Consumer Electronics


The DLP TV uses Digital Light Processing Technology. These are one type of rear projection TVs. The DLP TV also uses a DMD technology. DMD stands for Digital Micromirror Device. This technology is on a seminconductor chip. It creates an array of grayscale light. Each pixel on the display screen is represented by tiny mirrors […]

Panasonic Fax Machines

A fax machine can enhance the productivity of your office. When integrated into an existing computer and Internet setup, a fax machine makes it easy to send important documents. While email is great for many types of information, there are plenty of documents that are better to send via fax. Because of the quality of […]

Flip Down TV

Portable DVD players are great for watching movies away from home, but that is all they are good for without a TV tuner. Forget about watching your favorite dramas and sitcoms unless you happen to be carrying around the DVD boxsets. Then there are all the daily shows, like news and current affairs, which you […]

Radar Detectors

Did you know that on average over 40 million speeding tickets are written and issued in the United States each and every year. This, quite remarkably, equates to a 1 in 7 chance every year that you may end up being issued with a speeding ticket. Another way to look at it is that every […]

Wireless Surround Sound System

Surround sound is a fantastic way to experience the latest movies, television shows, and video games. It creates the sensation that the listener is in the middle of the action seen on the screen. A wireless surround sound system provides the same effect as a wired system but does not have the long lengths of […]

Bluetooth Speakerphone

We are constantly reminded of how important driving safety really is. In many areas, you cannot legally drive and talk on a cell phone at the same time. Thankfully there are safe ways to get around this issue though. The best way to be able to talk while driving, and also the safest, is to […]

Boat Speakers

Going on a boat ride can be very enjoyable but the mystique of it will wear out after a while. However, if you want to keep your boat as enjoyable as possible it would be a good idea to install various features. You obviously want to have a fridge or cooler on board, and there […]

Rear View Camera

A rear view camera is a device that helps to ensure safety for both your vehicle and anything or anyone who may be in your blind spot when you are backing up. Also known as car cameras, these devices help to increase your field of view and provide safety that traditional rear view mirrors cannot […]

Sidekick Phones

Sidekick phones are widely regarded as the original smartphones. In a time when most cell phones had tiny screens and keypads, the swivel screen and Qwerty keyboard of the Sidekick phones were very impressive. Owners fell in love with them because they were something unique in a world of phone clones. Even today, the Sidekick […]

Coby MP3 Player

The digital music revolution has unleashed a flood of MP3 players onto the market in recent years. Some models are packed with features but are also very expensive, while other models sold at bargain-basement prices lack many important features. The high prices of the popular brands is forcing many consumers to consider the cheaper brands. […]

Bridgeable Amplifier

People who are not satisfied with the output of their amplifier can bridge the signals to get more amps to their subwoofer. However before you bridge your amplifier to make sure you have one that can be bridged. A bridgeable amplifier is one that is a two channel amplifier. A two channel amplifier is one […]

Pioneer Equalizer

Car equalizers are basically just very efficient audio regulators. The equalizer provides the individual using it to keep the frequency bands in their car audio system regulated to the ideal levels. The equalizer will also enhance any frequencies that are received to the appropriate frequencies if necessary. It can be pretty difficult to understand the […]

Digital Compass

Like the mouse trap, the needle compass is so simple that it seems perfect. The only working part is a magnetized needle surrounded by liquid. Even the liquid is not necessary because its only purpose is to slow down the needle. For a long time, there was nothing that could find magnetic north other than […]

In-Dash Blu-Ray Player

Since the release of the Playstation 3 (PS3) gaming console there has been a continuous increase in popularity of the Blu-ray DVD player. For a while now Blu-ray has been looked at as the frontier of video players. Just in recent years there has been a growing interest in incorporating the Blu-ray technology to in-dash […]

Nikon D90

The Nikon D90 was originally released in 2008 as a follow up to the Nikon D80. Much like its predecessor, it is an amazing dSLR for the price. The Nikon D90 retails at approximately $750 to $850 but this will vary by store. The price for a Nikon D90 would be increased quite a bit […]

