Computer Hardware

SATA to USB Adapter

There are many situations where an internal hard drive fails and you may want to retrieve the files stored in it. While you may not always be so lucky that the hard drive keeps the files stored even after it is damaged, in some cases you might be able to recover everything. However, once the […]

Media Keyboard

Your typical keyboard consisting of 104 keys is now a thing of the past. A new wave of media keyboards have made way and have been getting a lot of attention. The reason for the popularity in media keyboards is mostly their versatility. There are a number of tasks that media keyboards can perform that […]

Quad Core Laptop

The processor is without a doubt the most crucial piece of hardware inside any computer. Everything your computer does could not be carried out properly without a working processor as it basically works as the brains of your computer. When a task is requested to be performed it will be completed by your computer’s processor. […]

Computer Microphone

Many people complain about the quality of their computer microphones. Usually the problem is on the user’s end though as most people do not know which microphone are best. There is also a lot of information about recording tips that people should read up on as well. If you put some research into various models […]

Intel Atom Processor

There is no denying that the hardware in netbooks and laptops is far from impressive. It can be understandable to have a relatively small hard drive in a netbook or laptop though. These computers are designed for light use and the most important specifications would be the processor. The Intel Atom processor was designed for […]

PDA Barcode Scanner

When shopping for a barcode scanner you have a wide selection of devices to consider. There is a large variety of barcode scanners that are used in retail stores, libraries, schools, and more. To purchase the best barcode scanner for your needs you will have to read up on the specific types of barcode scanners […]

Read-Only Memory

A Read-Only Memory (ROM) chip can be found in computers and indeed most electronic items. The chip is programmed with specific data and is typically integrated within your device. The data stored within a ROM is often referred to as “non-volatile”. This simply means that when the power is removed the data stored within the […]

Motherboard Bundles

The demand for using motherboard bundles to build systems is becoming increasingly popular by the day. They are most often used to either assemble or update your computer with the greatest of ease and also extremely quickly. A motherboard bundle can best be described as an assimilation of other individual computer components. They basically consist […]

Linux Thin Client

Linux along with many leading industry organizations are pushing for the use of Linux desktop operating systems as the preferred choice of computer at home and at work. A thin client can best be described as a device that is connected to the server rather than the actual desktop. Linux thin clients are able to […]

NAND Flash Memory

Flash memory involves specific technology that allows it to retain data even when the supply of power is turned off. NAND is a specific form of flash memory. This type of flash is much faster than NOR flash memory but uses basically the same principles. You will find flash memory in a wide variety of […]

Mini Notebook

Without a doubt, the most exciting computing product to appear in recent years has been the mini notebook. Sometimes called a netbook or sub-notebook, it is cheap and portable and definitely not a toy. It has many of the features of a regular notebook but falls short of its processing power. The growing popularity of […]

PCB Connectors

Everything from computers to toasters now has a printed circuit board (PCB) inside it, and many devices often have more than one. A PCB is a sheet of insulating material that has many thin copper tracks running across it. The tracks carry electrical power and data signals between the components and the PCB connectors. A […]

Apple Magic Mouse

It is a safe bet that everyone who uses a computer also knows how to use a mouse, but the new Apple Magic Mouse might leave some people feeling a little confused. The most striking difference compared to other mice is that it has no buttons or scroll wheel. They have been replaced by a […]

Computer Headset

Computers and the internet have made it possible to listen to music, watch videos, play games, and talk with others almost anywhere. However, doing all this is very difficult without the right equipment. The computer headset is one of the most popular accessories sold today, but choosing the right one can be a difficult decision. […]

Load Balancer

The load balancer is an essential part of every large computer network, and it can even be useful for smaller networks as well. It helps avoid the traffic bottlenecks that adversely affect speed and reliability on a network. Along with managing traffic, it can also be used to combine the bandwidth from two or more […]

Tablet PC

It goes without saying that portable computers are very popular these days. Sales of notebooks and netbooks have increased dramatically in the past few years. The convenience of having a computer available at all times is very attractive to many people. There are plenty of different types to choose from, but some types are far […]

