Consumer Electronics

SanDisk CompactFlash

SanDisk was the first creator of the CompactFlash device format. The format dates back to 1994 and it is still used to date. The format is flash memory and it was one of the main forms of memory card formats in the early years of these products. The CompactFlash card was more popular than the […]

Digital TV Adapter

For those who want the delights of high definition and multimedia access in an easy format, the plug-and-play digital TV adapters can be your best bet. Many of these devices also hook up to the personal computer, making it even more versatile. Below are some of the best-selling digital TV adapters out there: The AVerMedia […]

Parametric Equalizer

A parametric equalizer allows you to have more control over the parameters of tone on an instrument during recording. It has knobs that allow you to manually adjust the parameters of the tone. In other words, you can fine tune the tone of an instrument with a parametric equalizer. They used to be used mainly […]

Panasonic Plasma TV

It is no secret that LCD TVs have become very popular in recent years, due to falling prices and improvements in their picture quality. But there are still some very good reasons to consider buying a plasma TV. At the upper end of screen sizes, plasma is the only option for most buyers, because large […]

Garmin GPS Watch

The Global Positioning System (GPS) has transformed the way we navigate from place to place. It has also given athletes the ability to monitor their performance in precise detail. But unfortunately for runners, a standard GPS receiver is too large and heavy to carry with them. A Garmin GPS watch is a small and lightweight […]

Motorola Droid Phone

The Motorola Droid phone is another entrant in the fast growing smartphone market. It is aimed squarely at people who are looking to buy the Apple iPhone or something similar. The unusual name is a shorthand reference to the Android operating system that the phone uses. It has a large touchscreen that slides out to […]

Digital to Analog TV Converter Box

The digital television revolution has been moving forward for the last decade and is now almost complete. The few remaining places that have not made the switch will soon be turning off their analog broadcasts. Anyone who does not have a digital television or a converted analog television will soon have nothing to watch but […]

Olympus Digital Voice Recorder

The microcassette voice recorder quickly became an indispensable tool of business and government after it was introduced. The idea of a handheld device that could record meetings, interviews, and speeches without the need for pen and paper was an instant success. The only problems with those early models were their short battery life and even […]

Super Tweeter

Ever get the feeling that your sound system could be just a little better? Does the quality of the sound seem to be lacking something that you can’t quite put your finger on? The problem could simply be that it needs a boost in the higher frequency range. Regular tweeters produce sound right up to […]

iPod Docking Station

One of the most popular gadgets to appear in the last decade has been the Apple iPod portable music player. Apple are the company responsible for the famous Macintosh range of desktop and notebook computers. The iPod range consists of a number of different players, with names like Shuffle, Classic, Nano, and Touch. The Apple […]

Marine GPS Antenna

Before the introduction of GPS, marine navigation was done with a chart, compass and sextant. Learning how to use these instruments was an essential task for every novice sailor. It required good mathematical skills and many hours of study, but things are a little easier for sailors today. The compass and sextant are still important […]

Sony Reader

The eBook format has experienced a revival of sorts lately. It had a short burst of popularity when it was first introduced, then quickly became unpopular due to the lack of dedicated readers at the time. The format is now popular again, thanks to several affordable eBook readers that have been launched recently. The Sony […]

Panasonic Cordless Phone

A cordless phone is a good alternative to a mobile phone for use around the home and office. While it will never match the convenience of a mobile phone, it is more economical in the long term, and it can even be used as a substitute for an intercom system. Anyone looking to install a […]

Mifare Card Reader

The first steps towards a cashless society are already underway in many places around the world. The introduction of contactless smart cards has resulted in a shift away from traditional paper tickets and magnetic strip cards. Public transport systems are the main users of this new technology but it’s also used by many other businesses. […]

Laser Fax Machine

The laser fax machine is still an essential piece of office equipment even in the age of computers, mobile phones, and the internet. It has many advantages over both thermal and inkjet fax machines, such as faster printing speeds and lower running costs. Multifunction models can also be used as a computer printer and photocopier. […]

