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Bluetooth Printers

The very first Bluetooth printer was released in 2001. Ever since the invention of Bluetooth the wireless craze has taken off. A Bluetooth printer uses wireless radio based communication technology. This technology has provided a tremendous growth in the number of Bluetooth devices on the market today. It has been a little more than a […]

Laptop Backpacks

A laptop backpack is designed to allow you to comfortably and conveniently carry your laptop. These are made much like traditional backpacks and allow you to balance the weight of your laptop computer on both shoulders. They are also designed to give you enough room to carry your laptop as well as any accessories or […]

Samsung Laser Printers

Laser printers were once too expensive for the home and small office markets. As the technology improved and the prices dropped, people rushed to buy them as replacements for their inkjet printers. Another benefit of laser printers is that they have a lower cost per page compared with inkjets. A Samsung laser printer makes a […]

Refurbished Projectors

Purchasing refurbished products instead of completely new is an excellent way to save money. It does however, take some time to learn how to correctly evaluate refurbished products. If you are planning to purchase a refurbished projector for instance, you need to know how to determine whether this will be a good product. There are […]

Large Format Printer

There are many reasons you may need to use a large format printer. These may include producing tradeshow graphics, signs and banners, fine art, architectural drawings or any specific application that requires you to print big items. Large format printers are often referred to as wide format printers as well. They are no different from […]

Laser Barcode Scanner

Scanners are everywhere these days it seems, and the laser barcode scanner is the most common of them all. It is also known to many people by other names, such as barcode reader or price checker. You can find one attached to nearly every cash register and airport ticket kiosk. The laser barcode scanner has […]

Flight Simulator Pedals

There are a lot of people who have an intense fascination with flying, but they are unable to take to the skies for various reasons. Lack of money is a common problem because aircraft are expensive to operate, and it costs thousands of dollars just to get a basic license. Using a flight simulator is […]

Video Graphics Cards

The video graphics card was initially intended as just a connection port for the monitor, but it has now become one of the most important components inside a computer. The first card was launched in 1981 as part of the hugely successful IBM PC and could only display a few lines of text in one […]

Universal Laptop Battery

Many consumers today own laptops that offer them more convenience when working and browsing the internet. In order to ensure that you have adequate power to keep your laptop running you need to ensure that your battery is always fully charged. If you travel often then this could be a potential problem. Purchasing a universal […]

Small Copy Machine

Anyone who needs to frequently make copies of documents will need a good copy machine that will be able to get the job done and well. Some people just need small copy machines and not the big bulky ones which are meant for use in office buildings. If you need one for your home and […]

Classroom Projectors

Whether for a presentation or merely to assist in teaching, hundreds of thousands of teachers across the world rely on classroom projectors on a daily basis. Some opt to use their to display documents, written pieces, and example worksheets. Others, particularly those teaching at a higher level, might use their class projectors to assist students […]

Laser Video Projector

A laser video projector is a product that takes a specific video signal and then converts that video signal to a modulated laser beam. Once the signal has been converted, the beam will project moving images. Laser video projectors currently product the highest variety of colors when compared to other display options. The very first […]

All-in-One Computers

There’s nothing the average computer user likes less than cluttered cables, hardware errors, and the endless search for drivers that many PCs can require. It’s a symptom of the do-it-yourself PC world, and one that’s being rapidly eliminated by all-in-one computers. These PCs, despite using the same components as any other, are built inside a […]

PCMCIA Sound Card

An increasing number of people are using their notebook computers to watch movies, play video games, and listen to music. Unfortunately, the sound quality of the speakers on most notebooks leaves a lot to be desired, and the basic audio processor lacks many of the features of the advanced sound cards. The only way to […]

Wireless Remote Extender

There are numerous moments when people find themselves in predicaments where the range of their remote control is not enough for the job. It may be in circumstances where the device is set up in one room but the main controls are left in another. The user may have their remote control with them but […]

