Consumer Electronics


Anyone who has seen one of the latest 3D movies in a cinema naturally wants the same viewing experience in their living room. It’s no surprise then that the latest craze in home entertainment is the three-dimensional (3D) television. The current models are also capable of showing high-definition (HD), so a more appropriate name for […]

Touch Screen MP3 Players

There are many different features available with MP3 players today. The touch screen option is one that is quickly becoming very popular. It is more common with MP4 players but there is no major name difference as everyone associates MP3 players with MP4 players. The touch screen feature has received a lot of attention after […]

Over-the-Ear Headphones

Headphones are used for various reasons. Many of the electronic devices that we have to day can be heard by the user with a set of headphones if they want to listen without bothering anyone. There are all kinds of headphones on the market. The over the ear headphone is one that are best to […]

Trail Camera

It wasn’t that long ago that hunters or hunting enthusiasts used trail timers to record when and where a specific animal had travelled a given path. This was a great invention however you were not able to tell which animal you were actually trailing. Fortunately timers have involved and we now have the technology of […]

Cordless Earphones

Cordless earphones are becoming very common in homes around the world. Whether for Mp3 players or cellphones, these gadgets can come in very handy. There have, over the past few years, been several new phones with cordless earphone functions that work very well and allow users the convenience of going cord-free. There have been a […]

Stereo Receiver

Stereo receivers are electrical devices which decode signals coming from different sources into sound through headphones or speakers. They are a major part of home theater systems as they can transmit sound and video to the TV and speakers. There are lots of different kinds of stereo receivers available depending on their quality, size, coverage […]

Sony Infrared Camera

It is one of the scariest feelings imaginable. You are home alone or perhaps with just the children and you hear a noise outside. At first you think it’s just the wind, but the noise persists and you get a sinking feeling in your stomach that something more is wrong. Very wrong. The sound is […]

HDMI Switch

As digital multimedia devices have gotten more and more advanced and numerous the need for digital connection and splitter-type-devices, which can tie everything all together and make everything actually work flawlessly with your older model HD television, has become absolutely critical. It’s not fun when you go out and get the latest gaming console, hi […]

Wall Mounted Stereo System

Most homes today contain some sort of stereo system for musical entertainment. Stereos now come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and many have differing features. They are manufactured under several brand names and choosing the best one for your musical enjoyment involves many factors. You of course want to ensure that your […]

Home Theater Speakers

Up until the past few decades, if a movie lover wanted the total cinema experience, they were better off dressing up, getting in the car, and going to the movies. Sure it was more expensive than watching a movie on the TV at home, but televisions were small, their picture and sound offered an overall […]

Bluetooth Helmet

The Bluetooth helmet is a very innovative device that makes talking while riding your motorcycle a possibility. The concept and design still needs some tweaking but there are already many Bluetooth helmets available. There is also the option of installing a Bluetooth headset into your motorcycle helmet but this may not always be a possibility. […]

USB Mug Warmer

A USB mug warmer could be just what you have been looking for when it comes to heating up your liquid vessel while you are sitting at your computer. If you are one of the many people who enjoy sitting by their computer in the morning with a cup of coffee but don’t want it […]

PSP Accessories

The Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) is one of the hottest gaming consoles around today. Along with the popular Nintendo DS, it currently dominates the market for handheld gaming consoles. The Sony PSP was first released in Japan at the end of 2004, and was released in other countries shortly after that time. It has achieved […]

Parabolic Microphone

The parabolic microphone has been around for a long time. They first began to be widely used in World War II. The parabolic microphone is especially useful in espionage operations. They are used all around the world by federal and local law enforcement. Because of the best the parabolic microphone is also commonly known as […]

USB TV Tuner

If you are looking for a way to watch television shows or movies on your desktop computer or laptop then you will need a USB TV tuner. The tuner includes input ports which connect to your television’s output ports. Digital and analog signals will travel in coaxial cables and sometimes composite video cables. The signals […]

