Computer Hardware

Portable Projector

When shopping for a portable projector there is quite a bit you will need to know about them beforehand. First off, there are different technologies that are used for specific types of portable projectors. Two of them in particular are readily available for purchase and are extremely common with portable projectors. Usually a portable projector […]

ATX Power Supply

An ATX power supply is one of the most important components in a computer. This is the component that provides electricity to the system by converting alternating current electricity from the wall outlet to direct current to the motherboard on a computer. You will find the ATX power supply at the rear of a computer […]

Parallel Printer Cable

Today’s printers are made to connect with computers via Bluetooth or USB connections. This is a very easy way to make printers, because virtually every computer made in the past decade has USB port. It’s an easy and standardized way to connect to connect to a computer. But before USB connections became mainstream, computers used […]

Intel Celeron Processors

Since the late 1990’s, Intel Celeron processors have been produced for budget-conscious computer buyers. Celeron has become well known as the low-cost alternative to Intel’s other brands, like Pentium and Core 2 Duo. Celeron processors generally offer less features and worse performance in exchange for their less expensive price. Consumers looking into Celeron processors must […]


DDR2 SDRAM memory easily handles memory extensive studio software and can process extreme amounts of data all at once. For video gamers the benefits are obvious because it means that they can play their games without it freezing for lagging. For those who are into music or vide recording, the chances of errors are much […]

Laptop Hard Drive

Are you planning to buy a laptop? If you are, then knowing where to look for isn’t really the problem. You could check out online malls and auction websites, visit the nearest computer and accessories store, read ads from newspapers, etc. and I’m sure you’ll find the brand you’re looking for…whether brand new or refurbished. […]

CPU Heatsink

Computers are full of all sorts of important parts. Most of the parts we find in our computers are necessary in order for the computer to function properly. There are hard drives, processors, fans, mother boards and many more parts that allow the computer to run. You may or may not be familiar with computers […]

Microsoft Optical Mouse

Microsoft makes a number of different products, and one line of their products that has proven quite popular is their line of Microsoft optical mice. A Microsoft optical mouse makes use of a light emitting diode along with photodiodes to detect the movement of the mouse. Prior to this technology, mice used small rubber balls […]

USB Video Adapter

If you are someone who needs to use more than one monitor but do not want to have to install a second video card, using a USB video adapter could give you the adaptability and compatibility that you need to accomplish this without having to do any modifications. All you will have to do to […]

Wireless Laptop Card

With the current technology in place, you have the opportunity of working from anywhere. This is through the efforts put in to bring about wireless workflow enabled laptops. The compatibility of AT&T in the beginning with most of the window-based systems and laptop-connect cards has promoted the mobile working and accessibility to customers and office […]

Barebone Laptop

A barebone laptop is one that is one that is built from various parts at a computer shop as opposed to purchasing a mainstream computer at a national retailer. You have to purchase the processor, hard drive, memory and other hardware on your own. There are many do it yourself kits out there that help […]

Wireless Printer

Cheap desktop printers have become very popular in recent years, and even fax machines and photocopiers are being replaced by multifunction printers. A wireless printer provides all the convenience of a desktop printer without the trouble of running a network cable to it. Any computer, laptop or mobile device can use the printer without being […]

Quad Core Processor

The latest innovation to hit the computer industry is the quad core processor. The four cores inside it provide greater performance compared to processors with fewer cores but only when they are used together. Both Intel and AMD have several of these powerful new processors in their lineups, and many new desktop and notebook computers […]

USB Midi Cable

A USB midi cable is something that you might need if you are planning on using your computers for musical purposes. In fact, MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface, which means that your computer can easily communicate with other electronic musical instruments like keyboards, drum machines, and synthesizers directly with your computer. This is […]

Samsung SyncMaster

With the prices of computer monitors at historic lows, there is no better time to buy a new model. Anyone who is still using an old CRT monitor or a small LCD monitor should consider upgrading before prices start rising again. But with so many brands on the market, choosing the right one can be […]