Universal Laptop Battery Charger

Whether you are in business or still at school, a laptop computer is practically essential these days. Many employers either give out laptops to their employees or expect them to already have one. A laptop makes a great companion for a desktop computer, allowing files to be transferred between work and home. It can be […]

Echo Sounder

Even in the clearest water, it is difficult to judge the depth of objects using only your eyes. The water bends the light in a way that makes the objects appear closer to the surface than they really are. The only way to get an accurate measurement of their depth is to use an echo […]

Bose Sound System

As you might know, Bose is an American company that specializes in audio equipment, and they’re known as one of the most reputable manufacturers, both internally and worldwide. From their beginnings in the 1960’s Bose has upheld the motto “Better Sound through Research”, and that’s exactly what they’ve been doing for all this time. This […]

Infrared Repeater

Are you looking for a way to operate your audiovisual equipment without actually letting people see where it’s located? If so, what you need is an infrared repeater, and you’ve just found the right website. We put a lot of time and effort looking for the best infrared repeater set-ups at the lowest prices, so […]

PAL/NTSC Video Converter

If you’re a video editing enthusiast, hobbyist or even a professional, you will be likely to need a PAL/NTSC video converter sooner or late… especially if you deal with videos from different regions of the globe. There are different types of converter available on the market, aimed at different media such as DVD, VHS, and […]

Television Headphones

Watching television is one of life’s great pleasures, and one of the best ways to relax. If you enjoy watching your favorite TV programs with loud volume but you don’t want to disturb other members of your household, getting a good set of television headphones is just what you need. Regardless of your budget, there […]

USB Game Controller

In this day and age, the gaming industry is quite popular and widespread, just as much as the movie industry. As such, there are progressively more people who enjoy playing video-games in their computer. If that is something you can relate with, you should consider getting a USB game controller. Besides being inexpensive and highly […]

Wireless Thermostat

Thanks to the latest technological developments, we keep getting new opportunities to lead a life that’s progressively more pleasant and comfortable. Every year we get access to new machines and inventions that make different aspects of our household life easier; some such devices are complex and encompass important aspects of our lifestyle, while others have […]

GPS Splitter

GPS antenna splitters eradicates the requirement to run a number of antenna cables coming from quite a few antennas by running a single cable and splitting it with the aid of antenna splitters, making the site installation convenient and affordable. Certain GPS splitters have amplifying properties which allows them to run long cables preceding the […]

Home Theater Amplifiers

While some people mix and match different devices, such as television screens, DVD players, speakers and more to create a home theater system, others prefer to purchase their home theater in a box. In either case, you may find that you desire an amplified and improved sound to your existing system. It is in this […]

VoIP Adapter

Are you tired of all the money you have to pay every month for the use of your traditional landline telephone calls? Perhaps you are a small business owner who needs to leave the office on an extended business trip and can not afford to miss your important phone calls. People who want more freedom […]

Portable MP3 Player

If you are a music lover, you will love having a portable MP3 player. A portable MP3 player has other features too. Many have FM radios and voice recording options. Some are capable of downloading audio books onto. There are so many different MP3 players for sale right now that it has become difficult to […]

Bluetooth Transceiver

A Bluetooth transceiver can be used to connect several Bluetooth enabled devices to your desktop or notebook so that you can use them without the need to connect them with wires or cables. Microsoft includes a mini USB Bluetooth transceiver with certain peripheral devices so you can use it to connect pocket PC’s, cell phones, […]

Portable TV

You’re camping, you’re in the car, maybe you’re at work. It’s the latest episode of your television series and you are without television access. Maybe you’re favorite sports team is in the playoffs and you’re stuck in an airport that’s not airing the game. With the technology of portable televisions, you are no longer at […]

Composite Video Cable

The composite video cable is a yellow-coded cable with an RCA plug. The cable will only carry the video signal. It is best used for standard-definition VHS tape decks to get the signal in and out to the TV and is used on the older sets. You simply plug the end of the cable into […]

Canon Digital SLR Camera

Everyone loves pictures but not everyone is into photography. There are many amateur photographers that are serious about what camera they would love to have. Before 2005 only professional photographers were able to use the digital SLR cameras. This is because these cameras were extremely expensive. However, some models are available on the market today […]

