Carpet Steam Cleaner

Most homes and apartments have carpets. Even if you do not have children or pets you will still need to clean your carpets periodically. The best and most popular way to clean a carpet today is with a carpet steam cleaner. Steam cleaning is also referred to as hot water extraction. You can usually rent a carpet steam cleaner from a grocery store. However, nowadays many home owners are choosing to buy their own carpet steam cleaner. The size of your rug or carpet and the material it is made from may influence the options that you will need to consider when using a carpet cleaner.

A carpet steam cleaner uses hot water that is heated enough to produce steam as the agent that cleans the carpet. Tiny amounts of steam are released as you run the machine over the carpet to clean it. This allows the carpet to be refreshed and the stains, dirt, grit, sand and allergens to be removed from the carpet. When the carpet in a home is kept clean it will look better longer and may even last longer. Nowadays because of the green movement, the carpet cleaning manufacturers have developed new carpet cleaning machines that clean without the need for shampoos and other chemicals or detergents. Carpets that are heavily soiled may need pretreatments before a carpet steam cleaner is used to clean the area. This is especially true in heavy traffic areas. The carpet cleaner technology nowadays uses a cleaning solution that is made from water that is modified so that it has a high pH alkaline level that makes the water soft. The pH balance of the water works really well as a degreaser and cleaner. The water in this type of carpet steamer cleaner is heated to about 200 degrees. No other soap or carpet cleaning solution is needed. This type of carpet cleaner should not be confused with a simple hot water carpet cleaner. A true carpet steam cleaner will only use hot steam to clean only the carpet.

A carpet steamer cleaner uses more water than any other type of carpet cleaner. This means that the carpet steamer needs to be able to thoroughly extract the water as well as clean with it. A carpet that is saturated can even be ruined so it is imperative to avoid over saturation when being steam cleaned. The steam loosens the dirt very effectively. A carpet steam cleaner may also have hose attachments. It needs a powerful suction to suck up the loosened dirt particles and water from the carpet. The moisture should be completely dry in less than 12 hours if you have a professional clean it for you. If moisture is still in the carpet after that mold can set in.

Using a steam carpet cleaner will clean deep down and remove the dust, allergens, smells and stains. Some of the major manufacturers of carpet steam cleaners are Bissel, Hoover, Dirt Devil, Eureka, Euro Pro, Scunci and Koblenz. The Hoover SteamVac Agility TurboPOWER carpet steam cleaner cleans carpet as easy as using a vacuum cleaner. It is a lightweight, yet deep steam carpet cleaner that is easy to maneuver. It comes with a folding handle for easy storage as well. It has a 12 amp motor and an 8 ft. hose and upholstery tool. The water tanks are easy to fill and are side by side. This particular model has five rotating brushes as well. The tool caddy can be removed when not needed. Another good model is the Bissell PROdry Steam Cleaner. It has an industrial strength suction motor. Carpets will be dry in 30 minutes with this model. It has an oxygen tool that can clean and remove even red wine stains. This particular model can be used on all kinds of cleaning surfaces. When you are shopping for a carpet steam cleaner you can find them online or at major retail home stores.

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