Digital Radio Scanners

Digital radio scanners, also known as ‘radio receivers,’ are devices that are able to tune and filter a variety of radio signals. This is achieved through a variety of microprocessor units, which give the standard radio scanner the ability to track hundreds of signals in just a few seconds. Despite being used to monitor emergency […]

Wireless HDMI Transmitter

When a tired executive comes home late from work, oftentimes their first priority is to relax on the couch in front of their HDTV and home theater system, while enjoying entertainment in High Definition. But the scenic view is scathed and the savoring left incomplete by of the trail of wires emerging from all the […]

iPhone Accessories

The iPhone is a very popular electronic device these days and Apple offers many different iPhone accessories that go along with the newest version of the iPhone. Accessories for the iPhone start at around $5 and go up from there depending on what specifically you need. You can find products that help you to prolong […]

Audio/Video Switchers

In the early days of television, over-the-air broadcasts were the only thing you could watch. Before long, the first video cassette recorder (VCR) appeared, followed by the first video game console. The DVD player was supposed to replace the VCR but many people still need to use both machines. Add to that the converter box […]

Bluetooth Earbuds

Those who want to have a nice convenient way to talk on their phones and have a way to hear what is being said clearly will need to invest in a good Bluetooth earbud. In recent years mobile phone technology has been evolving and some great things have resulted from these changes, including these earbuds […]

Spy Microphone

Recording conversation and sounds can be beneficial for many situations. Recording calls for business purposes or safety reasons is very common. Having the ability to stealthily record certain conversations can also prove to be very important. This is where the use of a spy microphone would become prominent as it allows audio recording to be […]

Nextar GPS

Nextar offers a wide line up of GPS (Global Positioning System) units which have various features, designs, and price tags. Most models of Nextar GPS units fit within the price range of $50 to $250. The majority of these units will have either 3.5” or 4.3” screen sizes. Some units also feature a widescreen design. […]

Guitar Amplifier

A guitar amplifier utilizes audio signal provided by a guitar and amplifies that audio. The increased amount of sound is accomplished with a minimal amount of distortion. A guitar amplifier is responsible for changing the audio signal; however most of these devices will also have a speaker which is responsible for playing the amplified audio. […]

PS3 Wireless Controller

All kind of people are really into playing video games. Most everyone loves the Sony playstation. There are all kinds of interactive games that can be played on it. If you really want to have fun playing interactive video games on your playstation then you definitely should get a ps3 wireless controller for it. With […]

Digital Music Players

Everywhere, there are people going normally about their business with wires emerging from their ears and disappearing into a pocket. The wires are generally earphones, connected to a digital music player, which lies securely in the pockets. Hooked up to the device, they can listen to any song they want, all day. Digital music players […]

USB Memory Stick

A USB or Universal Series Bus memory stick is a small, portable device that allows you to save and store data. It is basically a portable memory chip and circuit board that is found inside of a small plastic case. This case is typically about the width of a thumb and contains a removable cap […]

Wireless Game Adapter

Imagine that you have your video game console hooked up in your bedroom along with various other forms of electrical equipment. You have recently purchased a brand-new big-screen HDTV however this is situated downstairs in another room. No doubt, you would love to hook up your console to the new HDTV, but the thought of […]

Voice Activated Telephone

Voice recognition technology is used for many things, not just those automated telephone services that everyone hates. One of its more important applications is helping people with disabilities to use their telephone. A voice activated telephone is essential for someone who is not physically capable of using a regular telephone. It can be operated by […]

Spy Camera

A spy camera is not merely a child’s toy that is used to play 007. These cameras can include any device that takes pictures or video of someone without their knowledge. Spy cameras were originally considered to be used in espionage and were small devices carried during the Cold War in order to produce pictures […]

Mini Stereo Systems

Listening to music is one of the best and most natural ways in which to relax. For those who enjoy taking their music with them when they travel or who want to share their music with friends and family, a mini stereo system offers an excellent alternative to traditional sized stereos. Choosing mini systems takes […]

iPod Boombox

An iPod Boombox allows you to take your music with you anywhere you want to go and still enjoy quality sound coming from larger speakers than the earphones that are normally used with Mp3 players. For those who enjoy listening to their music without the use of earphones, a boombox will allow you to enjoy […]