Motherboard CPU Combo

Desktop computers have fallen to price levels that were unimaginable a few years ago. A brand new model can be bought for just a few hundred dollars today. The growing popularity of notebooks, netbooks, and mobile smartphones is the main reason that prices are falling. Instead of upgrading their desktop computers, many buyers are choosing […]

HP LaserJet Printer

In recent years, the laser printer has gone from being an expensive office showpiece to a common household appliance. Modern entry-level models can be purchased for not much more than the price of an inkjet printer. A HP LaserJet printer is a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade from an inkjet or an older […]

DVD+RW Drive

Everybody knows what a DVD is, but not everybody is familiar with how DVD’s work, and the different devices that play and create them. A DVD+RW drive is a device that can read, write and rewrite DVD drives. There are several different kinds of DVD’s and DVD drives, including but not limited to DVD-R, DVD+R, […]

Acer Notebook Computer

Acer are well known for making quality products at an affordable price. An Acer notebook computer can be found in many homes and offices around the world. The Aspire series of notebooks is designed for everyday use and is popular with a wide range of people. Acer recently launched a series of low cost netbooks […]

PCI Express Video Cards

PCI Express video cards are video cards designed to fit in the small PCI Express slot on a computer’s motherboard. The PCI Express, or Peripheral Component Interconnect Express, is the newest computer expansion slot, and it has become the industry standard since it was first introduced in 2004. Often abbreviated PCIe or PCI-E, this slot […]

Memory Card Adapter

As technology develops, so do new ways of storing memory. Memory cards have been used hundreds of different applications, from video game systems to cell phones. They have proven to be a great way to transfer files between different systems, or store files too big for others. Even with the popularity of USB drives and […]

DVI to VGA Converters

There are a number of reasons to need a DVI to VGA converter. DVI is a fairly new way to connect a device to a TV or monitor, and there are more new video rendering devices built with DVI outputs than there are TV’s built with DVI inputs. However, VGA outputs have been around for […]

Cable DSL Router

If you have cable or DSL internet, you will have either a cable or DSL modem. This is all you need if you just have one computer that is connected to the modem via a cable. However, if you want to use more than one computer and the computers are located in different rooms, it […]

Pin Connector

A pin connector is a type of connector used on many different pieces of computer equipment. There are many different types of pin connectors; some are used only on internal pieces of equipment. These internal connectors may be used to connect hard drives, CD/DVD drives, sound cards, or other internal cards and devices to the […]

Powerline Adapter

A powerline adapter is a device used in the new concept of power line communication, sometimes called power line digital subscriber line or a power line network. The idea is to use power lines as a way of sending and receiving data. This then leads to broadband internet over power lines. By using a powerline […]

Ethernet Cords

The introduction of Ethernet was a major step forward in the advancement of computer networking. Today, an Ethernet port is a standard feature on virtually all desktop computers and laptops. Ethernet cords, hubs, and switches are used to create small networks of computers in many homes and workplaces. The cords are specially made to handle […]


MacBooks immediately distinguish themselves from others in that the body is not constructed from separate pieces. They call the chassis of their laptops “the unibody” and it is carved out of a single piece of aluminum. This is carried out by computer numerical control (CNC) machines, the same machines that build pieces for spacecraft. The […]

Widescreen LCD Monitor

Most of the job opportunities in the modern world require the employees to sit in front of their computers for long hours. This is the reason why most of the new age employees are looking forward to the widescreen LCD monitors. There is also a strong aesthetic pull for the employees to own one of […]

Wireless Keyboard

A world without wires. That’s really the dream, isn’t it. And in the age where cell phones are increasingly becoming multimedia centers, wireless devices such as the wireless keyboard become increasingly valuable. There are many factors involved when purchasing a wireless keyboard and they include compatibility with your computer’s operating system, your budget, range in […]