SmartMedia Card

When digital cameras, PDAs and MP3 players became available to the general public the need for the extra digital storage space became greater than ever. In the beginning, many people used 3.5 inch floppy diskettes for backup and for storage. Compared to the storage devices that we have today, the old-fashioned floppy disks are huge, […]

Powered Subwoofer

You have your smashing home theater system, thinking that now you can enjoy the ambience of the theater without having to sit up straight on a straight backed chair. However something does not feel right about the sound – the theaters seem to be able to emanate such low and rending tones that fizzle right […]

Rear Projection TV

The number of LCD and plasma televisions in households seems to be on a steady rise, with their prices gradually dropping, and even middle-class families are braving the option to shell out big bucks and buying large televisions. However, the most stylish models of television sets are still hopelessly expensive for a vast majority of […]

Logitech Headsets

There was a time when headsets were once only worn by radio operators and pilots, nowadays we see headsets everywhere – used for listening music, watching television and even for playing multiplayer role playing games online. One of the best headset brands currently in the market is undoubtedly Logitech. Logitech Group, whose holding company Logitech […]

GPS Repeater

GPS repeaters are on-frequency repeaters that require the usage of an accurately positioned outdoor aerial which amplifies the signal and re-radiates the signal to the target GPS receiver. Simple GPS repeaters, which only re-radiates within the range of a few inches in order to enable operation in a vehicle are quite possible when it comes […]

Steiner Safari Pro Binoculars

Doctors usually recommend limiting the hours of screen-time, reading under dim-light, and most importantly, shade the eyes from the glaring UV Rays the Sun gives out in order to reduce the stress of the eyes. Yet for those with a taste of expeditions outdoors, the latter cannot be a bigger limiting factor, since binoculars do […]

Phono Preamp

In the early days when CDs and DVDs were still being thought up in the drawing boards – magnetic cartridge and turntables were the stereo systems of the time. But today, such audio storage and output methods are considered to be obsolete. For people who are still fans of the old music and want to […]

Fiber Optic Transceiver

A fiber optic transceiver is a device which sends and receives data across long distances without any interference. It acts as both a transmitter and a receiver, which are connected together by a single housing or a common circuitry. The function of the transmitter is to send laser signals to a nearby transceiver and the […]

IOGEAR Bluetooth Adapter

IOGEAR Bluetooth Adapter is a dedicated device to enhance connectivity between various Bluetooth devices. This is a networking gadget which transforms any computer that has a working USB port, into a Bluetooth computer. This means that it will be able to interact with other Bluetooth devices within the range. The main advantage of this device […]

Unlocked Smartphone

Most smartphones in the US today come bounded by plans from carriers such as T mobile, AT&T, Verizon Wireless or Sprint – essentially barring them to use their phones in any other networks. The nature of the contract with such carriers is cumbersome for users who tend to travel more often. Also latest smartphones are […]

RCA Splitter

Splitters have been around for as long as there were electronic connectors. Be it used for the transfer of sound, video or just plain electricity. Electronic connectors had shown up as a miracle to the electric current (sound, video, data etc.) industry. It was not long after that these electric currents (signals) needed to be […]

Wireless Outdoor Speakers

Music is one of the key components of any successful party. Usually, people almost never listen to music if they are with someone or they are busy enjoying themselves doing something. However, in a party or any form of get-together, music is a must. When choosing the correct sound system for your function, the host […]

Inkjet Fax Machine

An inkjet fax machines uses similar mechanisms to what an inkjet printer uses. Like an inkjet printer, an inkjet fax machine uses very small quantity of ink on paper to produce an image. Unlike a film-cartridge fax machine, an inkjet fax machine produces a better quality image. The dots are precisely positioned with extremely high […]

Radio Transmitters

Any electronic device which can broadcast an electromagnetic signal, usually using the help of an antenna, is a transmitter. Broadcasting of signals such as radio, television or any other telecommunication signals use a transmitter. Signals sent from a transmitter are sent to an object or a receiver for use of communication. If that is so, […]