In-Ear Monitors

In-ear monitors are a special type of earbud-style headphone used by live musicians and sound staff to monitor audio signals, effectively mix multiple audio sources, and ‘master’ audio for performance or other live events. Due to their small design and relatively simple operation, in-ear monitors have become the de-facto sound monitoring choice for thousands of […]

In-Dash Depth Sounder

Those who want to have every advantage possible when fishing will definitely want to consider getting an in-dash depth sounder. There are a lot of different pieces of equipment which you will be able to get for fishing on your boat, including one of these sounders. It is important to know which ones are out […]

Nikon Rangefinder Camera

The Nikon rangefinder camera is made by the Nikon Corporation which is headquartered in Tokyo. They make all kinds of products and are part of the Mitsubishi Group. This company was founded in 1917 under the name of Nippon. The company was renamed Nikon Corporation in 1988 after their cameras.  The Nikon rangefinder camera is […]

Xbox 360 Memory Unit

The built-in memory in an Xbox 360 console unit can vary in size tremendously. There are some models available with hard drives while others do not have them at all. Having a small amount of memory in your Xbox 360 system can cause problems as you may not have enough room to save everything. Some […]

USB Internet Phone

There was a time that if you wished to make a phone call over the Internet you would have to use a simple headset and microphone system. Unfortunately this caused many problems as both a headset and microphone would cause complications with your computer speakers and this really did not truly feel like a phone […]

Electronic Scales

Electronic scales, or more commonly known as digital scales, are scales that measure weight and display the reading via a digital display. These scales are much more accurate than alternative weighing methods and can provide more precise measurements. One example of this would be jewelry scales, of which are almost all capable of weighing down […]

Phonograph Cartridge

An audio system contains a microscopic device that is responsible for reading the grooves in any CD’s that are put into the system. The device that does this is the phonograph cartridge. If this device is low quality, then the quality of the audio will suffer. This is the reason for it being important for […]

A2DP Bluetooth Headset

An A2DP or Advanced Audio Distribution Profile is used to describe a Bluetooth audio profile or the way in which Bluetooth enabled devices send and receive audio files. It was designed to help complement headsets such as single ear models and to provide the ability to listen to music without the distortion that is normally […]

CATV Amplifier

Cable television is a huge improvement over the old analogue broadcast system but it is not completely immune to reception problems. When the signal is not strong enough, the picture fails to appear and all you are left with is a blank screen. This can happen when one signal is split between several televisions. Reception […]

Digital Photo Viewer

A digital photo viewer is an excellent way to share pictures from your digital camera without worrying about making paper prints. They also allow you to display multiple pictures all within one single frame as most models will allow you to set them to show pictures for several seconds each and then move on to […]

Wireless SIP Phone

A wireless SIP phone is one that is designed to be used with SIP and VOIP. SIP stands for Session Initiated Protocol. It works like a regular wireless phone but only uses or accepts SIP or VOIP technologies and allows you to make calls over the internet. A wireless SIP phone can have most of […]

Touch Screen Car Radio

From high-end vehicles such as BMW’s ‘5 Series’ and the Mercedes Benz ‘S Class’ to inexpensive entry-level cars, touch screen car radios are quickly becoming the hottest, most powerful addition for any vehicle’s dashboard. Built to incorporate the same set of features seen in normal car radios alongside the usability of a touch screen, they’ve […]

Digital SLR Camera

Digital SLR camera stands for “digital single-lens reflex camera”. They are considered top of the line professional cameras with interchangeable lens mounts, unlike more affordable camera models with static unchangeable lenses. These DSLR cameras are known for their excellent image quality and for being closer in design to an older “film style” camera, making these […]

