they great for business flights, you can use them to watch movies when you’re standing in long lines … or you can give them to children on really long road trops. There [...]

Digital HD Receiver

The exciting new world of digital radio and television offers many benefits over the old analogue systems. It provides better picture and sound quality without the problems common to analogue reception, like interference during bad weather. Unfortunately, digital technology can be confusing because of the new and unfamiliar terminology, and it can also be expensive [...]

Google Phone

Google phone is a term used to describe any mobile smartphone that uses Google’s Android operating system. They are also called GPhones for short, because of their similarity to Apple’s popular iPhone. These phones have many similar features including touch screen interactivity, web browsing, and the ability to download music and applications. The iPhone is [...]

iPhone 3GS

The new iPhone 3GS was released for sale to the general public in July, 2009. It is the 3rd generation to the Apple iPhone line. This newest Apple iPhone incorporates the latest technology and is really three devices in one. It is a phone, a widescreen iPod and an internet device. The handset on the [...]

Digital Voice Recorder

There are so many uses for a digital recorder that it is hard to know where to begin. For one, they are excellent for recording classes in high school and college. Secondly, meetings are a breeze with the ability to record appointments. Just be sure no matter where you use your recorder that your boss [...]

Digital TV Antenna

While it may be hard to believe, these are still people who require a TV antennae for their HDTV, and it’s estimated that between 16 million and 20 million households in the United States still use antennas to tune into local stations. Right now, cable TV is the primary mode of choice when it comes [...]

Camera Phone

It seems as though almost every cell phone on the market today is a camera phone. At one time there were only a few models of phone that had the additional camera on the device, but now it would be unusual if your phone was not a camera phone. What is the benefit of having [...]

Panasonic Digital Camera

Panasonic is well known for producing such consumer electronic goods as televisions and appliances, but less well known is the fact that the company also produces their own line of Panasonic digital cameras. These cameras range from the low to the mid range in price, and even though Panasonic digital cameras may not be a [...]

Plasma HDTV

With Americans increasingly deciding to skip the long lines, high prices, and ringing cell phones inherent with the modern theater going experience in favor of home theater systems, they now have many choices to make. For example, a home theater system begs for a big screen television. But in the past few decades, several types [...]

Universal Remote Control

Before the invention of the universal remote, coffee tables and couches all over America held two, three, four or even more remote controls. The number of remote controls might even have been looked upon as a badge of honor in some homes – the more remotes, the more technology. But soon enough, in 1985, to [...]

CompactFlash Card

Compact Flash, sometimes shortened to CF, is a type of mass memory storage used in portable electronic devices. The CompactFlash card technology was developed by SanDisk in 1994 and has grown in popularity throughout the years so that it is now used in a variety of electronic devices. CompactFlash cards generally use flash memory within [...]

Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth headsets get a bad rap. Naysayers will complain that before the advent of Bluetooth technology, the only people who walked down the street or stepped into an elevator talking to themselves were people best avoided. But now, with small Bluetooth headsets attached to everyone’s ears, it is common to see power executives, joggers, and [...]

Harman Kardon Receivers

Audio receivers are able to receive signals and process them so that you can listen through the speakers on your audio system. The receivers that you have installed in your car, for example, can receive audio signals or video. The systems have become a little more complex in recent years because of the progress made [...]

HDMI Cable

When you are installing the components for your home theatre, it is important that your cables and connections are the top of the line so as to make sure that everything is functioning properly. When you only need cable for a shorter length, it really doesn’t make that much difference. However, there is a great [...]

Digital Video Switcher

A digital video switcher can be used to build a small studio or production site easily and efficiently. A digital video switcher is also known as a video mixer and is the brain of a production. This equipment has really advanced in recent years thanks to the latest TV production technology. Today’s TV production crews [...]

Photo Scanner

Today, there are many printers that come with a scanner function included in their list of functions. A photo scanner can be a handy feature to have on your printer and it is a great way to get your old photos onto your computer for safe keeping. Most of the time you can simply buy [...]

