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The reason normal electrical appliances don’t work in vehicles is because the power source isn’t the same. Car power adapters are basically just power plugs that are designed to plug into your car’s cigarette lighter, as opposed to a normal wall outer. Regular appliances can’t use the car as a power source is because of the shape of the power connector. Cars’ power supplies were originally intended to light cigarettes, which is why they’re still often referred to as cigarette lighters. A car’s power source is still shaped for the cigarette lighter, and so in order to access the power source, a car power adapter has to be shaped to fit it correctly.

When it comes to buying a car power adapter, there are two main issues to consider – compatibility and adaptability. If you’re able to attach a car power adapter to your appliance, which means that the power cord is detachable. At the opposite ends of a power cord are the end that connects to the power source and the end that connects to the appliances power input. The shape of this input, as well as the amount of power the appliance consumes, dictates the type of power adapter you need.

If the appliance you want to power in your car is a mainstream appliance, like an iPod, you won’t have any trouble with finding the correct cable to connect it to your car. But for something more unique, like a set of speakers, you’ll need to find an adapter that both fits it correctly and sends out the correct amount of voltage. There are a number of car power adapters that have replaceable “heads,” meaning that they can connect to a number of appliances that have standardized power inputs. These are very useful for people who are alternating between a few low-power appliances.

As for affordability, whether car power adapters are worth it just depends on your situation. If you’re only trying to power one application, or a few that can use the same cord, then the $10 to $20 you’ll spend on an adapter is well worth it. If, on the other hand, you want to power a few different appliances in your car that would require you to buy several adapters, it might be worth it to spend the $40 or so it costs to buy a power inverter. This will allow you to plug in your electrical appliances in the same manner you usually would.

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  1. Ben Smith says:

    The power you get out of the wall is AC. The battery in your car delivers DC.

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