Surround Sound Speaker Systems

Surround sound speaker systems are really worth the investment if you want to enjoy music to its fullest extent. All music, classical, jazz, rock and roll, hip-hop, etc. will sound so much better when listened to on surround sound speaker systems. The tone, quality and depth of the music you listen to if you upgrade […]

Flash Memory Camcorder

We were first introduced the concept of flash memory by the use of “digital film” in a digital camera. These exact same memory cards that are found in digital cameras are now being used in flash memory camcorders. There are two ways in which a camcorder can record to flash memory – firstly, you may […]

Mini Cube Speakers

A mini cube speaker is a small device that allows you to listen to music from your MP3 player without using your headphones. They are full range speakers that give you the opportunity to hear your music without having to have your headphones handy. The speakers themselves will fit in the palm of your hand […]

DJ Microphones

Microphones today come in a range of sizes, shapes and capabilities, DJ microphones are used to provide DJs with the ability to speak to an audience. There are a number of different microphone types and choosing the right one for your needs depends on you understanding the various types and the benefits of each one. […]

Solar Battery Chargers

Solar battery chargers are certainly becoming increasingly popular with more and more people looking for a cleaner and “greener” way to do just about everything, including charging their batteries. While it is true that you may have multiple options when it comes to battery chargers, these kind are environmentally-friendly and just as efficient if not […]

Wireless Subwoofers

Those who really want to have an excellent set up in their car or home entertainment system will need to think about getting a wireless subwoofer because of all that it can offer. Nobody likes having to fool around with a bunch of cords and wires, but with one of these subwoofers there will be […]

Magnetic Stripe Reader

Magnetic stripe technology is used all the time. You probably have more than one card in your wallet that has a magnetic stripe on it. All kinds of information can be stored on this innovative invention. Most people do not even give it a second thought but you have vital information on your credit cards […]

Tube Preamp

A tube preamp is a type of amplifier that is capable of providing a realistic sound. The tube preamp includes such applications as microphone and stereo preamplifiers as well as guitar tube preamps and turntable preamplifiers. Any person who is truly a lover of music considers the tube preamp to be an essential part of […]

Wireless Hidden Cameras

Security is a huge issue for many of us and honestly, you can never be too careful. What if you have plenty of people coming in and out of your house on a daily basis? Perhaps you have regular maintenance work or cleaning contractors who visit your home, and unfortunately you cannot keep an eye […]

Shower Radio

A shower radio is a device that is specifically designed to allow you to listen to the radio while you are showering. Although most electronic products are not recommended for use near water because they are not designed to tolerate moisture, shower radios are specifically designed to be waterproof and are perfect for those who […]

Under Cabinet TV

An under cabinet TV can often be a great addition to any kitchen. They will typically be fitted into a kitchen cabinet, thus meaning that no important space will be lost. The kitchen can be considered one of the most active areas of any house, and therefore if you can make your time there more […]

GPS Navigation System

A GPS navigation system is a device that’s really proliferating out into the world at an enormous pace. These GPS systems are everywhere, and are becoming quite affordable. However, it’s actually been a long time coming. The first GPS system was successfully tested by the U.S. Navy way back in 1960. Quite a long time […]

Document Camera

A document camera is also known by many other names and these include: image presenters, visual presenters, digital visualizers, digital overheads, docucams. They are basically a device that captures real-time images and can display an object to a large audience. A document camera works very much like an opaque projector and will magnify not only […]

Cordless Earbuds

Cordless earbuds are often referred to as a wireless earbuds and may allow you to move around freely without actually being restrained by a cord, or set of wires while you are listening to your home stereo, television, iPod or MP3 player. In addition to this cordless earbuds will also mean that you do not […]

USB to HDMI Adapter

The main purpose of a USB to HDMI adapter is to allow you to have a connection from your computer directly to your HDTV. You will notice that all computers, whether PC desktops or laptops, come with numerous USB ports. These specific ports will allow you to connect your computer to various other peripherals. In […]

Automatic Antenna Tuners

There are a number of benefits to have an automatic antenna tuner and before you decide on one it will be very important to make sure you know what you have to choose from. Since there are so many different types of automatic antenna tuners, it will be crucial to have as much information as […]