HP Pavilion Desktop

It should come as no surprise that the market for personal desktop computers is incredibly competitive today. Many companies have tried over the years to establish a foothold, but few have done as well as Hewlett-Packard (HP) with their Pavilion brand, which has survived for over a decade and continues to grow in popularity. An […]

Laptop Memory

Many people seek to upgrade the memory in their computers to increase the speed and effectiveness of the machine. For a desktop computer it is rather simple and there are usually four slots to install the memory. A laptop is a bit different, however, and you will most likely only have a couple of slots […]

Wireless Repeater

Wireless repeaters are used for weak wireless signals and are placed at a halfway point between your computer and your wireless access point. Strong brands include Buffalo Technology, D-Link and Linksys. The devices carry no wires and instead preserve the initial signal, then give it a boost. This is a good option for those whose […]

DVI To VGA Adapter

One of the major changes that has been occurring in the world of computing over the past few years is the introduction of flat panel monitors. Older monitors with VGA plugs are steadily being replaced by newer monitors with DVI plugs. These two plugs are incompatible with each other because they have different pin numbers […]

KVM Extender

A Keyboard Video Mouse (KVM) device connects the keyboard, monitor and mouse to more than one computer. KVM extenders are part of a family of accessories that include switches and hardware for remote use, sharing or training. KVM extenders stretch out your set-up including keyboards and mouses. Longer distance KVM devices employ the use of […]

USB Switch

Do you want to connect two or more computers in your home or office and share your USB peripherals like your scanner, copier or cameras? If you do, then you need a USB switch. You will be able to save time and money by connecting them with a USB switch. Connecting them with a switch […]

Laptop Cases

If you have a son or daughter going off to college and you have purchased a new laptop for them, have you considered the need for a laptop case as an accessory for them? If not, you really should. Laptop cases are very important because they will protect your investment by protecting the computer from […]

Bluetooth Mouse

Given the buzz around Bluetooth technology, you may have been asking yourself what exactly a Bluetooth mouse has to offer that a regular RF wireless mouse does not. Well, the answer simply lies in the quality of connectivity in both cases. If you are thinking of adding Bluetooth to your system, then there is an […]

Wireless Access Point

Wireless access points (WAPs) are devices that act as transmitter and receivers of wireless Internet signals. They are commonly used for the home or office and usually incorporate a built-in adapter and antenna. With the assistance of WAPs, several computers on the home or office can hook up to the Internet, with only the assistance […]

Brother Printers

When it comes to Brother printers, there are many factors to consider. Can it copy, scan or fax too? Does it print in color and/or black and white? You also need to consider the speed in which it prints, and what kind of ink cartridges are required. Brother printers offer all-in-one devices that are suitable […]

Widescreen Computer Monitor

For those who prefer more out of their computer monitor, there is the widescreen computer monitor. There are many factors to consider, including monitor width, resolution, how it adjusts on its stand, how many “dead pixels” are present, and what you are using the monitor for. The Viewsonic VX1940w is considered a good value with […]

Intel Turbo Memory

One of the greatest innovations in computers in recent times was the development of Intel turbo memory. This technology decreased the time it takes for computers to power up and access information on the hard drive by switching some of the data that is accessed most often to flash memory. This has caused a significant […]

Document Scanner

It’s hard to imagine what people did before the advent of document scanners. These handy electronic devices allow anybody with a hard copy of a document to place it on a flat bed or insert it into a document feeder, hit a button, and then viola, they have a digital copy of their document. One […]

Copier Toner

We have all been making copies before a big presentation, or maybe making that final copy of our thesis, which is due in 10 minutes, and run into the copy machine’s most dreaded message since paper jam – “Low toner.” But what is copier toner? Why do copiers seem to burn through it so much? […]

HDMI Video Card

High definition monitors are becoming increasingly popular with computer owners as their price falls. To get the best performance out of one of these monitors, it should be used with a HDMI video card. HDMI carries both high definition digital and audio signals in the one cable, eliminating the jungle of wires behind a computer. […]

