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iPod Boombox

An iPod Boombox allows you to take your music with you anywhere you want to go and still enjoy quality sound coming from larger speakers than the earphones that are normally used with Mp3 players. For those who enjoy listening to their music without the use of earphones, a boombox will allow you to enjoy […]

In-Ear Monitors

In-ear monitors are a special type of earbud-style headphone used by live musicians and sound staff to monitor audio signals, effectively mix multiple audio sources, and ‘master’ audio for performance or other live events. Due to their small design and relatively simple operation, in-ear monitors have become the de-facto sound monitoring choice for thousands of […]

In-Dash Depth Sounder

Those who want to have every advantage possible when fishing will definitely want to consider getting an in-dash depth sounder. There are a lot of different pieces of equipment which you will be able to get for fishing on your boat, including one of these sounders. It is important to know which ones are out […]

Nikon Rangefinder Camera

The Nikon rangefinder camera is made by the Nikon Corporation which is headquartered in Tokyo. They make all kinds of products and are part of the Mitsubishi Group. This company was founded in 1917 under the name of Nippon. The company was renamed Nikon Corporation in 1988 after their cameras.  The Nikon rangefinder camera is […]

Xbox 360 Memory Unit

The built-in memory in an Xbox 360 console unit can vary in size tremendously. There are some models available with hard drives while others do not have them at all. Having a small amount of memory in your Xbox 360 system can cause problems as you may not have enough room to save everything. Some […]

USB Internet Phone

There was a time that if you wished to make a phone call over the Internet you would have to use a simple headset and microphone system. Unfortunately this caused many problems as both a headset and microphone would cause complications with your computer speakers and this really did not truly feel like a phone […]

Electronic Scales

Electronic scales, or more commonly known as digital scales, are scales that measure weight and display the reading via a digital display. These scales are much more accurate than alternative weighing methods and can provide more precise measurements. One example of this would be jewelry scales, of which are almost all capable of weighing down […]

Phonograph Cartridge

An audio system contains a microscopic device that is responsible for reading the grooves in any CD’s that are put into the system. The device that does this is the phonograph cartridge. If this device is low quality, then the quality of the audio will suffer. This is the reason for it being important for […]

A2DP Bluetooth Headset

An A2DP or Advanced Audio Distribution Profile is used to describe a Bluetooth audio profile or the way in which Bluetooth enabled devices send and receive audio files. It was designed to help complement headsets such as single ear models and to provide the ability to listen to music without the distortion that is normally […]

CATV Amplifier

Cable television is a huge improvement over the old analogue broadcast system but it is not completely immune to reception problems. When the signal is not strong enough, the picture fails to appear and all you are left with is a blank screen. This can happen when one signal is split between several televisions. Reception […]

Digital Photo Viewer

A digital photo viewer is an excellent way to share pictures from your digital camera without worrying about making paper prints. They also allow you to display multiple pictures all within one single frame as most models will allow you to set them to show pictures for several seconds each and then move on to […]

Wireless SIP Phone

A wireless SIP phone is one that is designed to be used with SIP and VOIP. SIP stands for Session Initiated Protocol. It works like a regular wireless phone but only uses or accepts SIP or VOIP technologies and allows you to make calls over the internet. A wireless SIP phone can have most of […]

Touch Screen Car Radio

From high-end vehicles such as BMW’s ‘5 Series’ and the Mercedes Benz ‘S Class’ to inexpensive entry-level cars, touch screen car radios are quickly becoming the hottest, most powerful addition for any vehicle’s dashboard. Built to incorporate the same set of features seen in normal car radios alongside the usability of a touch screen, they’ve […]

Digital SLR Camera

Digital SLR camera stands for “digital single-lens reflex camera”. They are considered top of the line professional cameras with interchangeable lens mounts, unlike more affordable camera models with static unchangeable lenses. These DSLR cameras are known for their excellent image quality and for being closer in design to an older “film style” camera, making these […]