Nikon Binoculars

When you are going about purchasing a pair of binoculars, Nikon is definitely one of the companies you will want to consider. For years they have been producing top quality cameras, binoculars, and other devices which are known for their high standards as far as quality is concerned. If you enjoy bird watching it will […]


LG is a great brand name that many people have come to revere when it comes to electronics. They make everything from cell phones to HDTVs and if you are looking for the latter it will be important to take your time and select the right one. The HDTV you get will be important because […]


Video recording has come a long way since the days of the video cassette recorder (VCR). The VCR made it possible to watch movies at home and record television shows, so they could be viewed at later time. It was eventually superseded by the DVD recorder, but you still had to buy blank discs to […]

Public Address System

For live sound amplification, simple studio recording, or merely a quick musical practice session at home, a public address system is a necessity. The standard public address system – known to many, particularly those in the UK, as a ‘PA’ system – has been in use for over half a century, with both an extensive […]

DJ Headphones

A DJ headphone set is kind of like a status symbol for the DJ, it may not be completely necessary but it sure looks amazingly cool. Being a DJ, is like being a rock star, it’s not only about the music that you spin it’s about the attitude and style that you portray. That’s why […]

iPod Car Dock

An iPod car dock will allow you to make the music from your iPod more stationary. You can hook the dock up on your vehicle and enjoy your favorite playlists while you are driving or riding. Those who rely on their iPods for musical enjoyment will find these docks very beneficial. iPods can store thousands […]

Acoustic Suspension Speakers

Speaker systems for the home are designed to give the highest quality sound possible. If you enjoy watching movies or listening to music and you want to have the most realistic sound quality, there is a speaker sound system that can meet your needs. You do not have to pay an arm and a leg […]

Plain Paper Fax Machine

The plain paper fax machine has all but replaced the older ones that were called thermal fax machines. The thermal fax machine used a long roll of paper and these fax machines were very expensive. Each time a fax was sent the paper had to be cut to the size of the transmission. Now you […]

Monster HDMI Cable

A standard and generic HDMI cable is a high definition multimedia interface cable that is used to connect digital audio and video devices. It will connect digital input to HDTVs, computer monitors, etc. A Monster HDMI cable is a brand name HDMI cable that is made by the Monster Cable Products Company. The company produces […]

SD Card Adapter

According to United States Patent 7097512, the inventors of the SD card adaptor known as the mini memory card adaptor were Hsiao, Kun-hsien (Chung Ho, TW), Feng, Yen-jung (Chung Ho, TW), Hsu, Mei-hua (Chung Ho, TW) and Chen, Chun-chung (Chung Ho, TW). The original filing date for the application for the adaptor was 11/07/2005. Soon […]

Blu-ray Disc Player

The Blu-ray disc player is an optical disc player capable of playing Blu-ray discs, specifically designed to replicate high quality video images than standard DVD images – which is why it has proven to be the ultimate successor to the DVD player as opposed to the HD DVD.  On February 19, 2008, the Blu-Ray players […]

Yamaha AV Receivers

As one of the world’s most highly regarded home audio and consumer electronics companies, it’s no surprise that Yamaha has its own range of audio and video receivers on offer. Designed to offer high quality audio to both stereo gurus and home theater viewers, the large range of Yamaha receivers on offer is one that […]

CB Radio Amplifiers

Citizen-band (CB) radio is a great way to communicate over short distances without having to use a telephone or computer. However, its weak signal is easily overwhelmed when there are stronger signals in the area, making it difficult to hear what other people are saying. One solution to this annoying problem is to use a […]

In-Dash GPS Navigation System

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. This innovative technology came into being because of Dr. Ivan Getting, the vice president for engineering and research at the Raytheon Corporation, and the United States Department of Defense (DOD). GPS was developed in response to the needs of the Air Force for a guidance system to be used […]