Solid State Drive

For as long as computers have been around, hard drives have been used to store large amounts of data. Every year, new models are released that have even greater capacities than previous models. Until recently, there was no viable alternative to the hard drive, but the solid state drive (SSD) is shaping up as its […]

KVM Switch

Desktop computers can be found in most homes and offices today, and it is not uncommon to find people using several computers at the same time. There are many demanding tasks that require more than one computer, such as creating 3D graphics. To have a separate keyboard, mouse, and monitor for each computer is expensive […]

Pocket PC

A Pocket PC is a small device that is really a mini computer. It can have spreadsheets, a word processor, games, calculators, drawing software etc. You can get on the internet with your Pocket PC and the new ones have Bluetooth capabilities and other wireless accessories. In fact, 3G technology has made the pocket pc […]

USB FireWire Cable

There are many accessory cables on the market today but none causes as much confusion as the USB FireWire cable. The first assumption people make is that it allows data to be sent between FireWire and USB ports. While this type of cable would be very handy to have, it is not possible without some […]

Tower Computer Case

In today’s market, computer geeks have several choices when it comes to choosing the tower computer case that they like. Tower computer cases have a way of being used now to express their personal likes as well as being used to set their system apart from all others. Gone are the days of everyone only […]

Apple Mac Laptops

When people look to buy a new personal computer, they have quite a few different options to consider. This is a good thing because each person will have a different set of requirements that they will need on their laptop computers. However, you do not have to think that you are limited to a standard […]

Gigabit Switch

Gigabit Ethernet is a high speed networking technology that is used in many homes and offices. Its data traffic speeds are up to ten times faster than those on older Ethernet networks. A gigabit switch is a device that manages traffic on a network by directing it more efficiently. There are several models of gigabit […]

Kodak All-in-One Printers

Kodak is one of the few consumer electronics companies that have stuck to their niche like a leech. Here, the simile is used in a supportive manner. Companies that stick to doing what they know best and keep trying to get better at it can be relied upon, and the quality of their product almost […]

Wireless PC Card

In this era of mobility and connectivity, there isn’t one PC user who would want to be limited by anything, let alone connectivity. Today, connectivity is far more essential than ever before and thus, the dawn of wireless PC cards has come, and come strong. A wireless PC card is a modern day device which […]

Internal Hard Drive

The internal hard drive is a storage device. It can be found in desktop PCs, notebooks, and servers, as well as in modern consumer electronic devices like digital cameras, MP3 players, or digital audio players. They provide storage capacities for all your data – the operating system, programs, images, documents, music, or games. Not all […]

Memory Card Reader

Memory cards are used in a large number of electronic gadgets including digital cameras, mobile phones, and laptops. They are a great alternative to optical discs and thumb drives for storing all kinds of digital media. However, it can be a problem transferring the contents of a card to a computer or another gadget if […]

Socket A Motherboard

At the start of the millennium, Socket A was introduced by Advanced Micro Devices and went on to dominate the computer world for several years. It was used with AMD Athlon processors that were released between the first Thunderbird and the last Thorton. The Socket A motherboard was a popular choice during these years, especially […]

Wireless Bridge

A wireless bridge (WLAN bridge) is a computer component that enables a connection between at least two network segments (LANs). It is not always a piece of hardware, sometimes it’s only necessary to convert information from one type of protocol into another type of protocol. Some operating systems (like Windows, Mac OS X, Linux or […]

Notebook Mouse

The growing popularity of notebooks and netbooks has created a market for scores of new accessories. One of the more useful of these is the notebook mouse, which is just a smaller version of the regular desktop mouse. Portable computers do not require a mouse because they have a trackpad built into them. However, many […]

WiFi Router

Arguably the most important aspect of seamless wireless connectivity, no wireless connection can ever be complete without a WiFi router. Going by the popular description of the device, the hardware and software of this device is instrumental in routing and forwarding of information, and pertaining to our understanding need, this information can be understood as […]