KVM Cable

Computers are cheap and plentiful these days, unlike in the past when owning one was considered a status symbol. Some people have a need to use many computers at the same time, either for their work or hobbies. To avoid being overwhelmed by peripheral devices, they use a KVM switch to control the computers with […]

ID Card Printer

In this day and age of modern technological development, there is always a new gadget available that will make your life easier. For example, if you have to print ID cards for a company, association, club or event, you will now find ID card printers available on the market – using these devices will make […]

Socket 478 Processor

From all the manufacturers of computer chips and components aimed for use in domestic personal computers, Intel is doubtlessly the most reputable and award-winning hardware developer. This company is always in the forefront, when it comes to developing faster and more advanced computer hardware; that’s something which is readily available in the newest Socket 478 […]

Compact Photo Printer

If you’re interested in photography, you probably carry around your camera everywhere you go, right? If so, there are good reasons why you might want to add a compact photo printer to compliment your photographic toolkit. In fact, there are probably more reasons than you imagine! Whether you’re looking for general information on compact photo […]

High Speed Scanner

One of the trademarks of good technology is allowing people to avoid tedious and repetitive tasks, so they can put their energy to better use. Effectively, the latest advancements in document scanning technologies will make your life quite a bit easier… especially if you routinely have to scan a high volume of documents, and assuming […]

Memory Heat Spreader

For some people, having a fast computer is a necessity, since they use their PC in their work. For others, having a faster computer is also a passion and even a hobby, especially if they are overclocking enthusiasts. As you might know, factory settings usually favor security and reliability over performance, so they usually keep […]

Backlit Keyboard

Gaming and multimedia keyboards alike are regularly designed with various lighting features. These lights (commonly LED lights) were mostly an addition as a way to add “bells and whistles” to make the product more attractive. The lights are not just a common feature on gaming keyboards though as they are commonly fund on multimedia keyboards […]

Laser Toner Cartridge

If you are using a laser printer, it will originally come with a brand name laser toner cartridge. The laser printer uses laser technology that is vastly different than the technology that inkjet printers use. Laser printing technology uses light photons that are discharged onto a cylindrical transparent drum. The drum is coated with the […]

Ergonomic Mouse

If you have carpal tunnel, you may want to consider switching to an ergonomic mouse if you do a lot of typing or use your computer a lot. An ergonomic mouse has a unique design that allows you to keep your hand in a comfortable position when using the mouse. It is thought to relieve […]

Laptop Webcam

If you have laptop and use it to get on the internet a lot, you may have noticed that when you are instant messaging with your friends that they have a small icon by their name that looks like a video camera. That means that they have their laptop webcam on and if you click […]

WiFi Signal Booster

You may have a wireless internet router already installed in your home so that you can connect to the internet without using wires on your desktop and/or laptop. While your router is in one room, you may have a wireless DVR in another room or some other wireless device you want to use like a […]

HP TouchSmart

Whoever thought that one day we would all be able to simply touch a computer screen to navigate through programs rather than using a mouse or keyboard? With the introduction of the innovative technology introduced by HP TouchSmart, that day is now here. When you hear people talking about HP TouchSmart they are talking about […]

1TB Hard Disk Drives

When hard disk drives first came into being, they were huge in terms of physical size, but not so much in terms of storage capacity. Even the hugest ones among them had capacities no more than a few megabytes (often less than ten), consumed a lot of energy during operation, and were not even suitable […]

Sound Card with RCA Input

An RCA connector can be defined as a type of electrical connector that specializes in the transfer of audio and video signals. Some more common terms by which it is known are phono connector and cinch connector. The term RCA connector first came into usage because it was introduced by the Radio Corporation of America […]

PC to TV Converter

A computer graphics and a television broadcast are very different in their input and output. The computer graphics is regarded as VGA and with suitable conversion it is possible to broadcast VGA in a television, though the picture quality will be reduced to some extent. This conversion requires an external hardware, or sometimes it is […]