Philips Home Theater System

Buying a Phillips home theater means that you will be investing in something that will last quite a while. There are millions of people around the world who trust the name Phillips because it is famous with electronics such as televisions, speakers, DVD players, and much more. One of the most important things to consider […]

PSP Camera

Since the Sony PSP was first released back in 2005 there have been multiple updates and changes made to it, including the addition of a camera. This lightweight device is a truly impressive technological development as far as gaming is concerned as well as digital photography. The PSP camera feature was first announced in March […]

Digital Photo Keychain

Gone are the days of carrying around photos of your family in your wallet. Modern technology has gifted us with the digital photo keychain. This is a small electronic device that has an LCD screen, and is capable of storing your digital photos for viewing at any time. As the name suggests this is a […]

Wireless Fax Machine

Although there are some wireless fax machines, a majority of them are wired and very inconvenient for those who do not like to deal with a jumbled mess on their desk. If you are like so many others and want a modern fax machine what will allow you to send documents to others without having […]

iPod Headphones

If the current headphones you have for your iPod have failed you and no longer work, it will be important to look into what your options are with regards to getting a new pair. There will be a lot of different kinds of headphones to consider so you will definitely want to check out all […]

JBL Speakers

When you buy JBL speakers you will be getting a level of quality which you just won’t get with any other brand name. Since there are so many different options for you to choose from, it is highly recommended that you take the time to look at what all of your options are so that […]

Cell Phone Accessories

There are a number of cell phone accessories to consider upon getting one of these mobile devices. No matter which phone you have you will be able to find accessories specifically for the model that you own. Getting a carrying case that you will be able to attach to your belt buckle is definitely one […]

Marine Transducers

A marine transducer is a necessary part of fish finding when you are out on the boat looking to catch as many as possible. There are quite a few important things which you will want to consider when looking for one of these, including what the output power of the one you get is. You […]

Sony Cyber-shot

Those who are seeking a good deal on a quality digital camera will certainly want to take the time to consider the Sony Cyber-shot series. These cameras are some of the best devices for taking pictures and filming video, meaning that you will need to take the time to look at some of the different […]

Vehicle Backup Camera

A vehicle backup camera is potentially one of the best purchases you could ever make. Their intention is to allow you to see exactly what is behind you when driving in your vehicle. Unfortunately, various incidents occur each and every day on our roads and these are typically due to negligence or other contributing factors. […]

In-Wall Speakers

An in-wall speaker system is a great way to add a surround sound feel to a room without it taking up any space. These units can even be used in other environments which allows for outdoor speakers without any worries related to the weather. In-wall speakers are often installed in the ceiling but they are […]

TV Tuner Card

Buying the proper TV tuner card for your computer may be a very difficult process. There are various products available but not all of them will be suitable for your needs. It is extremely important to know exactly what to look for when shopping for a TV tuner card. Part of this includes understanding the […]

XD Card Reader

A memory card is a thin plastic square that contains a flash memory chip. It is about one inch long on each side and looks a bit like a poker chip. On the front, there is a label showing the type and capacity of the card. The contacts on most cards are located on the […]

Video to VGA Converter

These days our options for video and gaming are always expanding and getting better. Got an old analog TV or an older PC monitor that’s not in use? Want to use it for gaming, or watching DVD’s and videos? Well, then getting a video to VGA converter is what you’re looking for. Of course, that’s […]

UHF/VHF Antenna Combiner

Ever since World War II there has been a tremendous growth in television broadcasting. The Federal Communications Commission had originally set aside 12 channels for television broadcasting but it had to revise its allocation and allowed up to 70 more additional channels in 1952. The first 12 channels are “very high frequency” channels and are […]

Broadband Amplifiers

The most popular type of broadband amplifier found in the marketplace today is the compact amplifier platform. They include a variety of RF amplifiers that thoroughly address the very diverse nature of today’s broadband networks. Broadband amplifiers are specifically optimized for both trunk and distribution applications. They are known to provide extreme reliability and are […]