Laptop Car Charger

Laptops are modern and convenient equipment that substitutes for computers and their immobility. Nowadays, almost everyone owns one as they provide everything a computer offers with the additional advantage of those services being used even outside the boundaries of your home and office. Laptops come in different shapes and sizes and there is a very […]

Xbox Adapter

All the Microsoft Xbox and Xbox 360 come with USB ports for connecting external peripherals such as camera or racing wheels. A WiFi game adapter is required to set up a wireless network for the Xbox console, instead of a generic adapter. These game adapters are designed without the need for driver installation, and thus […]

Marine VHF Antenna

Antennas can be of many different types. The type of antenna to get may depend on the distance through which the transmission is expected to take place. It is important for boats and ships to have some form of communication with land or with other vessels, and thus the use of antennas are crucial to […]

Wireless Karaoke Microphone

In the world today, people have more and more free time because of the advancing technology quickening their work. Most people spend this extra time doing recreational activities such as reading a novel or simply relaxing by listening to some soothing music. There are however, many people who think of singing as a way to […]

Sharp LCD TV

In the world today, there is a significant competition in the LCD TV market. All the top brands have their goals set to try and make their name shine as the best LCD TV producer. But one such competitor that has a strong chance of accomplishing their goal is Sharp. Sharp has been a major […]

Notebook GPS Receiver

Exploring is made much easier nowadays with nifty gadgets like the portable GPS Receivers. Rather than losing your way, imprinting landmarks and figuring out perplexing maps, buying a notebook GPS Receiver which will cost less then $100 is the way to go, in order to avoid losing your way and figuring out the next direction […]

Cell Phone Booster

Are you planning to buy a cell phone booster for your phone? If you are searching for information regarding the many different brands and types of boosters available on the market, and would like to know exactly what you need for your phone, you have come to the right page. We can even tell you […]

Micro-USB Cables

USB (Universal Serial Bus) has been around for quite a while now. It made its first appearance slightly more than a decade ago and took the computer industry of the whole world by storm, revolutionizing methods of data transfer and peripheral connectivity. The term ‘plug and play’ fully achieved meaning only through the advent of […]

Toshiba HDTV

To put in very simple words, HDTV is the television of the future that you are able to enjoy in the present. HDTV also known as High-definition television or just HD indicates video that has a substantially higher resolution than traditional TV systems such as an SD. Nowadays HDTV uses video compression for digital broadcasts […]

FTA Satellite Dish

If you take a moment to think about it, satellite television has changed the face of our generation. There are too many advantages that we are able to reap out of such a facility. Satellite TV not only provides a superior picture quality to the viewer, but you even get free installation, free TV services, […]

Wireless Presenter

People today, have become increasingly dependent on science, technology and the comforts derived from them. As this comfort is realized, expectations from the world and people in it rise as well. Job performance and expectation has escalated as well, in response to technological advancements. Employers and consumers alike expect and even demand more, and employees […]

Smoke Detector Camera

Smoke detector cameras are very useful to spot and keep track of any activity going on inside one’s house or office without knowledge of others. It can be easily placed on the ceilings of any room. Although it is called a smoke detector camera, it actually does not sound any alarm when there is smoke. […]

Portable HDD Player

A recent trend adapted by youths and a lot of people around the world is to own Hard Disk Drive (HDD) players. These HDD players are ideal for people who love to store a lot of media files such as videos and audios, which are stored in the HDD player as compressed formats. These players […]

Hearing Impaired Telephone

Despite the name, hearing impaired telephones aren’t made exclusively for people who are medically diagnosed for the hearing impaired. Neither are the phones themselves hearing impaired, as the name implies. Hearing impaired telephones can be used for anybody who has a hard time hearing a normal phone, as this problem has become more poignant for […]

Wireless Audio/Video Transmitter

As technology continues to advance, it becomes more and more convenient for the everyday user. Developers recognize how important space is to us, and they’re constantly inventing new ways for us to use smaller, more efficient items. A wireless audio/video transmitter is a perfect example of this, and it’s an enormously convenient device for a […]