Sharp Projectors

In the competition for the best projectors available in the market, Sharp is a serious competitor for the gold. They have been running neck-and-neck with other projector manufacturers for decades. It is difficult to imagine how Sharp got here when you realize that they started from making mere pencils! Sharp originated from a small metal-workings […]

Touch Screen Computer

Touch screen is one revolutionary concept in the information processing world where instructions can be transmitted or obtained not by the click of a button, but just by the power of a touch. The credit for the first touch sensor goes to Doctor Sam Herst, who was an instructor at the University of Kentucky. His […]

AMD Motherboards

The motherboard is one of the main components that are found in modern computers. They contain most of the crucial circuits and electronic devices needed while also providing a platform for other peripheral devices to connect to. Nowadays, there are a number of brands that produce high quality motherboards of which, like in case of […]

Sony VAIO Notebook

VAIO, which originally stands for Video Audio Integrated Operation, is Sony’s trade name for its desktops and laptop computers. However, in 2008, the acronym was amended to stand for Visual Audio Intelligence Organizer on the occasion of the brnad’s 10th anniversary. Sony VAIO notebooks have been popular with users for a long time now. The […]

Large Format Flatbed Scanner

Out of all the different types of large format scanners, flatbed scanners are the ones that are most widely used. That is because they can be used for a number of purposes. They can also be used in a number of different ways. And this is why these scanners are one of the most versatile […]

Modem/Router Combo

In this fast paced, information rich age, living without an internet connection is like walking with blinkers on. Without constant access to the World Wide Web, you are effectively blinded to most of the goings on of the world. Real time news, launches of new products, blogs and RSS feeds, all of these are rich […]

Lenovo ThinkPad

Early 2005 showed the purchase of IBM’S personal computer division by Lenovo. The division comprised of ThinkPad laptop computers that were initially premeditated, constructed and sold by IBM but after the acquisition, Lenovo took over such activities and to date, ThinkPad portable laptops have been produced and marketed by them. ThinkPads were conventionally manufactured in […]

Wireless USB Hub

Wireless hubs have been around for quite a while now, but their popularity starting soaring recently due to the growth in internet revolution. Networking has now reached workplaces and households, making hubs necessary gadgets. It can connect multiple computers together to create a single network, making it surprisingly easy to access. It can also share […]

Intel Processor

Today, Intel Corporation is a giant in the processor market. It is easily the most popular (and in many opinions, the best) brand of processor available, and it has been for over a decade. Although Intel is seeing more competition now than ever, in the form of Apple computers and AMD, it still is the […]

Wireless N Router

Wireless technology has transformed computing and made it more portable and accessible. A large number of wireless devices have appeared in the past decade. These include notebooks, printers, keyboards, mice, and routers. A router manages network traffic by directing it to the computers it was intended for. Wireless devices obey a set of rules called […]

Laptop RAM

Random Access Memory (RAM) is a fast type of computer memory used for the temporary storage of data. Several sticks of RAM can often be found next to the processor on the mainboard. The RAM holds the data that the software running on the processor needs to use frequently. RAM is essential for avoiding delays, […]

VGA Cable

A VGA cable is an extension cable that can be used to transmit your video signal between your laptop and your desk top and other applications as well. For example, it can be used to connect or extend monitors like on your television set or projectors. VGA stands for Video Graphics Array. A VGA cable […]

Media Center Extender

Any computer that is loaded with Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows Vista Home Premium, or Windows Vista Ultimate is compatible with the Windows Media Center Extender. The extender for Windows Media Center can stream media from your computer to the connected extender device. The media that can be streamed includes photos, videos, […]

Touch Screen Laptop

The touch screen laptop has been creating a great deal of excitement in the computer industry lately. It has a touch sensitive screen that can be used in place of a keyboard and touchpad. Some manufacturers have gone as far as using touch screens and nothing else. The touch screen laptop is often called a […]

