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Gaming Motherboards

As far as computer technology goes with regards to gaming, it is crucial to select the proper components that will enable high quality graphics and smooth game play. The motherboard is of course the central part of any computer that is necessary for it to function. The speed of this part will determine a number […]

Corner Monitor Stand

A corner monitor stand could be the perfect addition to your computer setup, depending on what your own preferences are as to how everything is laid out. There are a lot of people who prefer these stands because they are small convenient pieces of furniture to put a computer monitor of almost any size on. […]

Ricoh Copiers

It is important that you find the right copier if you are looking for a new one to put in your office or at home. Ricoh copiers have a good overall reputation for being able to produce top quality results with regards to making carbon copies of whatever you want to duplicate. Since there are […]

PVC Card Printer

Having the ability to print PVC cards can be very beneficial. It can prove to be useful in both small and large businesses. You can use it as a method to print basic identification cards, loyalty or membership cards, and more. There are many possible uses for the PVC cards. They could be used as […]

Low Profile Video Card

In the early days of computing, buyers were usually not concerned about the type of video card inside a computer. It was all about the power of the central processor or the size of the hard drive, or even the number of keys on the keyboard. But thanks to the growing popularity of video games, […]

Canon Photo Printers

Canon are without doubt one of the biggest names in the global market of electrical appliances. They have a wide and varied range of photo printers with models to suit just about any budget. Canon has approximately 40 different models of photo printer and their prices start from $70. Canon Selphy Compact Photo Printer – […]

USB Audio Interfaces

A USB audio interface is a powerful external sound card that’s almost always used for high quality music recordings. More commercial users of PCs won’t need all the features and high quality sound ability of such a professional external sound card, even hardcore gamers. Gamers are more into video quality. A USB audio interface is […]

Arm Mount for Monitors

Monitor stands are available in many different designs and styles today that allow you to make more room on your desk by removing your computer monitor from the desktop. You can purchase an arm mount for monitors that allows you to place your monitor in a more convenient and comfortable position for viewing. Arm mounts […]

3D Projectors

In order to view an image as three-dimensional, our eyes will view things from two slightly different perspectives and then our brains will interpret the difference. Basically 3D projection is a process of viewing two images of the same subject matter, but from slightly different perspectives. We as the viewer will see these projected onto […]

NAS Devices

Network Attached Storage (NAS) can best be described as a file based storage service that is supplied to other devices that are connected to the same network. The main function of NAS is to provide file systems, access to files and data storage. However you should be aware that a NAS unit is not intended […]

USB to PCMCIA Converter

The Universal Serial Bus (USB) is the standard connector for most of the computer peripherals that we use. A USB cable is attached to just about every modern keyboard, mouse, printer, modem, and scanner out there. One of the most common problems that notebook users face is not having enough USB ports for their peripherals. […]

Asus Laptops

Smartphones and tablets get a lot of media attention these days, but they are still a long way from replacing laptops and desktops. In fact, the laptop recently took over from the desktop as the most popular type of computer. It may have been just an executive toy in the past but the laptop is […]

BTX Motherboards

The history of computing contains many examples of technology that seemed right at the time but never really caught on. The story of the BTX motherboard is one of high hopes that were quickly dashed. It was destined to become the new standard and take over from the long-running ATX motherboard but in just a […]

DVI KVM Switch

KVM switches are needed whenever there are two or more computers that are connected and are sharing peripherals. They first began to be use these switches in the 1980s. There is much dispute over who actually invented the KVM switch. KVM is the acronym for “Keyboard, Video, Mouse.” In the beginning these switches were basic […]

High Resolution Scanner

A scanner has become a part of modern day computing and most homes and office IT ranges will include one of these wonderful devices. It is intended to optically scan a number of objects such as handwriting, printed text, photos and will then convert them into a digital image. The most common type will be […]