In the past few years, a new type of LCD TV has appeared that has changed the landscape of the flat screen market. It is being called a LED TV but it only uses LEDs for backlighting. It is not the same as a display that uses them as the primary display element. This new […]

VGA to HDMI Converter

If you are thinking of converting your VGA component signal into a digital high definition HDMI signal you will need a VGA to HDMI converter box. You will also need an HDMI cable in whatever length you need. A VGA to HDMI converter is a device that is used to convert the input connector on […]

Call Recorder

A phone call recorder records telephone conversations. Call recording technology was invented in 1931 and has since been expanded to technology that individuals can use to record calls in home or other places. Today, there are all kinds of reasons why a person would need a call recorder. In fact, businesses as well as personal […]

iPhone Car Charger

Buying an iPhone car charger may not take much thought for most people but if you want the best charger possible then you will have to do some research. There are many different brands and models of iPhone car chargers available but not all of them are a worthwhile investment. The price difference between models […]

Cell Phone Repeater

You should be able to find several indispensable facts about cell phone repeater in the following paragraphs. If there’s at least one fact you didn’t know before, imagine the difference it might make. Think about what you’ve read so far. Does it reinforce what you already know about cell phone repeaters? Or was there something […]

Wide Angle Digital Camera

A wide angle lens is a lens that has a larger viewing image and a smaller focal point than a normal lens. To put it another way, a wide angle lens can take a bigger picture at a shorter distance. They are very useful for people who need to take pictures of large structures without […]

GPS Antenna

GPS antennas are the devices that actually pick up a signal from GPS satellites. They act as the middle man between actual satellites that orbit the earth and provide information and your private GPS system, which takes that information and converts it into something you can use. Without the antenna, none of that process works. […]

Mini Megaphone

It is common for people to cup their hands on their mouths when they are shouting; this gesture directs the sound ahead and amplifies it to reach a longer distance. Megaphones work in the same manner. Megaphones are cone shaped mechanical devices that increase the distance and enhances the loudness of the sound when spoken […]

Wii LAN Adapter

The Nintendo WII, an extremely popular gaming console can be linked to the Internet through wireless connections. However, wireless connections are not used widely, and only a handful of users of Nintendo Wii make use of wireless connections. Nintendo has realized that if the Internet cannot be accessed on Nintendo Wii through wired connections, then […]

Closed Caption Decoder

The human race has been on this earth for decades. We are now at a point where science and technology are progressing exponentially – faster and faster every day. Technology has somewhat become the backbone of man, without which they will be unable to do almost everything today. Their intelligence and unfaltering will to make […]

Pentax Papilio Binoculars

Binoculars are hand-held, mechanical devices that are used to magnify an object viewed from a distance. Binoculars are very similar to telescopes, and use similar optical mechanisms involving a series of mirrors and prisms. But unlike telescopes, binoculars can be viewed with both the eyes. There are a number of binocular manufacturers out there, including […]

Class T Amplifier

An amplifier is an electronic device that is used to boost the current, power or voltage of a signal. Amplifiers are generally used with audio devices in order to ‘amplify’ the sound signal, but are also employed in broadcasting and wireless communications. Amplifiers can be categorized into two types – power amplifiers, or weak signal […]

Haier TV

Do you want to buy a good television, without wanting to pay exorbitant amounts of money for it? Want something on par with televisions made by Sony or Panasonic but are not willing or prepared to shell out big bucks for it? Well, consider yourself lucky, because you can always get a Haier television. These […]

Canon EOS Rebel

The E0S Digital Rebel is a 35mm shutter SLR (Single-Lens Reflex) auto focus camera with multi-modes, auto exposure and built-in motor drive. It is often ranked in top 10 of Canon cameras as it brings excellent SLR picture quality which is comprised from the existence of a 6.3 Megapixel CMOS sensor and the elite Digic […]

MIDI Keyboard Controller

The main idea behind the MIDI keyboard controller is to allow performers on stage to produce and control multiple sounds, just by using one keyboard. This obviously makes performing on stage a lot easier, and the use of one keyboard to produce multiple sounds is very convenient. They are not just good for live performers, […]