Surround Sound Speaker Systems

Surround sound speaker systems are really worth the investment if you want to enjoy music to its fullest extent. All music, classical, jazz, rock and roll, hip-hop, etc. will sound so much better when listened to on surround sound speaker systems. The tone, quality and depth of the music you listen to if you upgrade […]

Flash Memory Camcorder

We were first introduced the concept of flash memory by the use of “digital film” in a digital camera. These exact same memory cards that are found in digital cameras are now being used in flash memory camcorders. There are two ways in which a camcorder can record to flash memory – firstly, you may […]

Mini Cube Speakers

A mini cube speaker is a small device that allows you to listen to music from your MP3 player without using your headphones. They are full range speakers that give you the opportunity to hear your music without having to have your headphones handy. The speakers themselves will fit in the palm of your hand […]

DJ Microphones

Microphones today come in a range of sizes, shapes and capabilities, DJ microphones are used to provide DJs with the ability to speak to an audience. There are a number of different microphone types and choosing the right one for your needs depends on you understanding the various types and the benefits of each one. […]

Solar Battery Chargers

Solar battery chargers are certainly becoming increasingly popular with more and more people looking for a cleaner and “greener” way to do just about everything, including charging their batteries. While it is true that you may have multiple options when it comes to battery chargers, these kind are environmentally-friendly and just as efficient if not […]

Wireless Subwoofers

Those who really want to have an excellent set up in their car or home entertainment system will need to think about getting a wireless subwoofer because of all that it can offer. Nobody likes having to fool around with a bunch of cords and wires, but with one of these subwoofers there will be […]

Magnetic Stripe Reader

Magnetic stripe technology is used all the time. You probably have more than one card in your wallet that has a magnetic stripe on it. All kinds of information can be stored on this innovative invention. Most people do not even give it a second thought but you have vital information on your credit cards […]

Tube Preamp

A tube preamp is a type of amplifier that is capable of providing a realistic sound. The tube preamp includes such applications as microphone and stereo preamplifiers as well as guitar tube preamps and turntable preamplifiers. Any person who is truly a lover of music considers the tube preamp to be an essential part of […]

Wireless Hidden Cameras

Security is a huge issue for many of us and honestly, you can never be too careful. What if you have plenty of people coming in and out of your house on a daily basis? Perhaps you have regular maintenance work or cleaning contractors who visit your home, and unfortunately you cannot keep an eye […]

Shower Radio

A shower radio is a device that is specifically designed to allow you to listen to the radio while you are showering. Although most electronic products are not recommended for use near water because they are not designed to tolerate moisture, shower radios are specifically designed to be waterproof and are perfect for those who […]

Under Cabinet TV

An under cabinet TV can often be a great addition to any kitchen. They will typically be fitted into a kitchen cabinet, thus meaning that no important space will be lost. The kitchen can be considered one of the most active areas of any house, and therefore if you can make your time there more […]

GPS Navigation System

A GPS navigation system is a device that’s really proliferating out into the world at an enormous pace. These GPS systems are everywhere, and are becoming quite affordable. However, it’s actually been a long time coming. The first GPS system was successfully tested by the U.S. Navy way back in 1960. Quite a long time […]

Document Camera

A document camera is also known by many other names and these include: image presenters, visual presenters, digital visualizers, digital overheads, docucams. They are basically a device that captures real-time images and can display an object to a large audience. A document camera works very much like an opaque projector and will magnify not only […]

Cordless Earbuds

Cordless earbuds are often referred to as a wireless earbuds and may allow you to move around freely without actually being restrained by a cord, or set of wires while you are listening to your home stereo, television, iPod or MP3 player. In addition to this cordless earbuds will also mean that you do not […]

USB to HDMI Adapter

The main purpose of a USB to HDMI adapter is to allow you to have a connection from your computer directly to your HDTV. You will notice that all computers, whether PC desktops or laptops, come with numerous USB ports. These specific ports will allow you to connect your computer to various other peripherals. In […]

Automatic Antenna Tuners

There are a number of benefits to have an automatic antenna tuner and before you decide on one it will be very important to make sure you know what you have to choose from. Since there are so many different types of automatic antenna tuners, it will be crucial to have as much information as […]