Laser Cartridges

Laser toner cartridges have claimed a mainstream platform in the recent market structure by producing excellent quality prints. It is reliable to the extent that the user will not have to run out of enough ink during an important project or printing the last pages of a meeting within a critical deadline. Among all the […]

Dye Sublimation Printer

To achieve high quality digital prints it will be necessary for you to have all of the right printing equipment. A dye sublimation printer would be exactly what you would require to get the highest quality digital photo prints possible. This type of printer offers a superior performance when compared to most other types of […]

HDCP Monitor

Large computer monitors are more affordable than they have ever been, making it a very attractive option to upgrade right now. They make it possible to play high-definition Blu-ray movies on a computer without losing any of the detail, but many buyers are discovering to their horror that there are restrictions placed on the devices […]

HP Docking Station

Hewlett-Packard is a company that is well known for their excellent quality and advancements in technology. They make high-quality computers, printers, various other hardware devices and more. One of the products that Hewlett-Packard manufactures is the HP docking station. An HP docking station is a fantastic accessory for your desktop or laptop that is essential […]

HTPC Keyboard

Computer use may be done for entertainment purposes or for financial gain. Some individuals just enjoy surfing the web, listening to music, posting on forums, playing online games, and etc. Others may use the computer for work. In both cases, it is common for people to spend a lot of time sitting at the computer […]

WiFi USB Adapter

There is ample evidence that the popularity of portable computers is driving the decline of desktop computers. Sales of notebooks and netbooks are rising fast as falling prices make them more attractive than desktops. Instead of upgrading old computers, many owners are disposing of them and buying new portables. One of the reasons why they […]

Label Printers

When you need to print just one address label for an envelope, it can be a real struggle to setup a desktop printer to do the job. Fortunately, you can avoid this problem by using a label printer. This tiny thermal printer is designed for the sole purpose of printing labels for letters, parcels, folders, […]

Wireless Music Bridge

Even in today‚Äôs technological age, many computer users find that connecting various users or devices of a specific system together without needing cables and wires is frustrating. A wireless music bridge allows you to connect to a personal computer without using wires and cables. You can listen to your music without the fear of tripping […]

Network Media Player

A network media player is a media streamer that can be used to view all different kinds of media. One will allow you to stream live music, videos from the internet or other network to your HDTV or on your laptop or computer. You can also view your photos on your HDTV with one from […]

Wireless Projector Adapter

A wireless projector is a type of projector that will typically receive signals from its source (usually a PC or laptop) without the need to ever use cables. The main advantages of a wireless projector are that they have no cabling issues and, therefore, you are able to have a longer distance between the source […]

Refurbished Desktops

Purchasing a computer can cost a lot of money, but if you are strapped for cash you may consider purchasing a refurbished desktop. Many of the top brand names and premier computer manufacturers actually refurbish, repackage and then resell their desktops for extremely low prices. These include manufacturers such as Acer, Dell and HP. If […]

17 Inch Monitor

If you are planning to purchase a new replacement monitor, or a new computer system altogether, you will find that there are many monitor options available today. Most people today prefer a 17 inch monitor to other sizes for a variety of reasons. First, a 17 inch monitor offers much more viewing space than a […]

Cellular Router

As today’s internet connections become much less fixed to one location, the value of mobile internet devices and portable routers continues to increase. One item that’s become particularly popular over the last few years is the cellular router. These devices allow users to connect to the internet using an ordinary WiFi signal in almost any […]

All-In-One Laser Printer

Do you remember the days when you needed four separate machines in order to copy, scan, fax and print? Not only would this have obviously caused problems with desk space, it can also be considered pretty taxing on your budget. However since the inception of all-in-one laser printers you now have one multi-functional piece of […]

Computer Cooling Fans

Computer components are known to produce a loss of waste heat and it is vital to keep them cool in order for your computer to operate safely within certain temperature limits. There are numerous methods of cooling involved which will typically improve the overall performance of the computer processor and can actually help to reduce […]