Carpet Sweeper

A carpet sweeper is a mechanical or motorized device that is used to sweep carpets. They are dry cleaning devices, i.e. they do not need water for the cleaning. It can effectively remove crumbs, dirt, dust and other particulate matter from carpets and sweep them into a receptacle from which they can be emptied. They resemble brooms that are used for cleaning purposes and in fact some of these carpet cleaners can actually be used on hard floors without carpets, just as brooms. However, the mechanical principle that drives the carpet sweepers is different from that of the traditional brooms.

Carpet sweepers have a box like arrangement that is attached to a long handle. The handle is used for maneuvering the sweeper along the carpet as it is being cleaned. Some of the later models have adjustable handle lengths so that people of different heights can comfortably use them. The handles are made of durable plastic or metal alloys.

The box arrangement at the base is the important part of the carpet sweeper; this is the part that actually handles the cleaning. This box has a set of rollers in it. Both these rollers have brush arrangements that are arranged in a spirally arranged manner. Just above the rollers, there is a receptacle to contain the particles that are swept by the appliance.

The operation of the carpet sweeper is very simple. When it is powered on, the rollers begin to rotate. This causes the brush arrangement to come in contact with the carpet. They are arranged spirally; this arrangement allows for maximum contact with the carpet surface when the sweeper is in operation. Due to the high speed with which the carpet sweeper operates, the brush very effectively sweeps out the individual particles from the floor. The speed also gives momentum to the particles to move in the direction of rotation of the rollers. The particles move along this direction and are caught in the receptacle. The receptacle will need periodical emptying out to make space for more particles.

In earlier days, carpet sweepers were purely mechanical devices. They needed to be moved along by hand which would make the rollers move. These devices did not give high speeds to the rollers due to which the cleaning was not effective. Modern carpet sweepers are motorized. The electrically powered motors allow high speeds of rotation and hence better cleaning. However, the sweeper does not self-navigate. It needs to be moved around to clean the entire carpet surface.

Again, there are two kinds of motorized carpet sweepers. These are the electrical and the cordless. The electrical ones will need to be plugged in to a power socket for the cleaning, which is an inconvenience, but still some people prefer it because it provides a consistent power supply. The cordless ones are operated on battery power. These have the convenience of better maneuverability but at the same time, they suffer from the limitation of battery charge. They cannot be used for longer cleaning sessions because the batteries are prone to run out soon and need charging.

Today, vacuum cleaners have managed to oust several carpet sweepers from homes. The reason is that vacuum cleaners are more versatile in cleaning, have more power and can clean much more effectively. But even then, carpet sweepers exist because they have their own plus points. Carpet sweepers are very thin and so they can be better navigated than vacuum cleaners. They are virtually noiseless and hence become great cleaning devices in hotels and restaurants where the cleaning needs to be done very discreetly. Most importantly, carpet sweepers are a lot cheaper than the vacuum cleaners that are available today.

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