Noise Cancelling Earbuds

It is important that you have a good set of quality earbuds for your MP3 player or whatever else you want to use them for, these are easy enough to find, but what about noise cancelling earbuds? Not a lot of people will be able to tell you anything about noise cancelling earbuds, as although […]

High Definition Camcorder

HD camcorders, or High Definition camcorders, have satiated the needs of an ever thirsty consumer base seeking higher video quality. The HD camcorder’s higher resolution and rich color quality leaves you behind with a stunning visual experience. They are the wave of the future and are sure to stay among the most sought after electronic […]

Sony Blu-Ray Player

In today’s technology age, consumers are more, and more, demanding when it comes to the quality of media they enjoy. Correspondingly, audio/visual recording equipment is constantly improving. Sound quality has reached new heights of realism and visual advancements have turned our movies into immersive, realistic experiences. With such luxuries available, people gravitate towards large, flat-screen […]

Keyless Entry Remote

Keyless entry remote has made a revolution in the automobile space with its convenient and secure mode of operation. The keyless entry remote is the most convenient way to lock or unlock your car. You can always do this standing several feet away without having the need to fight with your car to lock or […]

SanDisk SD Cards

In this modern age of information overload, you can hold onto an abundance of data with your palm. Whether it’s through your mobile phone or a USB drive, you can fit data from 2 GB to 16 GB in a simple little card. MicroSD HC is a popular form of portable flash memory. It is […]

HDTV Cables

Almost every high-definition television (HDTV) is made to accept a number of different inputs, both standard and high definition. The standard inputs can range from composite video (the red, white and yellow cords) to S-video to a basic RF cable/antenna input. The high-definition cables inputs are usually HDMI and component cables (similar to composite cables, […]

Amphenol Connector

In the world of connectors, Amphenol is a worthy name. Amphenol Phenolic Corporation is one of the biggest manufacturers of connectors of the electric and fiber optic type. Its popularity has been so much so that, in the world of electrical engineering, electricians and scientists are often found differentiating and being able to recognize by […]

Home Theater Subwoofer

A subwoofer is a kind of loudspeaker that recreates the bass frequency thereby enhancing the sound experience. The application area for subwoofers is car audio system, movie theatres and home theaters. It uses high power amplifier. To enjoy the latest technology sound system, you need equipment that provides full effect of sound. Sound effects produced […]

TV Monitor

There is a huge competition between the television manufacturers these days. This competition ultimately benefits the customers. The reason is that the companies come up with numerous varieties of television with different sizes and added features. The companies also play with the pricing factor, which is a kind of golden opportunity for the customers to […]

Kodak Digital Camera

Kodak is one of the most respected brands in photography and their cameras are well known for their quality. It’s not surprising then that more than one in five cameras sold today is a Kodak digital camera. They make basic models for casual users, advanced models for professionals, and a range of models in between. […]

Portable Speakers

Portable speakers are an essential accessory for anyone who dislikes using headphones, or who needs to share their music with others. There are very few mobile phones and portable music players that have an internal speaker, and those that do typically have poor quality sound. Portable speakers are compact, lightweight, and available in many stylish […]

HSDPA Mobile Phone

HSDPA is the newest technology used on today’s 3.5G mobile phones. HSDPA mobile phones can download content from the internet at higher data transfer speeds than ever before. The HSDPA mobile phones are considered smart phones. HSDPA stands for High Speed Downlink Packet Access. This is an amazing new technology breakthrough for the mobile phone […]

HDMI Monitor

People love wide screen HDTVs and love to watch blu-ray DVDs now which are taking over the market. Many gamers love to use their widescreen HDTV television monitor to play their games on. Gone are the days of the giant and bulky big screen TVs that you could only receive analog signals on. Today, we […]

Car Power Adapter

The reason normal electrical appliances don’t work in vehicles is because the power source isn’t the same. Car power adapters are basically just power plugs that are designed to plug into your car’s cigarette lighter, as opposed to a normal wall outer. Regular appliances can’t use the car as a power source is because of […]

Nikon Monarch Binoculars

Nikon offers a wide variety of binocular products. The Monarch series features various binoculars such as their Monarch ATB (All-Terrain Binoculars) series and even a few models made for hunting rifle scopes. There are numerous models of Nikon binoculars available and the Monarch series is especially noteworthy for having many strong designs. The Nikon Monarch […]