Dell Netbook

Dell netbooks are known for their sleek designs and their numerous customization options. However, the battery life and ergonomics of previous Dell netbooks leaves a lot to be desired. This was, of course, until the new Dell notebook Inspiron mini 10 was introduced into the marketplace. This newest version of their netbook takes advantage of […]

Multimedia Keyboard

In the past, computer keyboards were simple gadgets used mostly for typing, but their size and capabilities have grown in recent years. The huge popularity of the internet and digital media has given rise to the multimedia keyboard, which is a regular keyboard combined with a media center and other special buttons. It allows applications […]

HD Multimedia Drive

The strength of an HD multimedia drive is that it can organize and store all of your digital multimedia files, like your videos, music, and photos and then play them back on your big screen TV. No more messing around with a small computer screen. This truly gives you amazing power to store massive amounts […]

Socket 939 Motherboards

A motherboard is the primary circuit board inside of a computer and is also known as the brains of the computer. This is where the central processing unit (CPU) is as well as the memory, drives, expansion slots and other peripheral devices are connected. The motherboard facilitates the communication between devices in the computer and […]

iPad Accessories

With close to ten million units sold throughout the world, it’s clear that Apple’s iPad is no slouch for technology fans. The innovative device – equal parts computer and mobile tablet – has gained some high-profile supporters in the technology world, consistently besting its competitors and gaining an incredible amount of praise from both home […]

Notebook Cooler

The computer industry is well known for its intensely competitive nature. When consumers start asking for a new product, manufacturers launch into development and production at breakneck speed. The notebook cooler is a perfect example of that competitive spirit. Shortly after media reports about notebooks overheating and causing burn marks, a wide range of models […]

Macintosh RAM

Random Access Memory (RAM) is a key component of every computer, including every Apple Macintosh ever made. It provides a small but extremely fast space for the processor to store data, without having to constantly access the slow hard drive. It soon becomes apparent when your computer has run out of RAM because applications slow […]

Epson Projectors

Epson is a very commonly known manufacturer of projectors as well as other electronic devices. The company produces a long line of home theater, office and classroom projectors and use LCD technology. In addition, Epson produces a number of LCD panels for different companies that are considered the competition. They provide LCD panels to Sanyo […]

USB KVM Switch

A USB KVM switch can be useful for those who want to be able to connect and control multiple computers with just a single device. Although in the past a lot of these have been PS2, the more modern ones run on USB and therefore they are much faster and more efficient. You will find […]

Refurbished Laptops

Laptops are considered by many students and business people to be essential for their study and work. In fact, laptops are so popular that they can be found in nearly every school and office building. The first laptops were so expensive that only the very rich could afford them, but sales of laptops have been […]

External Blu-Ray Drive

The blu-ray format was created so that people can record, rewrite and playback high-definition videos. It is also capable of story a huge amount of data on a single disc. An external blu-Ray drive is a portable type of hard disk drive that you connect to your computer, laptop or notebook by a USB cable, […]

Projector Screens

You may recall that the first time you ever saw a projector screen was in the classroom at school. However technology has come a long way since the days of the noisy and extremely annoying screens of many years ago. There is now a huge variety of projector screens in the marketplace and they can […]


A DVD-Rom drive is a backwards compatible disk drive that supports both DVD-Rom discs and older CD-ROM format discs as well, so they’re certainly versatile and you don’t lose the capability of your older CDs when you upgrade to this newer drive system. The CD-ROM formats that DVD-ROM drives support include CD-I disks and video […]

Book Scanner

A book scanner converts physical books into digital images so that they are taken into the digital age. The reason books are scanned is so that they can be reproduced and read on digital screens and computer monitors. With the advent of the internet and digital book readers there was a tremendous need for book […]

Socket 478 Motherboard

Those who are looking to build their own computer will definitely want to look at a socket 478 motherboard. The motherboard is arguably the most important part in any given computer and it is responsible for sending electrical signals to all of the other parts in the computer. These particular motherboards are great for putting […]