Cappuccino Makers

Although many of us are unable to function normally first thing in the morning without a daily dose of coffee, you no longer have to waste your money by making a regular trip to Starbucks. There are now numerous cappuccino makers in the marketplace and they have come a long way since the first spluttering and incompetent machines. It is more than possible to spend in excess of $400 for a decent home cappuccino maker however you are still able to find many wonderful models below $100.

There are two main types of cappuccino makers and these are the pump machines or the steam machines. The steam variety are typically far less powerful than the pump machines however they will produce excellent coffee and great results as well. This would also mean that the steam variety will cost less than a pump machine and they also tend to be far smaller in size. The most obvious features that consumers will look for in a cappuccino maker will be one that produces coffee very quickly, coffee that tastes great and also a machine/maker that is extremely easy to clean.

You’ll find cappuccino makers vary in size and the actual amount of coffee that they can produce in one hit. You will typically find that most machines will produce 2 to 3 cups of cappuccino which should be more than enough to suffice for the majority of households. You will, of course, have the far more advanced and larger sized cappuccino makers which will produce far more coffee. This wide range of choice makes it a lot easier for you to decide what model you should have in your own home.

Cappuccino makers often come combined as an espresso maker as well. The water will be heated to an optimal temperature within the maker and will also propel fine ground beans for approximately 20 to 30 seconds. The cappuccino maker will then use steam or pump pressure to force water through these finely ground beans which will ensure that you get the maximum flavor extraction. You can also divert the steam through a nozzle which will, in turn, foam your milk to produce a perfect cup of cappuccino. The majority of cappuccino makers will heat water to the optimal temperature of 190-197 degrees as recommended by the Specialty Coffee Association of America.

Cappuccino makers are far more advanced nowadays than when they originally came to market. Many have automatic drip machines with an automatic shut off. They may possess digital clocks and timers and a pause to serve functionality. You should always ensure that you use the freshest ingredients, i.e. coffee, as there is no point in investing in one of these fantastic machines and then using substandard ingredients. You can also choose to grind your own coffee by using either a coffee mill or grinder.

One of the most popular cappuccino makers is the Espressione Cafe Roma Deluxe. This is an extremely sophisticated and advanced cappuccino and espresso maker that actually also includes a built-in grinder. It is fairly large in size and is 14 inches wide, approximately 14 1/2 inches deep, while being 11 inches tall. It is made from stainless steel although you can also purchase an all in black model. It has an extremely contemporary look with curved and angled edges. This cappuccino maker will take under a minute to preheat and also has an extremely handy temperature gauge on the front panel display. This will show the temperature in both Celsius in Fahrenheit and also includes a self regulated boiler system. This will ensure that your coffee is heated to the optimal temperature and maintained at that temperature. The Espressione Cafe Roma Deluxe will retail from $275-$400.

This cappuccino maker is considered amongst the elite machines within the marketplace. There are many other cappuccino makers for you to choose from and as mentioned, you can still purchase a great working model for under $100. The first cappuccino maker was initially introduced to the world in 1901. Luigi Bezzera was actually a factory owner who wanted to find a way to shorten his employee’s coffee breaks. He discovered that by adding pressure to the coffee making process, the brewing time would be dramatically reduced. Although Luigi’s employees may not have been particularly happy about the shortened coffee break, this has proven to be a great advantage to millions of workers and employers around the world. We all enjoy taking a quick break to enjoy a cappuccino, whether at work or whether at home. However by using a cappuccino maker you now have the opportunity to brew the perfect cup of coffee from your own home.

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