Carpet Shampooer

It is impossible to imagine a home without carpets. Like furniture, they are an absolute necessity for making homes beautiful. However, unlike furniture, carpets are very troublesome when it comes to their maintenance. They need to be washed at least once every three months. Otherwise, they lose their luster and end up looking dirty and old.

The need for washing carpets has led many owners to rent carpet shampooers. However, renting them can be costly. So, in order to save money in the long run, carpet users should buy good quality carpet shampooers. Doing so will ensure them clean, odor free and durable carpets. Moreover, they can clean their carpets whenever they want. This is certainly useful since carpets are one of the items that are vulnerable to pets and children.

However, consumers need to be wary when buying carpet shampooers – especially for the first time. There are a wide range of shampooers available – all at the same price but without all the essential features. So, what features should consumers look for? The feature that tops the list is a large water tank. No user wants to continually remove dirty water from the tank and refill it with clean water. This is where a large water tank can be useful. It just needs to be filled once for washing the whole carpet.

Another important aspect is the brushes of the shampooer. These brushes usually fixed. However, some machines have rotating brushes, too. The latter are very efficient and effective. This means they work very fast and clean up almost all the stains and the dirt. However, they act very vigorously. So, using them continually can make the carpets look old and worn out. As a result, users should using rotating brushes only in special occasion and not more than 2 to 3 times per year. On the other hand, fixed brushes can be used all year round, though they are not as fast or powerful as the rotating brushes are.

Most carpet shampooers are sold without any attachments, though the manufacturers may offer discounts on the attachments for the owners of their shampooers. However, there are a few brands which offer attachments – absolutely free of cost. Users should always buy shampooers from these manufacturers. Attachments – especially the ones for upholstery and stairs – can be very handy, and will certainly become necessary with time. Therefore, instead of buying them later at high prices, the consumers should try to obtain them free at the point of purchase of their shampooers.

However, almost all the above features will seem unimportant if the shampooer does not have a trigger. Yes, this is the most important feature to look for in a shampooer. The trigger will not only tell the user how much detergents or cleaning solution to use in the shampooer but it will also make sure that the user does not use excess solutions – which can cause wastage and damage to the carpet. In addition, the user can know beforehand how much of cleaning solution is needed for stains that are hard to remove so that he or she does not need to wash the carpet again and again.

Investing on a high quality carpet shampooer can be cost effective in the long run. An extremely powerful carpet shampooer, such as Hoover F5914-900 SteamVac with Clean Surge (that has the Clean Surge feature for cleaning out difficult stains easily), costs around $179.99 while a shampooer without all the features, such as Bissell 2080 Quicksteamer Powerbrush, costs about $97.99. This is certainly cheaper than getting professional carpet cleaning services or renting carpet shampooer machines several times every year.

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