IR Extender

Over the last decade, home audio and video equipment has been reduced from a bulky form factor to a selection of sleek, stylish devices. Blu-ray players and home theater systems have become tiny, often quite aesthetically pleasing objects, while cable television boxes and other digital units have changed from being bulky, unsightly objects into stylish […]

Roof Mount Monitor

Anyone who travels long distances on our national highways knows that the worst part of the journey is the boredom. The endless stretches of road can have an almost hypnotic effect on both drivers and passengers. Children tend to suffer the most if they have nothing to keep themselves amused. A roof mount monitor is […]

iPhone Earbuds

After purchasing an iPhone you may not want to continue using the standard earbuds that are included with the product. You may also have misplaced or damaged the earbuds that came with your purchase and need replacement earbuds. In either case, it would be suggested that you take a look at various earbuds that could […]

Dual-Layer DVD Burner

A dual-layer DVD burner is a recordable DVD burner that many people use nowadays to burn their dual layer DVDs. Unlike a single DVD burner, the dual-layer DVD burner is not restricted to burning and storing data on only 3.37GB DVD discs. The dual burner can burn and store media on the newer 8.5GB DVD […]

Game Cameras

Tracking animals in the wild can be very frustrating unless you know where to look for them. Just picking a spot and waiting for one to show up usually ends in disappointment. Any tool that helps you to locate animals faster is a huge time saver. A game camera does all the watching and waiting […]

Bookshelf Speakers

The bookshelf speaker basically came into being in the late 1950s. A bookshelf speaker is a small room speaker that is small enough to sit on a bookshelf. Before their invention the only kind of speakers that were available for in home use were large speakers that sat on the floor. You needed a lot […]

HDD Media Players

An HDD media player is a device that allows computer users to move files into it and play them on a monitor or television. HDD stands for Hard Drive Disk, and when connected to computers, HDD media players function in exactly the same way as any other external hard drive. However, they have the additional […]

Digital Phone Recorder

A digital phone recorder is a great tool for those of us who need to record phone conversations. Whether they’re being used to record important business conversations, important information, or just general home use for any reason, digital phone recorders are the best technology for getting the job done well and safely. The need for […]

Laser Range Finder

Measuring the distance to a target is a challenge without a laser ranger finder. It is often the only practical way to do it, unless you know the coordinates of the target and have a GPS receiver handy. A range finder that uses a laser has several advantages over the other types, including greater accuracy […]

Garmin Chartplotter

A Garmin chartplotter is marine global positioning system (GPS). This type of GPS system is designed specifically for marine environments. A Garmin chartplotter can be used o help increase your safety while on your boat or yacht when you are out on the open seas. If you are a fisherman who likes to go out […]

MP3 Karaoke Player

If you are like many people who enjoy singing along with music and love a night out with the karaoke machines, you already know that you use a microphone to sing along with the music while you follow the lyrics on a video screen. Amazing technology today has been revolutionizing the way people are able […]

Sharp HDTV

Those who purchase a Sharp HDTV know that it means selecting a trustworthy brand name that has established a positive reputation with consumers who demand only the highest quality electronics. Because there are so many different television sets to choose from which are manufactured by this company, it is important to take a close look […]

Leica Binoculars

Leica binoculars got their start back in 1925 when Oskar Barnack created his first 35mm camera. Since that time the Leica Camera Company has been one of the leaders of the technology industry. They were the first company to introduce a range finder that produced accurate results as well as the use of ridge prisms […]

DVI To HDMI Adapter

High definition or HD televisions are very popular today as they offer a high quality of picture than traditional standard definition. HD televisions are equipped with various connections to support things such as DVD players, satellite or cable television and many game consoles. These products often use DVI or Digital Vision Interface cables and ports […]

Audio Preamp

An audio preamp is simply a small amplifier that precedes another amplifier in order to prepare the signal for more power from the second amp. The circuitry for this preamp can be housed in a separate component or is can be housed inside of the amplifier. Preamps are used all the time and in many […]

