Canon Photo Printers

Canon are without doubt one of the biggest names in the global market of electrical appliances. They have a wide and varied range of photo printers with models to suit just about any budget. Canon has approximately 40 different models of photo printer and their prices start from $70.

Canon Selphy Compact Photo Printer – These are one of Canon’s portable photo printers. The Selphy range is simply a photo printer and cannot be used for general printing purposes. The most popular of the Selphy models is the CP750 which is rectangular in shape and has a creamy coloured body. You will find the 2.4 inch LCD is fixed to the upper side of the printer and you can locate the navigational buttons next to the screen. You do not actually require a computer to print your photos and each unit has a small display built inside. They use dye-sublimation technology to ensure that your photos are produced with a stunning visual quality.

You can connect directly from a compatible camera, a memory card and it even has optional Bluetooth Wireless facility. This is especially convenient for those of you using PDAs or camera phones. You also have the option of using the LCD screen to edit any photos before printing them and ink and paper replacement is far easier than you could ever imagine. This is an extremely user friendly Canon Photo Printer and literally takes a few seconds to power up before use.

Canon Pixma Inkjet Photo Printers – This is your all singing and all dancing model. Not only can you use the Pixma as a photo printer, you may use it to photocopy and scan items too. The Pixma is designed to print primarily traditional 4 inch by 6 inch photos. This cannot, however, be considered a compact photo printer as it weighs in at just over 16 pounds. The Pixma has a built in reader and a 3.5 inch LCD display. The majority of Pixma photo printers come in a grey-silver finish and have a front loading/front exiting paper path.

You will find a 4 way navigator at the centre of the control panel. This will allow you to navigate and select from numerous features that the printer offers. These include a zoom in and zoom out function, as well as a trimming button to crop your images. This fantastic printer will also automatically save pictures from your memory card directly into its hard drive. You finally have a search button which will allow you to locate a photo from any given date.

Canon has quite clearly been dominating the photo printer market in recent years and with good reason. Although they originally became renowned for their copiers, it is virtually impossible to find a Canon laser printer anywhere now. Even though personal laser printers have became all the rage, Canon has decided to take a back seat and concentrate on the photo printer market. They even make their own ink which is specifically designed to go with their high quality printer paper. This, of course, will help to produce exceptional results each and every time you print your photos.

Some of the main benefits of a Canon photo printer:

  • You can expect to produce lab quality photos every time
  • As long as you handle the ink cartridges and selection according to the specifications, your ink can last for up to 300 years.
  • When you are not using a Canon for printing photos, it will print laser quality black text
  • In comparison to other models, Canon prints at a relatively fast speed and is also far quieter
  • You have LEDs that will glow to indicate whether the ink tank has been correctly installed and whether it is low or empty
  • You are able to detach the rear cover from the printer in order to remove any paper that may have become jammed
  • Canon Photo Printers all come with automatic red eye reduction

There are, of course, a few things that you may not like about a Canon photo printer, but these are minimal:

  • The ink cartridges can work out to be extremely expensive
  • Some Canon models can take a very long time to print the first photo after the printer has been turned on, but they run smoothly after that

Technology has changed dramatically within just a few years. It wasn’t so long ago that your camera required a film and a week for a professional photographer to develop your photos. Nowadays, many of us are unable to live without a photo printer and you won’t find many better in the marketplace than Canon can offer.

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