Home Theater

Home theaters offer consumers the home movie experience, and nowadways while ising high definition, Blu Ray technology for the best sound and images we have yet to see. Watch movies, sporting events and more like never before, and be the person with all the best parties — all it takes is a stellar home cinema […]

PSP Memory Card

Sony released its PlayStation Portable (PSP) handheld gaming console in order to compete with other popular handheld consoles such as the Nintendo DS. The system was released in Japan in late 2005 and in the United States in 2005. The PSP is the first handheld console to use an universal media disc (like a small […]

Night Vision Binoculars

Night vision binoculars have been a staple of spy and action movie films for a very long time. There was a time when they were only available to the military, but those times are in the past now and night vision binoculars can be purchased by any enthusiast interested in seeing in the dark. Human […]

HD Entertainment Center

High definition (HD) has completely transformed the way we watch television. It provides superior picture quality and surround sound, and the widescreen format allows movies to be seen as they were intended. An HD entertainment center is essential to get the full benefit of this new technology. However, there are few complete centers available in […]

Yamaha AV Receiver

An AV receiver is another name for a home theater receiver. A Yamaha AV receiver is one of the better brands on the market. The Yamaha AV receivers are very popular with consumers. Yamaha receivers give exceptional sound quality and their reliability can not be beat. Yamaha AV receivers come in various configurations and automatic […]

Sony Surround Sound System

If you are in the market for a new home theater surround sound system, check out the newest Sony surround sound system or one of the older ones that are on the market today. If you want to do without all of the wires that most home theaters use, look into getting a wireless Sony […]

Bluetooth Phone Adapter

Bluetooth, as we all must know by now, is a technology that allows wireless transfer of data between devices, upto a certain distance. A Bluetooth adapter is required to create a Bluetooth network between two or more devices. A Bluetooth phone adapter is a device that transfers data from your cell phone to a wireless […]

Car MP3 Player

There was a time when we used to buy tapes, pop them into our car stereo and had to hold on to the forward button to find the next track in the cassette. Then came the age of CDs. Despite being much more efficient than cassettes, they were still uneasy to use because they get […]

GPS Re-radiator

GPS re-radiators are devices which operate by obtaining signals from GPS satellite, using an antenna located outdoors, and re-transmitting them to a closed indoor environment. The re-radiating equipment consists of GPS antennas of high sensitivity, signal amplifying units and a GPS receiver to accept the incoming amplified signals. Thus a reradiator functions to channel signals […]

FM Antenna

The most important thing to remember when it comes to FM Antennas is research. Not every FM Antenna is going to be suitable to every situation, meaning that you need to do your research and also shop around. If you live in a rural area, then you might want to think about a dipole antenna. […]

DVI-D to HDMI Cable

DVI-D to HDMI cables allow computer users to connect their computers to a high definition TV, assuming their computers are properly equipped to attach to a DVI cable. DVI stands for digital video interface, and the “D” at the end stands for digital. This kind of cord receives a digital signal only, as opposed to […]

Logitech QuickCam

Logitech QuickCam is a line of video camera webcams produced, of course, by Logitech. There are so many cameras in this range now, each offering something different. Some of the newer models, of course, offer more exciting and impressive features, but some are just basic webcams. It all depends on what you want to use […]


OLED TV is a new display technology that gives effective and clearer view of videos. OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diodes, the only difference between OLED and LED is the O for Organic, as OLED is made up of organic material that forms a thin film of layer, which emits light. OLED uses the […]

Studio Microphone

Microphone is undoubtedly an indispensable part of any studio irrespective of whether the recording is for ads, movies or cartoon shows. A studio microphone is an electric transducer or sensor with a capacity to transform sounds into electrical signal. The journey of microphone started as telephone transmitter. Alexander Graham Bell developed this along with Elisha […]

Stereo Amplifier

Stereophonic sound often known as stereo is the sound, which produces symmetrical sound effect using more than two audio channels. This gives an impression of sound emerging from all directions. An amplifier is the device used to increase the amplitude of any input signal resulting in increase of gain. Thus, together stereo amplifier is used […]