Bluetooth Cell Phone

Bluetooth cell phones are pretty common – cell phones having become must-have accessories these days and Bluetooth being one of the most convenient ways to transfer data wirelessly. Devices communicate with each other in a myriad ways – through cables, wires and radio waves. For wireless communication, radio waves are the preferred means. Bluetooth technology [...]

SD Card Reader

Secure Digital (otherwise known as SD) is a memory card format. These memory cards are a type of technology known as non-volatile, simply meaning that they can store information even when not powered. Originally developed by the electronics companies Toshiba, Matsushita, and SanDisk, SD Cards are used to store information from portable devices such as [...]

HDMI Receiver

As today’s electronics get more and more complicated, it’s easy to lose track of what all those connection ports on the back of the television mean. HDMI? What on earth is that? HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface, which doesn’t really help all that much when trying to decipher all the acronyms branded on [...]

Recording Microphone

The recording microphone is designed for making high quality audio, unlike other microphones that sacrifice quality for reduced size and cost. The two main types are the condenser and dynamic. Condenser microphones are used in studios and concert halls, while dynamic microphones are used for stage performances and public speaking. Other factors to consider when [...]

Corded Telephone

Ever home should have at least one corded telephone. Even if they seem outdated to some, they really are an essential for daily living. That is because they are reliable and a corded telephone will still work when the power goes out and your cell phone battery is dead. Most homes these days have a [...]

FTA Receiver

Many people are getting frustrated with paying cable or satellite bills every month just so they can watch their favorite programs on their television. If you are considering getting an FTA receiver so that you can take advantage of free satellite feeds in your home, you won’t be surprised about how popular they are getting [...]

Magellan GPS

Magellan is a well-known name when it comes to GPS and GPS-based products. For a long time, GPS was thought of as a highly scientific system, usable only for military and other research projects. However, Magellan has successfully brought its GPS-based products into our cars, pockets, backpacks and traveling kits. The world is getting smaller, [...]

Nikon Digital Camera

Digital cameras have become all the rage and it is common to find one in every household. From a hi-tech, luxury item, they have become must-have accessories for every occasion and users cannot get enough of the convenience and quality offered by digital cameras or digicams, as they are called. Digicams are very different from [...]

Cordless Presenter

If your do a lot of PowerPoint presentations, you probably are tired of being tied down to your laptop. You long to have the freedom to move around the conference room and conduct your presentation without needing to use your keyboard. A cordless presenter will help you achieve this freedom you need and will greatly [...]

HTC Phone

So you think you’ve never heard of an HTC phone? But how could that be? HTC (formerly known as High Tech Computer Corporation), a Taiwanese corporation, grossed over $2.2 billion in 2005 alone. BusinessWeek named it the fastest growing tech company in their vaunted BusinessWeek Info Tech 100. And Microsoft chose HCT as their hardware [...]

Digital Video Recorder

When television first came into homes across America in the 1940′s and 50′s, Americans had to be at home in front of the television when their favorite shows like I Love Lucy or Leave it to Beaver came on, otherwise, they would miss them and there was nothing to be done about it. Then, by [...]

MP4 Player

In the last decade or so, the term MP3 player has become almost synonymous with handheld portable music device in the same way that the word Kleenex has come to mean tissue or Scotch tape has come to mean household tape. Though MP3 is the generic term, portable music playing devices have actually branched out. [...]

Audio Cables

When most consumers go shopping for their home theater system, they suddenly realize they are going to need audio cables to hook it up so that they can hear it. They have no idea what they should know about cables and why it is important to understand what type of audio cables they need. Some [...]


The dream is here: mobile phone users can now e-mail, jam to music, navigate a highway and conduct business all with the use of a mobile phone, without the assistance of a personal computer. The smartphone is an advanced phone that acts much like a personal computer. There is more than one definition for what [...]

HDTV Antenna

There are hundreds of free high definition television stations out there and with the right HDTV antenna you can access them all, some of which are from all over the world. In fact, after June 2009, you will have to hook your television up to digital television anyway, so why not go for the best? [...]

