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Carpets must be one of the most annoying things to keep clean in your home. They will collect and store dirt deep within the carpet fibers and over time and this can eventually lead to an accumulation of dust, mould or mildew. Unfortunately if you suffer from any allergies, these are more than likely to aggravate them. This would also make your carpets look unclean and they may even emanate an unpleasant smell. Unfortunately vacuuming may not be the answer and therefore you may have to look into getting a carpet steamer.

There are various professional cleaning companies who charge quite substantial sums of money when cleaning your carpets. However you’re able to achieve the same “professional” level of cleanliness through using your own carpet steamer. It is recommended that you should steam clean your carpets at least once every year or two years at most. If you have a lot of people coming in and out of your house you may actually need to clean your carpets thoroughly once every 3-4 months.

In order to remove the dirt that is in your carpet, steam cleaning is definitely best way. A carpet steamer will literally blast your carpets with a jet of hot water. As it passes over the carpet it will then vacuum both the water and indeed the dirt straight up. The reason that you use steam is so that you can initially loosen the dirt that may have been grounded into your carpets over many months, or even years. The more often you use a carpet steamer, the fresher and cleaner your carpets will appear and smell.

You may consider using a carpet steamer if you have children or pets. You know just how messy and untidy both can be, and unfortunately this can play havoc with your carpets. In addition to steam, the majority of carpet steamers will require some form of solvent. However it is understandable if this worries you slightly. If you’re especially concerned about using high-grade and heavy chemicals on your carpets you have the option to find a carpet steamer that is compatible with biodegradable and children friendly cleaners.

If you only intend to use a carpet steamer on an irregular basis, it might actually be more cost-effective to just rent one. You should be able to rent a carpet steamer for a day at a very reasonable price and often you will find that the specialized soaps and chemicals are all included in the rental price. Should you wish to purchase a carpet steamer you have a wide variety of choice. There are many different models and manufacturers and they all come at various prices. You can still purchase an extremely effective for anywhere from $100-$200.

The two main types of model of carpet steamer are either the upright version or canister. If you’re looking to clean large areas then an upright carpet steamer will definitely be better for the job however you may find that they are very heavy to push around. If you really have small areas or car interiors or furniture to clean, then you are definitely better off with the canister model. The majority of upright models are able to holds approximately 1 gallon of hot water and cleaning solution. The canister is actually are able to hold a bit more, but you will find that the water becomes colder much faster.

Depending on the price range within which you wish to purchase a carpet steamer, many of the more advanced models come with tools and attachments. Some have auto cleaning tools, upholstery and stair attachments and even a bare floor attachment. There are even machines to offer a water heating option which means that you do not always have to add hot water directly and you can still get an extremely efficient clean. All carpet steamers will come with rotating brushes and there are generally between four and six. The more brushes the machine has, a higher price you can expect to pay. However these rotating brushes are essential in helping to lift dirt from the carpet.

Prior to using a carpet steamer I would suggest that you completely empty out the room you’re going to clean. This will allow you the freedom to vacuum and spot clean your carpet before using your carpet steamer. Most manufacturers recommend that you do not complete more than one pass when dispensing steam as this may cause the carpet to become too wet. If the carpet becomes too wet this will not have the desired effect. You should also wait until your carpets are completely dry before replacing furniture in the room and most experts say that the summer is the best time to do this.

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