Cat5e Cable

With all of the different types of cables that are used to hook up video and audio equipment to the average computer or entertainment center, it is easy to get confused about the different types of cables that you need. One of the cables that are most commonly used for hooking up computer network and Ethernet systems is known as a cat5e cable. This cable is good for this kind of technology because it consists of pairs of cables that have been twisted together and then housed inside of a single piece of tubing.

This tubing helps to insulate the cable while at the same time allowing more cable lines to be processed into the single plug at the end of the cat 5e cable. In this kind of cable system there are generally four different pairs of cables that have been twisted together and then housed in the same piece of tubing. This means that at the end of the line where the plug is attached there are eight different cables to be threaded into the plug so that more information can be transmitted through the cable line. This made the performance of the cable for the use of the Ethernet network a good thing because of the amount of information that can easily be carried through this larger system of wires.

Although they have a lot better performance than the original category 5 cables, they are still limited to the long distance relationship of the Ethernet network that you can easily run. The downside to using a cat 5e cable system is that you are limited to an Ethernet network that is only about three hundred feet long. So, if you are trying to set up a network that is going to need more than three hundred feet of cable, the cat 5e cable is not the one that will be able to work for you.

Something else you might want to understand about this cable system is the different types of cables that are available. For example, the solid core cable is one that is cheaper to use, and it is generally considered to be done for more permanent installations because of the fact that if you bend the conductors they can crack, so once you get the cable in place you will not want to move it once you have it set. The other type of cat 5e cable is known as stranded cable, and this is something that is generally used in patches and for connections in mobile equipment and devices that are known to vibrate as even small vibrations from small movements and fans can cause problems in the housing of the solid core cable system. However, each of these connections have different hook ups on them, so you will want to double check to make sure that the one you want to use will be able to work with your system.

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