USB Digital Microscope

Computer technology has been incorporated into microscopes as a way to eliminate the need for an eyepiece to make observations. The USB digital microscope connects to your computer via a USB port and it opens up to many unique conveniences. You will no longer be using an eyepiece, but rather there will be a built-in […]

Stereo Headsets

Stereophonic sound (stereo) is what is heard in a stereo headset. This is a combination of multiple audio channels which results in a feeling of 3D sound being created. With a stereo headset it will give you the impression that the sound is coming from multiple directions. The result of this is a more natural […]

Wireless Lavalier Microphone

A microphone is used to transmit or record audio. Wireless microphones do not require any wires so they are very versatile. The wireless lavalier microphone style is a wireless microphone which is capable of being clipped to the collar of your shirt. The microphone is most commonly connected to transmit audio signals through a wireless […]

Magellan Roadmate GPS

A portable GPS unit can be useful in numerous environments. The most common use for GPS systems in today’s market is using the unit as a navigational device while driving. The GPS system can save you time, gas, and money on local trips and prevent getting lost on a road trip. Buying a GPS system […]

Motorola Walkie-Talkies

Motorola has focused a lot of its’ attention on radio products. This was displayed in even the earliest years of the business – dating back to 1940 when the very first walkie-talkie made its’ introduction under the Motorola brand. Also, in 1940, Motorola spent a lot of time and money on becoming more educated and […]

DVD/HDD Recorder

A DVD/HDD recorder is a style of DVD recorder which has HDD capabilities. It is able to work as a DVD recorder as it includes a hard drive within the device. If you are looking for a device to record video to watch at a later date then a DVD/HDD recorder would come in handy. […]

Audio Power Amplifier

An amplifier is essentially an electronic device that can used to enhance the voltage, or current of a signal. In general, amplifiers are used to amplify the sound signal of audio devices, but can also be used in wireless communications and broadcasting. There are two basic categories of amplifiers – weak signal amplifiers and power […]

DTV Antenna

DTV, or Digital Television, is an advanced technology in the broadcasting sector that has revolutionized the television viewing experience. Since February 17, 2009, it is required by the Federal Law that all broadcasting stations broadcast only in digital format. With the advance of DTV, broadcasters have been enabled to offer better sound and quality pictures […]

Samsung HDTV

Samsung is a highly recognized consumer electronics manufacturer that is especially recognized for their line up of televisions. The company was originally founded in 1969, and within 12 years of that time, they managed to sell more than 10 million black and white television sets. Samsung has developed into an established and reputable name in […]

Wireless Home Cinema

Wireless technology has been used for computing for many years now, so it was inevitable that it would end up being used for home cinema as well. A wireless home cinema does not completely eliminate the jungle of wires found behind the television, but it substantially reduces the number of wires and connections required. Wireless […]

Keychain Breathalyzer

Getting caught for drink driving is a nightmare that no motorist wants to go through, but thousands end up with a conviction and large fine for it every day. If that isn’t bad enough, the consequences of having an accident while drunk can be much worse. It may even cost the life of the motorist […]

Car Battery Charger

When it comes to maintenance, many vehicle owners panic at the first sight of a repair bill. From small changes to the car’s engine – oil changes, air filter replacements, and even radiator fills – to advanced issues such as engine construction work and parts replacements, the idea that any fault with our cars must […]

USB Barcode Scanner

Whether for cataloging home possessions, managing a busy retail outlet, or simply taking inventory of a large warehouse or storage area, a USB barcode scanner makes managing and tracking simple, remarkably quick, and highly optimized. Available from a huge variety of manufacturers and built for fast, simple performance, these handy devices are ideal for users […]

Image Stabilized Binoculars

Image stabilized binoculars are extremely useful in a number of environments. They can come in handy when watching a sports game at a stadium, walking on trails, and even when going on a fishing trip. A set of image stabilized binoculars would be beneficial when trying to navigate through any area that you may not […]