Multifunction Printers

Multifunction printers, which are also called MFPs, are much more useful than an old fashioned copying machine or a plain printer. These are easily networkable, as they are connected to a computer. Home offices will be able to easily use the Windows printer-sharing function. Larger offices should have a dedicated network printer. Today’s multifunction printers […]

Laptop Processor

A laptop processor, just as in a desktop computer, is the central processing unit (CPU) or the brain center of the notebook computer. There are two main types of laptop processors on the market: Intel and AMD. Each company makes several processors and each one has its own pros and cons. In order to choose […]

Notebook Computer

In the past few years, the notebook computer has gone from being an executive toy to the most popular type of computer sold today. For anyone looking to buy a new computer, a notebook is now a good alternative to a desktop machine. They can perform almost every computing task required of them and there […]


If you are in the market for a new 32″ LCD HDTV then you’ll be happy to know that this size is hottest size on the market right now for flat screen TVs. 32″ LCD HDTV’s are about the same size as the old 27 inch tube TVs. However these are widescreen TVs that have […]

PCI Adapter

Personal computers are designed to be modular so that components can be installed and removed as required. The PCI adapter is one of these modular components and has been a standard way of adding new functions to a computer for many years. It is used for video graphics, networking, sound processing, and many other roles. […]

Flat Panel Monitor

Let me show you 2 monitors that seem identical – both are 21- inch wide, both are compatible with the latest video and graphics card, and both can handle very high resolutions. However, one of these monitors is a flat panel monitor while the other one is the usual CRT monitor – the one that […]

SanDisk Memory Cards

Memory cards are used to store media in many small digital devices. They are convenient, inexpensive, and can retain data for a very long time. SanDisk memory cards are the most popular brand used today and come in a variety of different types. The original SanDisk card was the CompactFlash which is still used today. […]

Laptop Docking Station

A laptop docking station, also known as a port replicator, is a device that allows a laptop to be used as a desktop workstation. With just one connection, it allows a host of peripherals to be used with the laptop. Using a station is also faster and more convenient than trying to swap files between […]

HP Copier

Hewlett-Packard, or HP as the company is more popularly known, can be safely called the ‘veterans’ in the scanning, printing and copying market. With a brand name built over seventy years of trust and service, this company has been providing business and home solutions to users all over the world. One visit to the HP […]

Ink Cartridge

Is your printer ink cartridge getting low on ink again? Have you ever had to replace your ink cartridge? People who are brand new to the world of computers, printers and fax machines are usually surprised when they find out how fast they can run out of ink and how much a new ink cartridge […]

Linksys Wireless Router

Wireless computing has become the way that many people prefer to enjoy their home personal computer use. There are a number of great benefits to having a Linksys wireless router in your home for personal use. This is a fabulous way to allow all the members of your family access to your home network that […]

DVI Switch Box

The traditional set up of a computer system is changing as more people are finding that their requirements are not being met with the standard tower, monitor, keyboard and mouse set up. For these users, there are a few options that will help find the exact set up that works for them. An example of […]

Wireless Broadband Router

Have you ever taken some time to think with your friends or even staff members about the good side of your wireless broadband router? Well, the network utility is simply magical. A router is known for connecting computers to enable simple sharing of the Internet. With a cable modem, the speed is enhanced – something […]

ATI Video Card

What you see on your computer screen is largely determined by the quality of your video card. A video card is the component in your computer that generates images and sends them to the monitor. Early computers had the video controller integrated into the motherboard but this limited the image capability of the computer system. […]

Toshiba Laptop

Finding the right laptop for your home or business use will require you to do a little research and comparison shopping. This will ensure that you are buying a laptop that has all of the features that you need along with the price that you can afford to pay. Here are some tips to make […]

Logitech Wireless Keyboard

For the flexibility to type anywhere, a cordless keyboard could be the way to go. These wireless keyboard devices are especially useful for board meetings, when you don’t want to mess with unwieldy cords. Wireless keyboards can add a touch of class to a workspace or the home, with their sleek designs and the absence […]