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

It doesn’t take long to realize that just about everyone you know either has wireless Bluetooth headphones or they plan on getting them. Gone are the days when our electronics were wired to a device that was plugged into a wall. A lot of young people today have no clue what it was like to [...]

Wii Controller

Are you someone who is physically active and love to play games that get you on the move? If you are, you will love the Nintendo Wii games that let you throw the ball, hit the ball with a bat, swing a tennis racket or play a game of golf. The Nintendo Wii controller has [...]

LED Projector

From billboards to compact projectors, LED (light emitting diode) technology has exploded in recent years. Thanks to LED, we can now easily transmit images up on a screen for meetings, classes, parties and more. These days it’s all about size. If you can meet your needs without having to purchase and carry around a larger, [...]

iPhone Battery

iPhone’s have revolutionized the way many people carry out their day to day lives. However, without the proper care, the iPhone battery can die, leading to an annoying (and costly) experience. With the proper battery care, however, you can enjoy a long and healthy life with your iPhone. The most important rule for iPhone battery [...]

Fax Machine

With the advent of email and internet faxing services, fax machines are slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past. But don’t discount these hardy business machines yet. Fax machines are still ubiquitous in most office settings, and sometimes faster and more efficient in sending digital documents that the alternative – scanning and emailing [...]

McIntosh Car Audio

McIntosh car audio systems have been on the market for more than 50 years. Most audiophiles consider them to be among the finest audio systems in the world and would never think of owning any other brand. Discriminating buyers spend thousands of dollars every year to have a McIntosh car audio system custom-fitted to there [...]

Widescreen Monitor

You can enjoy better viewing with a widescreen monitor. Almost everyone today would rather have a widescreen monitor for their computer or HDTV. Video viewing is much more pleasant on a widescreen and it causes less strain on your eyes. Today’s computers are much more powerful and can perform multiple tasks quicker and more efficiently. [...]

Home Audio Receiver

Great strides have been made in home audio receiver technology. If your past time passion is to relax and listen to music, you will want to make sure you have the best stereo receiver sound system that is available today. This means that you should focus on purchasing a high quality receiver for your AM/FM, [...]

HDTV Set-top Box

An HDTV set-top box (HD STB) is a device that receives a video signal and then converts it so that it will display onto a television. The signal is usually transmitted by a content provider such as a local cable television service provider. The HDTV set-top box interfaces with such media as satellite signals, stereo [...]

Apple iPod

The Apple iPod was not the first mp3 player but most people think they were due to the incredible marketing team at Apple. Most people use the term “iPod” to refer to any brand of mp3 player but there are many mp3 players available so what makes the Apple iPod brand so special? The ongoing [...]

MicroSD Card

You’re quite familiar with the microSD card. You think not? Well it’s present in almost all the devices you use today for storing memory. You probably know it as the memory card. That’s right – the one in your digital camera, cell phone, PDA, mp3 player and any other portable device that needs to store [...]

Canon Battery Charger

Once you’ve bought an expensive digital camera, especially a branded one – let’s say a Nikon or a Canon, you obviously expect to get all the paraphernalia with it. It is also wise to use paraphernalia of the same brand as your digital camera. A lot of the time you might stay faithful to the [...]

Dolby Digital Surround Sound System

It goes without saying that new HDTV home theaters use Dolby Digital surround sound system technology. The Dolby noise reduction refines the sound quality that you hear so that it is crisp, clean and lifelike. The technology cleans up the signal it receives before it is produced for you on your television. This technology makes [...]

Home Theater System

It wasn’t all that long ago that the term “home theater system” conjured up images of Hollywood movie moguls viewing private film screenings in their Beverly Hills mansions. But with the rapid expansion of electronic technology in the past few decades, more and more homeowners are able to boast of their own home theater systems. [...]

Lithium Battery

One of the best inventions in the power industry is the simple lithium battery. These have become the battery of choice for most people who are looking for a long lasting battery to power the many devices in their homes. When you consider the amount of devices that you have in your life, it is [...]