Short Throw Projector

In the world today, the use of projectors to display information has become a very popular concept. It can usually be seen in office conference rooms, classrooms and concert halls. Nowadays, many movie fanatics who own home theatres seem to use a projector to show the movie, rather than having it displayed on a TV. […]

Blueprint Copier

When printing, it is often necessary to use paper, cotton, Mylar and other materials that have been carefully made so that the prints are both accurate and thorough. In addition, it is necessary to spread a solution – which is sensitive to light – over the material. The purpose of using this solution is that […]

VGA Monitor Cable

Video Graphics Array – more commonly known as just VGA – represents the minimum standard of resolutions of color in electronic devices, especially computer monitors. It is usually the most compatible color resolution, and hence, it is the most popular among other color resolutions. The VGA is typically identified by a total of 32 colors. […]


Although network cards are now obtainable in most computer stores, purchasing them is nonetheless a troublesome activity. For instance, a few networks use different unfamiliar interfaces like Coax. In this case, the user must know of their network interface before they purchase the cards. This is usually because the type of network cards needed varies […]

VGA Cooler

Have you ever noticed that your computer makes a very distracting noise when you are trying to watch a movie? This is because the Video Graphics Card is overheating. Not only can this be a bit of a nuisance, but it can also be harming the hard drive. To get the best out of your […]

PCMCIA/CardBus Adapter

A lot of laptops, particularly notebooks are missing a CardBus slot on the computer itself. The good news, is that you can now buy a CardBus adapter to provide the slot for your laptop or notebook. These adapters will usually accept wireless broadband cards, video capture cards, and many others. These adapters can be purchased […]

Multimedia Computer

A multimedia computer is a computer that is built and developed with the specific purpose of player movies, pictures, music, and/or video games. The term “multimedia computer” has faded in and out of the public consciousness since the late 80’s, and its specific meaning has also changed much. This is mostly due to the constant […]

Western Digital Hard Drive

Many people have used a Western Digital hard drive at some time or another, probably without even knowing it. They can be found in many of the desktop and notebook computers used at home and work. The various brand names would be familiar to anyone who buys hard drives separately. They include the Caviar and […]

Intel Motherboard

Open up any desktop computer made in the last thirty years and there is a good chance it will contain an Intel motherboard. Intel has been manufacturing motherboards, or mainboards as they are often called, since the early days of the computing industry. There are over thirty different models for desktop computers in the current […]

External DVD Burner

A Digital Versatile Disk, more popularly known by the acronym DVD, is a data storage device that can be used to store media files and other information. A standard DVD with a single layer can hold about 4.7 gigabytes (GB) of information. Dual layer DVDs can hold upto 9 GB of data. Rewritable versions of […]

Cisco Switch

What exactly is a Cisco switch, how does it function and what do switches do on an Ethernet network? These are questions a lot of people who want to understand computers and networks will want to know the answer too. If you have a Cisco switch, it will change Ethernet frames and work at Layer […]

UPS Battery

Every computer can benefit from being connected to an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). It is commonly called a UPS power supply, which is a tautology but nobody really minds that. Essentially, it is portable case that contains a rechargeable battery, inverter, and a charger. It provides backup electrical power in the event of mains power […]

Dual Monitor KVM Switch

One of the more unusual computer peripherals is the KVM switch, which stands for keyboard, video, and mouse switch. Few computer users would have ever used a KVM switch or even seen one for that matter. The dual monitor KVM switch is even more uncommon but that may be about to change. Dual monitor setups […]

Seagate Hard Drive

If you are running out of space on your computer’s hard drive you can replace it with a Seagate Hard Drive and get all the storage space you ever wanted in a hard drive. Seagate’s next generation hard drive called the Barracuda 7200.11 has 1.5 Terabytes worth of space for a desktop computer. If you […]

Belkin Wireless Adapter

Do you have networked computers in your home and have had trouble with your wireless adapter in the past? Is it connecting too slowly to the internet for you? Maybe you should replace your wireless adapter with a new one so you can get a faster connection. Have you tried a Belkin wireless adapter yet? […]