Portable Scanner

Mobile scanners are a great way for you to file your paperwork at the home or office. Most of these devices have software that allows you to identify and save important data from papers such as business cards, documents and receipts. These scanners can then organize the information for you. You can actually search for […]


In the past few years, a new type of personal computer has been creating a great deal of excitement. The netbook is a small notebook that is used mostly for email and web browsing. Some manufacturers call them mini-laptops or sub-notebooks but netbook is the most commonly used term. They are not as powerful as […]

AMD Processor

Some might say that a computer is only as good as its microprocessor. Truly, a microprocessor (sometimes simply called a processor) is the heart of any computer, server or other similar machine. A processor (which can also be called a CPU or central processing unit) is a complete computation engine fabricated based on a single […]

Network Hub

A network hub allows the interlinking of several PCs and devices together to form a network. It can be considered as a normal junction box that passes along a signal to all devices connected to it. Most technically minded people associate hubs with a primitive form of networking with the notion of a packet collision […]

HP iPAQ Pocket PC

The Pocket PC sits somewhere between a mobile smartphone and a notebook computer. It is ideal for those who want serious processing power in a handheld device that is lightweight and easy to carry. The HP iPAQ Pocket PC has been one of the most popular brands over the years, and there are currently two […]

WiFi Receiver

If you’re sick of wires or own a laptop, you will need to consider a wireless receiver for your system. Wireless receivers are devices that receive a wireless Internet signal without the assistance of wires. Some of them are plug-and-use, while others require installation of software that comes with the device. Some wireless Internet receivers […]

Ergonomic Keyboard

If you are a sufferer of wrist pain, you could have carpal tunnel. Symptoms include aching, burning, numbness or tingling of your palm, fingers, thumb or wrist. People who use repeated motions at the computer are at risk for this ailment, and if you are one of the afflicted you should consider an ergonomic keyboard. […]

Photo Printer

Choosing the best photo printer isn’t exactly a cut and dry process because different photos will satisfy different lifestyles. Are you a professional photographer? A graphic artist? An over-eager parent? Some will need professional output, others will require vast amounts of output. Other will require something more compact devices, while others will need a simple […]

Laptop Cooler

Laptops are extremely convenient inventions. Not only do they allow us to take our computer projects from work to home, they allow us to take them practically anywhere. Now days, almost everywhere you go you are sure to run into somebody working diligently away on a laptop. People work on trains and buses, in coffee […]

ATI Graphics Card

These days in the video gaming world, faster is always better and the more realistic the better. To enhance your computer’s ability to improve the graphics and game performance of video games, users of all levels have been turning to graphics cards, or graphics processing units. Many of these graphics cards carry many functions, including […]

Logitech Mouse

A mouse is a ubiquitous and necessary device for any desktop PC user, but they are also so run of the mill that many people don’t give them much thought beyond smacking them when they refuse to work and cleaning out the trackball once in awhile. But mice are important, and as Swiss corporation Logitech […]

Wireless Gateway

Many people have discovered the convenience of having all of the computers in their home or office connected to the home network with a wireless gateway device. The cost of connecting all of the computers in your home together is much lower than before, which has increased the number of people who are interested in […]

Flatbed Scanner

Before scanners between inexpensive and popular in modern homes and offices, any document that was not digital could only be duplicated by a time consuming process such as photocopying. If a document was not digital, it simply could not be sent through email, making some documents much more difficult to manage and manipulate. Signed documents […]


Those of us with older computers are sometimes greeted with the error message, “low RAM.” The “low RAM” message signals that something is wrong with our computer and it is time for a reboot. But what exactly is RAM and why does it get low? How vital is it to our computers and what types […]

External Hard Drive

Buying an external hard drive can be as simple or as complex a process as you make it. Distinguishing factors include cost, ease of use, capacity, brand, interface type, security, network capability and speed. Deciding how much capacity you need from your product is as easy as figuring out what data you are trying to […]