Class D Amplifier

The class D amplifier is said to transcend the conventional hi-fi amplifiers. Do not confuse the letter D to stand for digital because it does not. It simply designates the next class of amplifiers after C. They are not a true digital amplifier and only act digitally in the fact that the output drivers are […]

Wireless Speaker System

A surround sound system is not the easiest thing to install but the amazing audio effects it creates is certainly worth the effort. No other system can reproduce that unique feeling of being at the center of the action shown on the screen. It is like having your very own movie theater at home. The […]

Satellite Phone

Cell phones are great for making calls in towns and surrounding areas, but they are useless once they are taken beyond the range of the towers. They cannot be used in remote areas such as deserts or oceans, which is a serious problem for the people who live or work in these places. The satellite […]

Panasonic HDTV

The high-definition television (HDTV) market has become very competitive lately. Manufacturers have been striving to introduce new features that will sway consumers to buy their televisions. Panasonic is regarded as an innovator in the HDTYV market, leading the way with new features that were unimaginable just a few years ago. Along the way, it has […]

DVD Projector

A television is not the best choice for a large room or theater because the screen is too small for the people up the back to see it clearly. A regular projector is great for showing movies on a large screen but you need to have a spare DVD player available. Using a DVD projector […]

DTS Surround Sound Systems

When shopping for a home entertainment system, one of the biggest mistakes that consumers make is to overlook the sound system. They focus too much on the features of the television but neglect to check those of the speakers and receiver. A quality surround sound system is essential for creating that dramatic movie theater experience […]

Cordless Joystick

Joysticks were very popular before the computer mouse was introduced. They still remained a pretty common computer accessory after the introduction of the computer mouse though. At first, this was because it was the only common device to use with various computer games. However, joysticks are not extremely popular in today’s technologically advanced world as […]

HF Transceiver

If you are looking for a fun new hobby, an HF transceiver can allow you to join the exciting world of ham radio. Although ham radio may seem strange to an outsider, there are several reasons why people across the globe are passionate about this hobby. The first reason is because ham radio is a […]

Digital TV Recorder

A digital TV recorder, more commonly known as a digital video recorder or DVR, is a device used to record digital video which could include TV shows and movies streamed on your television. This device will eliminate the hassle behind recording digital video from your TV through your VCR. There is no longer a need […]

FujiFilm FinePix Camera

FujiFilm offers a full line of cameras that are excellent for both professional and personal use. The FujiFilm FinePix camera line includes many compact cameras that operate using fairly small image sensors. Typically, FujiFilm FinePix compact cameras use a 1 to 2.3 inch image sensor while some use a ½ inch image sensor. The more […]

Cobra CB Radio

A CB (citizens band) radio is an ideal communications device for medium-ranged distance contact. Most of the affordable models of CB radios will utilize the FRS or GRMS radio frequency. Contact can be kept between radios for up to a couple of miles with CB radios on either of those frequencies. Any interference such as […]

UV Detector

UV or ultraviolet lights are electromagnetic radiations with wavelengths that are shorter than what is found in visible light. They are much stronger than typical x-rays and secured their name because the spectrum has waves with frequencies that are much higher than those we typically identify as violet in color. These UV lights are typically […]

Flip Down Monitor

A flip down monitor is basically a regular monitor that can fold up into a ceiling. Flip down monitors are usually used in cars, where the combination of a low ceiling and small screen size makes them ideal for passengers. Flip down monitors are rarely seen in households, which have the exact opposite conditions. The […]

HDMI Connector

High Definition Multi-media Interface (HDMI) is a method sending a digital video signal from a connecting device to your television. Normally to send these signals the original connecting device is required to make a conversion of digital-to-analog for the process to work properly. This conversion will cause some data loss but can be avoided with […]

PBX Phone System

Organizations of all sizes can benefit from using a PBX phone system. It saves money on phone bills and makes it easier to control how the phones are used. The latest models can even handle calls made through a computer network, such as the internet. If a dedicated model is out of the question because […]