LCD Computer Monitor

Are you building a new computer and trying to decide what type of monitor to use? If your old monitor is just not big enough anymore or the images just not clear enough, you should consider getting a LCD computer monitor. LCD is so much better than the old cathode ray tube or CRT. Not […]

Wireless Bluetooth Mouse

Business Professionals can benefit from using a wireless Bluetooth mouse when making their presentations. Have you ever tried to make a presentation by using your digital projector, computer, keyboard and mouse? If you have, did you get frustrated and nervous because you had to navigate through all of the wires? You may have noticed how […]

AMD Athlon Processor

The AMD Athlon processor is the most popular processor of choice among many pc users and especially hard core gamers. The AMD Athlon processor can do so much more than just email, web browsing and word processing. It is the best choice for those in businesses, schools and those into gaming. The Athlon processor is […]

HP Ink Cartridge

Ink cartridges are a replaceable component to printers. The cartridge supplies the ink that passes through a technological procedure in your printer and then evaporates as the words or pictures are printed onto the paper. An HP ink cartridge is a quality cartridge that makes all the difference in the world to the performance of […]


SATA DVD Burners have become much more popular in the past few years. As more and more computers are made with SATA ports, DVD drives made for them have become a more viable alternative. Just a few years ago, DVD players and burners for computers were mostly made for the older IDE format. While it […]

CPU Fans

CPU fans are the most essential part of a computer although many fail to recognize their importance. CPU fans keep the system cool and ensure over heating is avoided to give optimum work performance. The temperature inside the CPU should never go beyond 96 degrees Fahrenheit. It is very essential to keep the CPU cool […]

Hard Disk Drive

The technology is advancing at a rapid pace offering us many alternatives to improve our comfort level. Earlier people used to rely on labors for different tasks however, now we have various devices that save money. Computers have become an important part of our daily lives, as we can perform many tasks on a computer. […]

Wireless USB to VGA Kit

For anyone that uses the computer there may be times in which you feel limited to what you can do or where you can go. Although laptops have really helped when it comes to mobility they do not give you the convenience of being able to view your information on a larger screen or multiple […]

Flexible Keyboard

Computers are forever changing and becoming more advanced daily. When you think back to where computers were just a few years ago, it is truly amazing to see just how far technology has come. Trying to keep up with the latest and greatest computers, programs and accessories may seem simply impossible. You could get a […]

HP Thin Client

Thin clients are a newer type of computer system that many offices are switching to in order to save money and have more information security. A lot of people may not have heard of a thin client before but they are becoming more popular across the world each day. Any type of office setting that […]

Ethernet Media Converter

Along with the advancement of computers came the amazing ability to surf the internet. Internet has come such a long way and is used to find information, build websites and stay in touch with those around us. If you want to have an internet connection you have to have internet services installed in your home […]

SATA/IDE to USB Adapter

There are many pros and cons that come with the advancements of computer technology. Obviously we all appreciate the fact that our computers have become more efficient, faster, quieter, and are capable of storing so much information. The older computers were much louder, much bigger and they were only able to handle so much information […]

SATA Connector

Technology has improved by leaps and bounds over the past decade, especially when it comes to computer parts and peripherals. In the past, slow and sluggish hard drives were made even slower because of inefficient connectors that relayed information from the hard drive to the motherboard, which is the platform inside your computer that makes […]

Gigabit Router

Today computers are such a huge part of everyday life. It is how we communicate with people and also how we store a lot of valuable data. Without a computer we have limited access to some of the knowledge that can be found through the internet. It seems that most people today rely on their […]

Gaming Monitor

Gaming monitors are some of the most amazing and impressive monitors you’ll ever find. There are thousands of different types of gaming monitors, so the problem is not whether to buy one, but which one to choose! Some have various MS, some have various widths and heights, some work better with certain graphics card, but […]

VGA Splitter

Gaming as we know it has now taken on a whole new form. People are now going crazy over PC gaming and even console gaming continues to have its popularity increasing daily. Currently millions of gamers are spending hours upon hours in front of their computers, and that’s where VGA Splitters work like a treat. […]