Computer Monitor

There are two main criteria for buying a monitor – its physical size and its resolution. Resolution is the ability to render more detail. If you need to work with graphics or play graphics-intensive games, buy a monitor with higher resolution. Even if you buy it online, check it personally at a computer store. It […]

Laptop Bags

When we think of integral inventions, say, the airplane, the car, the telephone or the computer, we think about how they revolutionized the way we live. Airplanes let us jet across long distances in much shorter periods of time. Cars allow us to work farther from home, thus making a better living. Telephones allow us […]

Epson Printer

Out of all the brands a browser in an electronics store might come across when in the market for a printer, a few stand out. Seiko Epson, known in the United States as merely Epson, is one of those top notch brands. Seiko Epson is a Japanese company and one of the world’s top leading […]

Infrared Transceiver

Infrared transceivers are a form of wireless signal transmission that makes wireless Internet connections happen. This technology is easily recognized by the blinking of light on the device. The light is actually at work rather than electricity, thus the name infrared transmission. A little known fact is that desktop PCs have the capability to use […]

Apple Notebook Computer

Apple notebook computers are everywhere these days. One can barely enter an office, home, school, library or trendy coffee shop without seeing Apple’s ubiquitous logo adorning a notebook computer. But how did Apple get so popular? Why are their notebook computers so ubiquitous? And what sets them apart from their PC competitors? Apple is an […]

Touch Screen Monitor

A touch screen monitor is one that has the ability to detect where its screen is being touched. It looks like a regular monitor but is more expensive on average. While they will probably never replace the keyboard and mouse on a desktop computer, they still have many practical uses. They are used in retail […]

Network Switch

So you have a small and home-based business or office? If you have, then probably, your network is nothing more than a combination of PC, router, and a modem. However, if you’re planning to expand your business as well as your network, you may easily find your router running out of ports to link more […]

ATX Motherboard

The ATX motherboard in your computer is sometimes referred to as the main board. It is the primary board inside your computer that connects your CPU, memory, drives, expansion slots and the other devices that are connected to your computer. The circuits that are in the motherboard on your computer allow the communication between all […]

Wireless Optical Mouse

What would we do without mice? No, I don’t mean the small, hairy, cheese nibbling kind. As far as I’m concerned, the world would be perfectly fine without those little guys. No, what would we do without computer mice? First of all, our computers would be a much less interactive place. We would not be […]

DDR2 RAM Memory

Everyone is looking for a faster and more efficient computer for the many functions that we use our computer for in our lives. Most of us have a few added devices that we use with our home computers that give us an even greater level of functionality. Most of the computers today come with the […]

InFocus Projectors

InFocus projectors take files such as PowerPoint presentations or movies and displays them on a full screen. This device has many uses, from business and education to entertainment. Factors such as space and weight, reproduction (in lumens) and contrast ratios will influence what kind of device you will want to get. Lumens are a unit […]

Notebook Memory

Why go out and buy a new notebook when you can just upgrade the memory to make it faster and have more space? It only takes about 5 minutes to upgrade your notebook memory. It is really not that hard to do and almost anyone can do it. All you have to do is figure […]

Laserjet Printer

Should you choose a laserjet printer for your business and having trouble making that decision? Before you buy, stop a minute and take into consideration how much printing you will be doing on a regular basis. What types of things do you want to print out? If you are a student just wanting to print […]

Computer Speakers

Almost without fail, the speakers that come with your computer will not be of good quality. There are all kinds of qualities to consider when shopping for a speaker set for your computer, and these include budget, amount of sound, sound quality, physical space for the speakers, and more. Make sure you do your research […]

SATA Hard Drive

SATA stands for Serial Advanced Technology Attachment and is the newest technology for connecting internal hard drives to motherboards. In the past, Parallel ATAs Attachments were the standard, but SATAs have eclipsed the PATAs in both performance and the fact that SATAs do not contain wires. SATA technology also costs less. SATAs are designed for […]

