Carbon Steel Wok

The word for pan in Chinese is wok. This is a standard cooking vessel that the Chinese and other Asian countries use. Woks are bowl shaped pans and make the best kind of pan to use when you want to cook all kinds of delicious Asian foods. The wok is also catching on in popularity with many cooks in the United States. The traditional woks were constructed out of cast iron. Today, woks are made from all kinds of materials such as stainless steel, cast iron, copper, aluminum and carbon steel. The carbon steel wok is the best kind to use today because of their superior heat conductivity. Almost all Chinese restaurants use a carbon steel wok today. When a carbon steel wok is heated the pores open up and will absorb the cooking oil better. The food will cook faster and turn crispier in a carbon steel wok than in any other kind of wok. These types of woks can really handle high temperatures that you need whenever you stir fry. You can also use them for deep frying foods since the high sides of the pan will allow for deep frying.

A carbon steel wok can be an inexpensive purchase. They are much lighter than cast iron woks which make them easier to handle. They can be easily lifted and moved about in the kitchen. The woks made from carbon steel also provide for even cooking. The heat will spread evenly in the wok so that your food will turn out much better. Food will not stick in these kinds of woks either, unlike the aluminum or stainless steel woks. You can even find non-stick carbon steel woks on the market today. When the heat is evenly distributed it means your food will not burn in some areas of the pan so your food turns out perfect every time. Non sticking makes them much easier to clean as well. Also, your carbon steel wok will not rust like a cast iron wok will.

A wok made from carbon steel should be seasoned first before you use it. To season such a wok all you have to do is rub some vegetable oil all over the inside of the wok with a paper towel. Then heat the wok over medium heat for one hour. After the hour is up, allow the wok to cool down and then repeat the process one more time. This will help keep it from rusting and will allow for stick-free cooking once it is seasoned. You can re-season the wok any time you think it needs it. To clean your wok, simply use a soft sponge and warm water. You do not need to use dish washing detergent. If there happens to be bits of stuck on food you can allow the wok to soak in hot water and then wipe clean with a soft sponge. Your carbon steel wok should always be hand dried after it is cleaned as well. Coat the interior of the wok with a little vegetable oil after each use as to keep it ready for the next use.

If you are shopping for a new carbon steel wok you should look for one that is a minimum of 12 inches in diameter. This is the perfect size for cooking for up to 4 people. If you are cooking for more, a 14 inch wok is a better choice. Keep in mind that the larger woks are only availing in specialty stores and online. In the United States many woks are sold with a circular ring stand. You don’t really need the ring stand as it will keep the wok too far away from the heat. The secret to good Asian cooking is the high temperatures that are used so avoid using the circular ring if you can.

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