Dual CPU Motherboard

A computer, or PC, consists of several pieces of hardware, each operating simultaneously and in synch with the next. The main parts of a PC are: CPU Memory (Primary and Secondary) HDD ROM Monitor USB Flash Drives The most important pieces of a PC are in the core of the unit, but consist of a […]

Multimedia Barebone

Lately there’s been a lot of talk about multimedia barebone systems and because it is such a fresh trend in home entertainment not many individuals know what it actually is. Multimedia barebone systems stem from barebone computers; these are basically a step between buying a fully-loaded system as a package and building your own system […]

XFX nForce Motherboard

A motherboard is an essential component of computers. It is the main circuit board in a computer, and is also known by the names of logic board, system board, or simply, mobo. The motherboard essentially connects all the components of a computer such as the CPU (Central Processing Unit), hard drives, video cards, etc. XFX […]

Portable Projector Screen

It seems like people can no longer have a definite place to do all their work. Instead, they are always on the move. This change in work style has led to a growing need for electronic devices that can be carried to wherever their users want to. Manufacturers have long understood the need, and created […]

Hard Drive Enclosure

If it is a problem for you to change the hard drive inside your computer, or perhaps, if the option of doing so is not available to you at all, then the simplest solution would be for you to get an external hard drive enclosure with a capacity to host hard disc drives. A hard […]

PDA Keyboard

A common feature available in most PDAs is the ability of wireless communication. Whether it’s through IR (Infrared), Bluetooth or even Wi-Fi, it can access other devices and attachments without wires to send and receive information. Palm and PocketPC PDAs are equipped with at least one of the three wireless communication methods. But how could […]

Trackman Mouse

To many individuals, using a mouse without moving the mouse itself would seem absurd. However, that is the case with the Trackman Mouse. They are the complete opposite of regular mice as they are operated by moving the track ball instead of the whole mouse. Though they are less popular than conventional mice, they are […]

OLED Display

LED, an acronym for Light Emitting Diode, is a device that coverts electrical energy into light. LEDs can be used for a number of lightening purposes at home or workplace, and are also used for computers, DVD players, and televisions. OLED or Organic Light Emitting Diode is a modern advancement in LED technology, and has […]

Microsoft Sidewinder Joystick

Microsoft Sidewinder is a range of gaming controllers and peripherals developed for the Personal Computer by Microsoft. The line of peripherals include gamepads, steering wheels and joysticks. Within these, several models of joysticks and gamepads were introduced. Originally, these devices were intended to be compatible with only Microsoft Operating Systems, however they are used with […]

Network Patch Panels

Ever seen the inside of server rooms infiltrated with hundreds of thousands of meters of network cables, shamelessly clogged into alien looking machines filled with hundreds of sockets? Network patch panels are exactly what you most probably saw, which made today’s network infrastructures possible. Network patch panels houses network cable connection, in a generally rack […]

Flash Memory Card

We’ve all heard of this term quite a lot. We even know what they look like. So you might refer to your memory stick or pen drive as flash drive or you might call the memory card in your game console as a flash memory card. But exactly what is flash memory? And what are […]

Thumb Drive

If you are tired of using the same old conventional floppy disks, CDs and ZIP drives to store data and transfer files to and from your computer, which have not only become monotonous and boring but inconvenient as well, then there is nothing more ideal for you than the USB thumb drive. A thumb drive […]

XGA Projector

The price difference between low and high end projectors is enormous. With monitors of the same size but different resolution capabilities, the price difference can be less than a couple hundred US dollars. That’s not nearly the case with projectors, where the difference can be up to a thousand dollars. XGA projectors are equivalent to […]

Dell Thin Client

Computers come in all shapes and sizes these days, from heavyweight desktops to compact netbooks. A thin client is a small desktop computer that is designed for business tasks, such as writing letters and editing spreadsheets. The main benefits of a thin client are its low cost, small size, and low power usage. However, a […]