Wireless Network Card

It seems like magic. As soon as you install a wireless network card in your desktop or laptop computer, suddenly, in certain hot spots, your computer is able to grasp internet access out of thin air. With a wireless network card, it is easier than ever to feel like you are connected to the rest […]

Business Laptop Computer

A business laptop computer is designed for business people and students who travel frequently and need to work away from their desks. They are normally used for writing letters, editing spreadsheets, sending emails, and making presentations. The internal components are usually less than cutting edge because business software is not that demanding. They typically have […]

VoIP Router

The internet has changed the way we access information but it has also changed the way we make telephone calls. Callers can save a lot of money by diverting their calls to the internet and away from the phone companies. They can save even more money if they cancel their land line service and use […]

Color Printer

There are now two types of color printers on the market – color inkjet printers and color laser printers. While both types can produce high quality prints and even crisp photographic printing, there are some differences that you should be aware of when in the market to purchase a new color printer. Color inkjet printers […]

Ethernet Adapter

If you have worked long enough on a computer at work, in your school library or a university campus or any other library, you must be familiar with the term ‘Ethernet’. An Ethernet is a means of networking within a small area. The global network of computers is called the Internet. Similarly a network that […]

DSL Modem

This particular device is familiar to everyone as most of us have used it in the past, and some continue to do so today as well. The simplest definition would be that it is a modem that allows one to connect to the internet over a digital subscriber line (DSL). Before the DSL connection came […]

Voice Interface Card

A voice interface card can range all the way from a few hundred dollars all the way up to many thousands of dollars. The voice technology strides that have been made recently are outstanding. A person using this technology in one country can talk via the internet to a person in another country without the […]

Linksys Router

Chances are if you have shopped for a router in the past ten years you have considered or purchased a Linksys router. For years, these ubiquitous blue routers appeared in homes and offices all around the country. But where did Linksys come from? And what is the future of their company and their cost-effective, highly […]

Computer Cables

As is usually the case with trends, they bring with them accessories and side effects that we could never imagine. Take the computer, for example, sure they allow us to process data quickly, store it securely an even browse arguably man’s greatest invention, the internet, but they also came with many side effects that the […]

Optical Mouse

Imagine being able to compute anywhere you want without worrying about difficult hook-ups and cords. For some people hey don’t have to imagine; they are the owners of optical mice. An optical mouse, an advancement from the more traditional older mouses with rollers and balls, uses digital camera technology to narrow down a mouse’s location. […]

Laptop Battery Charger

One of the major things that can make or break your laptop experience is having a reliable battery charger. How annoying would it be to go to your favorite WiFi cafe only to learn that your power cord is so short you have to sit on the floor with your coffee? Or what if you […]

DDR RAM Memory

Most computer owners will need to upgrade their computer memory at some time to run the latest software. Every new operating system, video game, and business application that comes along typically needs more memory than the last version. DDR RAM memory is currently the most common type used in laptops and desktop computers. It is […]

ASUS Motherboard

The primary circuit board inside a computer is called the motherboard. Peripheral devices are connected to it, like the central processing unit (CPU), drives, and memory and expansions slots. The core circuitry to the motherboard is called the chipset. There are different chipset manufactures and you can get an ASUS motherboard with at chipset that […]

Wireless Network Adapter

Without a doubt, the internet is one of mankind’s greatest inventions. Though naysayers decry the excesses of spam email, pop up ads, and the endless scams that the internet has helped perpetuate, nobody can deny that the internet has made some very positive changes in our lives. Some people even go so far as to […]

Wireless Webcam

Wireless webcams can be used for all sort of purposes: the soldier’s wife talking to her husband in Iraq, security surveillance, keeping track of children and pets, spying on the babysitter … the list is endless. These cams can be used on both wired and wireless networks. While wireless gives you more options, wired webcams […]