Handheld Barcode Scanner

If you run a business that sells products, you can most likely benefit from using at least one barcode scanner in your business. A barcode scanner makes it much easier to keep track of what products you are selling to your customers. When many business owners start looking at barcode scanners, they initially look at […]

Digital Barometer

A digital barometer is an accurate up-to-date instrument for measuring the current atmospheric pressure and can record historical data for comparison. They are used a lot to forecast the weather. The first barometer was invented by Evangelista Torricelli in 1643. His invention used water in a tube to measure the barometric pressure. The water barometer […]

Pioneer Elite Receiver

The Pioneer Corporation released its first receiver in 1978. It is their SX-1980 receiver and it is still the most powerful receiver on the market today. Pioneer is a multinational corporation which specializes in products for entertainment purposes. The company was first founded in 1938 and the Pioneer brand is a well known brand today. […]

Infrared Binoculars

Binoculars, for those you may not know, are simply two mirror symmetrical telescopes really, they are fused together side by side and placed in alignment so that they point towards to exact same point. Infrared binoculars allow night vision. In limited use, from the beginning of WWII in 1939 the German army had access to […]

Digital Optical Cable

The recent invention of the digital optical cable has enabled audiophiles to enjoy an outstanding faultless transmission of their multi-channel soundtracks via transmission by a digital optical cable. The digital optical cable is becoming the most commonly used cable to connect game consoles, cd players, digital home theaters, and other digital hi-fi electronic equipment. This […]


After many years of rapid growth, high definition television (HDTV) is now the standard in most countries around the world. While many people still use an old analog television with a digital tuner, falling HDTV prices are driving down their numbers. There are few good reasons to continue using an old television, especially when you […]

Digital Signage Display

Flat screens are a great way to watch television in the home, but they are also useful for sending a message out to a large number of people. There is even a special type of flat screen that has been designed just for this purpose, called the digital signage display. It can be found in […]

WiFi Phone

Most people would agree that their mobile phone bills are too expensive. However, there is now a cheaper alternative to both the mobile phone and fixed-line phone. The WiFi phone resembles a mobile phone in form and function, but it takes advantage of the cheaper call rates available from internet phone services, like Skype. By […]

VGA to DVI Adapter

In the past decade, LCD has slowly taken over from CRT as the dominant technology for both televisions and computer monitors. This long transition period has resulted in some unusual adapters appearing on the market, such as the VGA to DVI adapter. This is used to convert the VGA socket on a computer to a […]

HDTV Outdoor Antenna

The introduction of high definition television (HDTV) around the world has created a market for HDTV accessories, one of which is the HDTV outdoor antenna. Before rushing out to buy a new antenna, it is important to know exactly what it is, how it works, and why it is needed. After the decision to buy […]

Astatic Microphones

Microphones are one of the most important tools used in the music industry, and various events around the world today. The credit of a good song goes partially to a good vocalist, and a vocalist will sound completely different in the audio playback without a good microphone. People may think that there isn’t much variety […]

Electronic Viewfinder

The electronic viewfinder is a great digital camera accessory that is used by professional and casual photographers. It combines the best features of the optical viewfinder and the LCD viewing screen while avoiding many of their problems. It is ideal for taking photographs in bright sunlight or when the camera is placed in an awkward […]

Satellite Signal Meter

Satellite television is great because it increases the number of channels you can watch, by allowing access to channels that are not available on cable or free television. But to get all these channels, the television needs a special receiver and a satellite dish. Installing a satellite dish is easier than it sounds and does […]

10 Inch Subwoofers

Every sound system needs at least one subwoofer to produce good bass sounds, but choosing the right one can be a tough decision. Just getting the size right is a challenge because there are many conflicting factors. It will not have enough coverage if the diameter is too small, but it will be excessively loud […]

DVD Karaoke Player

Karaoke is a popular pastime enjoyed by many people around the world. It has even become a national obsession in some Asian countries, like Japan and Korea. With the aid of a karaoke machine, people can sing along to the lyrics and background music of their favorite songs, all in the comfort of their own […]