SODIMM memory is a type of Random Access Memory (RAM) that typically is used with small devices that are trying to conserve space. They are a smaller version (about half the length) of DIMM memory, which is the dominant method of equipping computers with RAM. SODIMMs are usually used for devices like laptops, printers or […]

Desktop Monitor

Desktop monitors have come a long way in the past 10 years. Gone are the huge and heavy monitors of old that used to take up most of the space on anybody’s desk. The technology used for desktop monitors has changed completely, and now almost every monitor is a flat screen monitor that weighs under […]

External DVD Drive

A computer without a DVD drive is severely limited in what it can do. A drive is often necessary to play games, listen to music, watch movies, and install software. While most desktop computers have a DVD drive, many smaller notebooks do not have one. An external DVD drive is only slightly more expensive than […]

Network Router

Back in the days when a single home computer was a luxury, a device like a network router was not needed. People were happy just to crowd around a single computer, and they were still marveling at the wonders of dial up internet. But fast forward a couple decades and you have homes with five […]

Copy Machine

Copy machines today come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. They range between the hulking copying machines found in most business offices to the small personal copy machines that can fit on a desk (not to be confused with a scanner, which has a different basic function). In either case, the technology used […]

Graphics Adapter

Commonly known as a video card, a graphics adapter is the part of the computer that controls its graphical display. In modern computers, the graphics adapter is attached to the motherboard through a PCI-e port. This allows the graphics adapter to control the display, as opposed to the CPU. If the CPU were to control […]

PS3 Keyboard

If you have a Playstation 3, then you will know that there is the option to use a keyboard when needed, instead of a controller. However, this can be very annoying, because the user has to keep switching between using the controller for game play and then switching back to a keyboard when typing is […]

Lenovo Laptops

If you are looking for an inexpensive and ultra light laptop, think Lenovo laptop. The Lenovo Thinkpad z60t weighs in at only four and a half pounds. This Lenovo laptop measures a sleek and trim 13.1 x 1.2 inches. The great thing about this cool Lenovo laptop is that the retail price starts a just […]

Multimedia Projector

There are many circumstances in which having a multimedia projector is very useful. Whether you work in a classroom or an office environment, having the ability to project information onto a larger viewing area may be necessary. Multimedia projectors are great for taking information from your computer and transmitting it onto a larger screen for […]

SATA Cable

Until recently, the Parallel ATA (PATA) interface was the most common way of connecting hard drives and CD/DVD drives to the motherboard inside a computer. It was based on the Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE) interface that was introduced in 1986. Many people still refer to PATA as IDE, despite it being faster than the original […]

USB to Serial Adapter

For many years, the serial port was an essential feature of every new computer and peripheral device. It was as common in the past as the USB port is today, but the serial port has been fading fast from the computing scene in recent years. While many people upgrade their computers every year, some continue […]

Wireless LAN Switch

Advancements in technology are rapidly growing everyday. If you looked back at just how much things have changed in technology in your lifetime you would be amazed. Not only in the last century or decade have things evolved but every single day someone is coming up with a newer and better way to do things. […]

Computer Case

If you are into building your own computers, you know how important the computer case is. It will house your motherboard, CPU, video cards, hard drives and optical drives. Most of them are made out of aluminum or steel, but there are a few that are made out of plastic. They can vary in category, […]

Logitech Webcam

The Logitech Webcam is one of the many peripheral devices made by the Swiss company ‘Logitech Group’, which was established in 1981. Initially, Logitech was widely known for one of its mass-marketed devices, the computer mouse. Logitech also manufactures keyboards, speakers, webcams, game controllers and gaming ware, headphones, headsets, microphones (desktop), wireless audio devices, Harmony […]

SCSI Adapter

SCSI is the second most used interface in computers today. Small Computer System Interface, SCSI or (scuzzy), as it is sometimes called, is based on an older proprietary interface. SCSI was developed by Shugart Associates along with the NCR Corporation in the 1980’s. It is a controller used to power SCSI- enabled devices, as well […]