3D Blu-ray Player

The world scenario has changed with the development of 3D technology. Three-dimensional movies that used to come out once in a decade, are now being released at the rate of two movies a year. Moreover, we all know that this rate is increasing with every year. Three-dimensional technology is no longer limited to purely animated […]

HDTV Recorder

If you recently bought a High Definition Television, or HDTV, you might wonder whether you can still record your favorite shows. Yes, you can, but you need a recorder that is compatible with your HDTV. You need an HDTV recorder. There is quite a variety of HDTV recorders available in the market. You need to […]

Bluetooth Receiver

As Bluetooth technology becomes even further ingrained into our everyday lives, we use that technology to perform an ever increasing percentage of our tasks. From talking on the phone, to listening to music, to sending GPS maps, Bluetooth technology is being used on a growing number of devices. However, most of our everyday appliances are […]

RCA Video Cable

When it comes to connecting all your favorite electronic equipment you may need to purchase a few different types of cables and adapters to get everything working together perfectly. Many people own televisions, DVD players, receivers, VCR’s, gaming systems and cable boxes. All of these will need to be connected in some way in order […]

HDTV Smart Antenna

For many people a roof top antenna or an antenna that sits on top of the TV (rabbit ears) is the only way for them to receive TV programming. Cable or satellite TV may not be within their budget or their area. With many still using the older analog television sets, they find that they […]

Blu-ray Recorder

With as many television programs and movies out today we find ourselves needing a way to record them to watch them at a more convenient time. Many people have TiVo or DVR’s with their cable and satellite dishes which gives them the ability to record something from their television to watch at a later time. […]

USB Turntable

There are many people who find the hobby of record collecting enjoyable and exciting. Since records were one of the first ways to listen to recorded music many people still have a large selection of records in their possession. Unfortunately listening to records may not be as easy as they are to collect. Finding a […]

BNC Connector

You may or may not be familiar with what a BNC connector is. With so many connectors and adapters, cables and cords, it becomes a little overwhelming trying to determine what each part does and goes to. A BNC connector is the abbreviated term for a Bayonet Nut Coupling. You may have heard of a […]

Waterproof Digital Camera

Digital cameras have become extremely popular in the last few years. Although they still make cameras that take film they are becoming fewer and harder to find. Everything has gone digital in the last decade and it makes life a little easier. Digital cameras themselves have even improved since they were first invented. From low […]

Graphic Equalizer

Many people enjoy making music. For anyone who is familiar with the term graphic equalizer then you must know just how important it is to have all the proper equipment for making great music. This is not the same kind of equipment that you would use if you just enjoy playing an instrument for fun […]

PSP Battery

The PSP gaming system has become very popular over the last few years. PSP stands for PlayStation Portable and was designed for an older audience that enjoys game playing and watching movies. The PSP is more expensive than some of the other portable gaming systems because it not only plays video games but you can […]

DVI to HDMI Cable

The DVI to HDMI cables are cables that allow you to connect a DVI enabled device to a HDMI enabled device. You may be interested in knowing exactly what each cable does. DVI stands for Digital Video Interface. Which means the cable is used to transfer digital video to components like LCD monitors. DVI cables […]

HDTV Converter

The days of turning on your TV and adjusting the antenna are soon to become a thing of the past. As technology keeps advancing, it is sometimes hard to keep up. As of February 2009 the majority of all broadcasting stations have switched from analog to digital broadcasting. In doing so, millions of homes that […]

Wireless Earbuds

It seems that almost everyone has an MP3 player, an IPod or a portable video gaming system these days. Whether you enjoy listening to music, videos, games or books you may need a reliable set of headphones. Not only to headphones give you the privacy you need when listening to your favorite tunes, but they […]

CMOS Camera

Cameras are some of the most demanded pieces of equipment found in the electronic department these days. It seems everyone owns a camera for capturing all those special moments that life has to offer. Cameras have evolved a lot over the years and the latest switch from point and shoot film cameras over to digital […]