Bluetooth Headset Adapter

Most of the wireless devices in use today have Bluetooth support, but there are still many around that do not. A Bluetooth headset adapter allows a Bluetooth headset to be used with a device that does not support it. The benefits of using an adapter include the freedom that comes from wearing a wireless headset, […]

Night Vision Goggles

Those who enjoy nighttime activities such as hunting, fishing or even camping may at some point find the need for night vision goggles. These devices allow you to see images much more clearly at night. They help to focus images in the dark and transform them to a brighter image than you could possibly see […]

Nanny Cam

Your children’s health and well-being is most likely to be one of the most important things that you ever need to consider. The majority of parents lead very busy lifestyles and will often have to rely on some form of childcare or a nanny. Many of these parents consider installing an in-home surveillance device such […]

Counterfeit Money Detector

Counterfeit money will typically go unnoticed at first glance. In fact many of us never give counterfeit money a second thought, although they will have numerous negative effects on society. These can include giving a decreased value to authentic money, businesses are not usually reimbursed for any form of counterfeit money that they receive and […]

Receipt Scanner

A receipt scanner is a handy electronic device that is used mostly by salespeople who travel frequently. They are very portable devices and allow you to instantly scan receipts such as those for food and accommodations when you travel. You simply put your receipt into the device and it will read the content for you […]

Spotting Scopes

A spotting scope is a small type of telescope that is intended to be used to view objects during the day on Earth. They are most popularly used by birdwatchers who wish to get a closer view of a bird that is at a distance. There are also often been used by plane spotters. The […]

Golf Distance Finder

For most of us on the golf course, distance is merely a guessing game. It is often extremely difficult to gauge how far you are from the flag or a certain obstacle. This will lead to a guessing game for the distance required for your next shot and the specific club that you will need […]

Portable HD Radio

HD radio is a newer way to broadcast analog and digital radio. It allows radio stations to see the benefits of digital radio but without needing to secure rights to use a new frequency. HD radio allows stations to provide high quality sound as well as a wide variety of programming options. A portable HD […]

Portable iPod Speakers

There often comes a time when you want to take your music on the road with you, but headphones aren’t always a good idea. You will also find that even the smallest home speakers, receiver/amplifiers aren’t particularly portable. However, there is a new breed of portable speakers that have come a long way with modern […]

USB Car Charger

A USB car charger is an electronic device that plugs into a 12-volt cigarette lighter in your vehicle. There are many vehicles, particularly the newer models that offer a 12-volt outlet in addition to the cigarette lighter as well. Using a USB car charger allows you to connect your electronic devices like Mp3 players and […]

TV Antenna Rotor

A TV antenna rotator or rotor is a device that is mounted to your antenna and operates by a motor. The device allows you to rotate or turn your outdoor television antenna much more conveniently than by climbing up on your rooftop and turning it manually. An antenna rotor should be used when television signals […]

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise is a constant annoyance in the lives of many people. It affects their ability to enjoy music, books, movies, and television. It can even affect their health if it stops them from getting enough sleep. Most have no option but to put up with it and hope it will eventually go away. Noise cancelling […]

Interactive Whiteboards

An interactive whiteboard is also called an electronic whiteboard or a digital whiteboard. An interactive whiteboard is an improvement on the whiteboards of old that were used by businesses and classrooms. The interactive whiteboard connects to a computer via a USB port. Some will have Bluetooth technology as well. The whiteboard surface is sensitive to […]


Today’s electronics are much more advanced than ever before. With these advancements in the different types of video and audio devices, there comes a need for specific interfaces. SPDIF is a term that stands for Sony Philips Digital Interconnect Format. This is also referred to as a Sony/Philips Digital Interface. The SPDIF cable is used […]

Dual SIM Phones

A dual SIM phone allows its user to use two different phones – with the same phone. For the unfamiliar, SIM cards are the part of the phone that is responsible for holding the actual phone line information – your contacts and your phone number. A dual SIM phone allows you to have two separate […]