LaserJet Toner

Laserjet printers are relatively inexpensive these days. That is because the manufacturers who build and sell them know that they can make up for selling them at really low prices when consumers have to buy replacement LaserJet toner cartridges for them. LaserJet toner cartridges can cost almost as much as the printer itself. There are […]

PDF Scanner

Virtually anything can be scanned and put into a PDF document. This is a very convenient way of storing important documents, such as worksheets, timetables, and forms. You can even scan pictures and artwork and save them to a PDF file. This is a fairly easy process, but of course, you are going to need […]

Wireless Laser Mouse

Everybody talks much more about differences between Intel and AMD, between MAC and PC, but almost no one talks about differences among mice. Mice are incredibly important for user comfort. Optical or not, cordless or not – you’ll work faster and with less stress with a better mouse. Currently, there is a further feature to […]

Viewsonic Monitor

When you purchase your computer, a new monitor may or may not be included. If your computer did not come with a monitor then you may need to purchase one separately. Other times you may need to purchase a new monitor could be because your monitor has stopped working correctly or you just want to […]

External USB Drive

There are few things more frustrating that running out of space on a hard drive while saving a large file. An external USB drive is the perfect solution to this common problem. No longer do computer users have to frantically search for old files to delete to make space for new ones. They simply plug […]

USB Serial Adapter

Before USB cables became the easiest and most popular way to attach a device to your computer, serial cables were the most popular way to this. These cables could be used for devices ranging from printers to disk drives, and the serial port was almost a standard component of any desktop. Not everybody used devices […]

External Sound Card

An external sound card is used to add audio support to a computer or to bypass the inferior audio hardware it already has. Using an external card avoids the problem of opening the case and installing an internal card. This can save a lot of money if the card has to be installed by a […]

Graphics Tablet

Using a normal laptop for digital artwork and similar computer graphics activities can limit what you can do quite a bit. With a normal computer mouse, drawing graphics in a program like Adobe Photoshop can be very difficult. Even after a lot of experience with a normal computer mouse for drawing, you cannot match the […]

Cordless Mouse

The cordless mouse offers you the comforts of an ergonomically correct device, plus the ease of not having to deal with wires. This is especially useful for those on the go, and those who give presentations in conference rooms and need to move around or pass around the mouse. You may want to try out […]

Panasonic Toughbook

The Panasonic Toughbook is a laptop designed for heavy duty use. There are sometimes extreme climates and environments where a laptop can be very beneficial and most laptops cannot endure the environment. The Panasonic Toughbook however was designed for these exact situations. Most people use laptops for simple Internet surfing, entertainment purposes, or as a […]

PATA Hard Drive

If you are someone who is thinking about using a PATA hard drive, you will want to know how this system works so that you can be sure you are making the right decision. This drive is known as a Parallel ATA and it is an industry standard for a various assortment of storage devices […]

Apple iPad

The Apple iPad is the latest addition to Apple’s ever-growing arsenal of revolutionary gadgets. While it may look like a normal tablet PC at first, the iPad in reality is almost anything but one. Apple has always been one of the pioneers in the computer industry, with its series of critically acclaimed Apple Macintosh computers, […]


Whether you own a business or just need to be able to make copies of important papers you may be in need of a photocopier. Before purchasing a photocopier you must first consider what features you will want. Photocopiers come in many sizes. Some are large and stand alone while others may fit on a […]

Saitek Cyborg Keyboard

The Saitek Cyborg keyboard offers a rather impressive visual appeal and numerous intriguing features, but there are certain important factors that are lacking. For around $80 it would be considered a mid-priced keyboard, so there has to be something there to make it worth buying. So, lets just jump right into the details. Design – […]

RDRAM Memory

RDRAM (Rambus Direct Random Access Memory) is a type of DRAM that was designed by Rambus Corporation. However, it is not simply a brand name of DRAM, as it possesses different qualities from other types of DRAM, like SDRAM, for example. Any developer of this kind of RAM has to pay Rambus Corporation royalties for […]