Digital Pen Camera

As the media constantly reminds us, cameras are everywhere these days and they keep getting smaller and more powerful. Just a few years ago, it would have been laughable to suggest that a pen had a camera inside it, but not today. The digital pen camera is a new type of gadget that has earned […]

Wireless Earbuds for iPod

Wireless earbuds for iPod will help you to eliminate annoying wires while listening to your music when you are out and about. Earbuds are the type of headphones that fit inside the ear, not over the ear. You can freely enjoy your iPod in comfort when you have wireless earbuds for it. Hardly anyone will […]

SFP Transceivers

Look at the back panel of any personal computer and you will see a large number of connectors taking up a lot of space. Some of these connectors are not commonly used and are only there to make the computer compatible with older peripheral devices. While computers have the space to accommodate many connectors, there […]

Text-to-Speech GPS Navigation System

A text-to-speech GPS navigation system is a GPS system that uses voice recognition technology and voice prompts to guide you as you drive. This is the most common form of cue and the most popular form being used in auto GPS devices. The text-to-speech GPS navigation system will audibly tell you such information as what […]

Omnidirectional Microphone

Microphones are very useful and you can find them in use for various activities. They can be of use in almost any field you can think of. You can even find them used in large retail commercial stores, such as in a grocery store or warehouse. They are not strictly for use only in the […]

Deep Cycle Battery Chargers

A number of people decide to use deep cycle batteries in their vehicles because they are able to discharge to the point of using most of its capacity, unlike traditional starter batteries which fire off higher currencies and use only a small percentage of  its actual capacity. While it is true that deep cycle batteries […]

Powered Speakers

Powered speakers are in high demand these days. The produce great sounds and are really very inexpensive. In 1964 the SE401 Stereo Energizer was introduced which led to the development of powered speakers. This technology allowed one un-powered speaker to power a second speaker. In 1971 the Altec 9846B powered speaker was introduced. This was […]

Surround Sound Amplifiers

A surround sound system uses multiple channels and speakers. The listener hears the sound from multiple speakers that are place in front and behind them. Different sound intensities are played through one or more speakers so that the listener enjoys the sound and feel of being surrounded by sound sources all around them. An amplifier […]

Digital Audio Recorder

A digital audio recorder is a sound recording device that is becoming more and more popular. It allows the user to record whatever they want to remember or to record their thoughts and ideas so they can play them back later. Businesses use them for their business meetings and conferences as a better alternative to […]

Wii Accessories

The Wii has changed the nature of gaming. Prior to the Wii, gaming was commonly viewed as something that only teenagers and nerds enjoyed. However, the Wii has gotten rid of this stereotype. Thanks to the Wii, people of all ages are now enjoying video games. Not only are they enjoying video games, but they […]

Clock Radios

Nobody likes alarm clocks. They usually signal the start of the old nine to five. However, they don’t wake you up kindly. It’s usually an ear piercing beep that you can’t switch off, and you end up fumbling around in the dark trying to find that mysterious ‘off’ switch. There are ways to get away […]

Transcription Machine

Speech recognition is a technology that is, in many ways, still in its infancy. There are numerous hardware and software programs that allow our speech to be transcripted into text, and most of them are fairly effective. When most of us think about speech recognition, we think of it in the context of computer programs, […]

Flat Panel Monitor Mounts

Flat panel monitors are all the rage these days. They are used on computers and flat screen television sets. A flat panel monitor utilizes LCD or Plasma screen technology. Everyone loves them because they are so thin and have such a small footprint. They are also very lightweight. When you have limited space a flat […]

Dual SIM Mobile Phone

A dual SIM mobile phone is one that allows you receive two phone calls simultaneously. This is because the phone has two SIM card slots in it. SIM is the acronym for Subscriber Identity Module. The SIM card is in every mobile phone. If you change phones you can take your SIM card out and […]

Digital Media Streamer

A digital media streamer is a device that plays various kinds of multimedia depending on the different product licensing and capabilities. If you have an Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3 or a Nintendo Wii you can have a digital media streamer. These types of digital media streamers can handle various file formats such as MPEG1, […]