Panasonic Lumix Digital Camera

Digital cameras are almost an essential gadget in this day and age. People of all ages seem to have, or want one. Even those who have no interest in photography whatsoever will usually possess one. They can be great for capturing those moments that you don’t want to forget. They are also convenient. Once the […]

Spy Pen Recorder

A spy pen recorder is a device that is a digital video recorder with audio that is the size of a pen. People use them for instances when you need to use a camera while remaining inconspicuous. A spy pen is a discrete device that looks like an innocent pen but it has a full […]

Helmet Camera

The first helmet camera to be sold to the general public was a large bulky camera that was mounted on a helmet or other type of headgear. These types of cameras were first used to record sports and adventure activities and on movie sets and many construction workers used them. Now, there are two types […]

TV Wall Mounts

In the age of high definition technology and high-performance devices, people have developed high performance standards and user-friendly device taste. Work and Entertainment have both reached a new level in terms of performance and efficiency. In the present day, elegance and comfort go hand-in-hand in the minds of almost all consumers in terms of products […]

Wireless Media Players

Technology has come so far that all sorts of multimedia data today can be transferred, shared and enjoyed instantly. While computers are suitable for personal use, sharing music, videos and pictures with family and friends can bring everyone together. After a great vacation, the hassle of uploading the pictures from camera to the computer and […]

Audio Shelf Systems

Basically when one talks about an audio shelf system, he refers to an audio system specially designed to be placed on a shelf or likewise flat surface. This is an important differentiation to make because it is quite the opposite of a home theater system in which you have to spread a myriad of speakers […]

XLR Cable Adapters

Electronics today can seem to be little more than a just a jumble of electrical cords and cables. Because of the sheer number of different cables and connectors, choosing the right one can be tricky and difficult. Basically, cables vary with gauge number and with the conductor type that is used. The gauge number is […]

GPS Running Watches

Because of present technology and the way it is advancing, the world is becoming a much smaller place, as well as all the devices that are in it. Technology has brought us GPS Running Watches which are built for the purpose of making outdoor events thrilling; all the while keeping it safe. Do not let […]

Nintendo Wii Console

One of the most popular video game consoles sold today is the Nintendo Wii console, which competes with the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 in a market worth billions of dollars. It is especially popular with families because most of the games available for it are suitable for children. Nintendo is famous for […]

Helmet Cam

Originally, the helmet cam was just a camcorder strapped to a bicycle helmet, but it has evolved over the years into a separate type of camera. Smaller than a camcorder, the helmet cam represents the perfect balance between portability and video quality. A basic model can be bought for less than one hundred dollars, but […]

LightScribe Burner

One of the keys to success in business is keeping up a professional appearance. It is not a good look to give things to clients that has been scrawled over with a marker pen, yet that is exactly what many businesses do when they send out discs to their clients. To make a burned CD […]

USB Gamepad

Anyone who has played with a video game console will instantly recognize a gamepad when they see one. Practically every move you make in a game is done by pressing a combination of controls on a gamepad. There are plenty of other game controllers, like the joystick and steering wheel, but none comes close to […]

Radio Receiver

Antennas have been an integral part of machines which we use pretty much all the time. We first saw them on radios, and then we saw ‘rabbit ears’ sitting on top of the television when it first came out, and then when cable television came into being, we saw giant satellite dishes with antennas on […]

Touch Screen Phones

You skate your fingertips over a screen and immediately the device executes a command – this kind of technology is the stuff of science fiction. Yet it is real, and very much within your grasp. The touch screen was invented by a man named Sam Hurst, a professor in the University of Kentucky, to speed […]

32 Inch Televisions

If you are on the lookout for a nice new television, but are running short of money, space or both, just relax. You do not need to get the biggest TV on the market for a great visual experience, nor do you need to get something so tiny that you will have to sit three […]

Speaker Selectors

There are some music enthusiasts out there that love listening to music so much that just setting up a great sound or entertainment system in the living room doesn’t suffice and they want to be able to hear their music from speakers all across the rooms in their home. For the layman this would mean […]

Internet Camera

So if you too hate crowding up the walls and ceilings of your office with strings and bundles of wires because as of yet, perhaps no one has managed to maintain a top notch status with their office ambience as well leaving wires lying around for all to see. For this reason Internet cameras are […]

Office Machines

Businesses, be it small or large cannot function properly without services that are related to office machines such as printers, copiers, binding appliances etc. In terms of running successfully, cost-effectiveness and efficiency, if a business has its own office service department, it is generally touted to be a big competitive advantage. There are numerous forms […]

Zeiss Binoculars

Zeiss binoculars are the ideal choice for anyone who watches birds, hunts game animals, or competes in sport shooting. Zeiss have earned a great reputation over the years and won many awards for their products in that time. They continue to impress with the high quality of their Victory and Conquest binoculars. Of course, that […]

Portable Fish Finder

Fishing is a great way to unwind and enjoy the outdoors, but there are times when the fish are not biting that it can get very frustrating. A portable fish finder is a compact device that can put an end to those lean times and make fishing trips more enjoyable. It consists of a handheld […]

Panasonic Video Camera

The handheld video camera, or camcorder if you prefer, is still a useful gadget to have these days. The quality of mobile phone video is woeful compared to that from a Panasonic video camera, and digital cameras lack many important features. Standard definition and high definition models are both available, and each camera comes packed […]

Fax Toner Cartridge

The incredible growth in the use of email and mobile phones has led to declining sales of fax machines in recent years. Part of the reason why people are swapping to paperless communication is the cost and hassle involved with changing a fax toner cartridge. It’s hard to justify the need for a paper printout […]

Bluetooth Earpieces

In this era of technological advancement, Bluetooth earpieces are very common sight. It goes by different names. Some people call it a Bluetooth earpiece, while others might call it a Bluetooth headset, or a Bluetooth earphone. At the end of the day, the core product is the same. Before moving on to Bluetooth earpieces, a […]

Hidden Antenna

The function of a hidden antenna is to improve the outlook of the vehicle by the installation of this particular apparatus in the vehicles fiberglass or plastic fairing and connects to any AM/FM jack, enabling efficient radio broadcasting. They are considered to be excellent preferences when it comes to the mounting the antenna on any […]

Stereo Receivers

It is impossible to imagine a home theater system without a stereo receiver. Even though most people have heard of or even used stereo receivers before, they are not sure about the purpose for which the receivers are used. The receivers usually work through a series of steps: For instance, at first, they “receive” signals […]

Dual DVD Player

If you are a person who already owns a home theater system for the past few years now, you probably just have a standard HD DVD player. A little more than a year ago it became official that blue-ray was to take over the HD DVD market. As a result the HD DVD players are […]

Handheld Anemometer

An anemometer is a device used to measure different aspects of wind. Anemometers generally measure the speed of wind, but can also detect the velocity, and pressure in wind. The very first anemometer was invented by Leon Battista Alberti, an Italian art architect, in 1450. A number of advances to the primitive model have taken […]

Touch Screen Digital Cameras

Nowadays, it is almost granted that any touch screen gadget turns out popular and rule over the market hype. Touch screens gives off a sleek, streamlined outlook to widgets and a current favorite has arrived: the touch screen digital cameras. Aside from the feeling of looking classy with such a device at hand, touch screen […]

Car Amplifiers

Most factory-provided car audio systems are all right for the average car user, but for the serious audiophiles, they leave a lot to be desired. A car audio system must deal with a lot of issues which normal household audio systems do not have to contend with. One of the most major problems they have […]

Wireless Barcode Scanners

Wireless barcode scanners are cable-free barcode scanners that assure greater portability and ease of usage. Barcodes have a wide variety of uses in the modern world of today, being one of the first and commonest machine-readable information formats ever introduced. They were originally used for labeling railroad carriages, but they first saw mainstream use in […]

Wireless TV

Wireless TV is really catching on these days. In fact, in the not to distant future, traditional wired TV’s will be a thing of the past. This is all due to WiFi wireless technology. WiFi has made it possible for wireless TV to be streamed over the internet without using wires of any kind. A […]

Blu-ray Receivers

Your home theater viewing and listening experience can be greatly improved if you will consider adding one of the many blue-ray receivers that are for sale to your system. You probably already know that the future for DVD’s is Blue-ray. Since Blue-ray technology is taking over, the receivers and players are much wanted items now. […]

HDD Camcorder

A HDD camcorder has a built-in hard drive that records video directly on to it. You can find them for sale in both standard-definition and high definition models. They have loads of internal memory and you can get them with up to a 120 GB hard drives. Even just a 40 GB hard drive will […]

Digital Thermometers

The vivid example of how technology is making our everyday life more easy and efficient is clear. We don’t have to drop a roll of film to the studio to get photos developed, thanks to digital cameras. Neither do we have to suffer from examining the thin line of mercury in a slender thermometer, struggling […]

CCD Camera

Many businesses have incorporated CCD cameras to their location as a way to keep a close eye on the customers, workers, and building. There are a variety of reasons why security can come in handy. The most common reason being to be able to prevent thieves from getting away with merchandise. Before cameras were a […]

Digital Media Player

When shopping for a digital media player you will have to do a bit of research on your options and specific models available. There are a number of things that you should consider when choosing a digital media player for your home. This article will go over everything you should think about when looking for […]

SPDIF Connector

Sony/Philips Digital Interconnect Format (SPDIF), or otherwise known as “Sony Philips Digital InterFace,” is mostly a variation of AES/EBU. The only real differences between the two would be a minor modification of the protocol and the fact that SPDIF connectors are less expensive. SPDIF is a data link layer protocol that is used for transferring […]


The technology behind televisions is continuing to becoming more advanced each day. There are many different options to choose from such as LED HDTV’s, LCD HDTV’s, and plasma TV’s, so it can be difficult to know which is the best. This article will cover all the basics of LED HDTV’s so you can decide if […]

Digital Camera Lens

There are endless models of digital cameras available and with such a wide selection the designs are not all the exact same. The result of this can sometimes be a struggle when trying to find replacement lenses for your digital camera. It is also extremely important to buy a digital camera that has a high […]

Watch Phone

In today’s world, technology has become so advanced that a typical wristband watch has become dull, boring, and undesirable. There is an increased need of improving even the most basic products such as a watch, and involving advanced technology is a great way of doing so. For a very long time watches have offered various […]

Shortwave Antenna

Although shortwave antennas are not like ordinary radio, they are used to receive signals from specific radio stations which choose to operate on shortwave bands. As with the majority of antennas, you are best off putting the shortwave version outside and attached at an adequate height. You should also ensure that they are not in […]

Pocket Video Camera

Pocket video cameras are designed to be sleek, lightweight, and portable. Most designs of these small video cameras are barely larger than a basic mobile phone. With the small size of these video cameras, it makes them easy to bring along as you could comfortably carry them in your pocket. You may not have a […]

Digital TV Tuner

Television is currently undergoing its most significant change since the introduction of color pictures. Digital broadcasting is rapidly replacing the old analog system that has been used since television was first invented. A digital TV tuner is essential for viewing these new digital broadcasts. It is a small box that is placed next to the […]

Multi Handset Phones

Cordless phones are certainly useful gadgets to have around the home or office. Despite the incredible growth in cell phone sales in recent years, there is still strong demand for cordless phones. For anyone who needs more than one cordless handset, there are also multi handset phones available. These are just packages with two or […]

FM Transmitter

Portable digital players are great for listening to music on the go, but they can also be a distracting nuisance while driving and even pose a safety risk. It would be ideal if a player could be plugged into the car radio and heard through its speakers, but most radios are several years old and […]

GPS Tracking Devices

Whether you are managing a single vehicle or a number of vehicles, you can benefit from GPS tracking. You could just be keeping a close eye on where your son or daughter takes your vehicle, or you could be dealing with rental vehicles, or work related vehicles. Whatever the reason, there are many benefits to […]