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Everyone loves pictures but not everyone is into photography. There are many amateur photographers that are serious about what camera they would love to have. Before 2005 only professional photographers were able to use the digital SLR cameras. This is because these cameras were extremely expensive. However, some models are available on the market today for around $500. The Canon Digital SLR camera is an inexpensive professional digital camera that even amateurs can use. SLR stands for single lens reflex. This means that you only need one lens to find and take your picture. As you are viewing through the viewfinder you will be seeing exactly what the camera sees.

When you take pictures with a Canon digital SLR camera you will be able to upload the pictures directly onto your computer. You will then be able to edit them as you like and share them with your friends and family via e-mail. When you use a Canon digital SLR camera you will be able to take hundreds of pictures without changing your memory card. Using a digital camera allows you to discard unwanted photos that do not turn out well without wasting film. Canon is known for making one of the top leading brands of digital cameras that are on the market today. These cameras are easy to use and they are popular with professional and serious amateur photographers.

The Canon digital Rebel XT is a great choice for serious beginning amateur photographers. It has an 8 mega pixel sensor which will allow film quality prints up to 16 x 22″. The price tag on this model is right around $800. The ultra fast processor on the Canon rebel XT can shoot up to three frames per second. This model has a lighter battery than the SLR digital cameras before it, which tended to be heavy and bulky. It has exceptional color recognition and a fast startup time of only .2 seconds.

Another Canon digital SLR camera, the Canon Rebel XTi, was introduced on the market in 2006. It weighs only 4 pounds and offers most mega pixels for a camera in its class. This Canon digital camera has an amazing 10.1 Megapixel CMOS sensor. It can even produce high-quality poster size prints. It also has a fast startup time of only .2 seconds. The camera is famous for having a self-cleaning sensor and the ability to efficiently eliminates dust particles. It also has the added feature of being able to attach extra software in the main camera to automatically clear stubborn dust particles as well. The Canon rebel XTi digital SLR camera also has a more accurate nine point AF system and the latest sensors. Amateurs and professionals alike can easily handle this camera. The camera is compatible with several lenses. Like other digital cameras you can do photo editing, sharing and printing. You can find this camera for less than $600.

Canon also makes much higher priced digital SLR cameras. The Canon 1D digital SLR camera is for e good experienced profession photographers and sells for about $8000. This price is only for the camera body. The lens is not included. A good quality camera zoom lens can cost ranges from $3000-$10,000 depending on its features. One of the things that many photographers like about a Canon digital SLR camera the fact that you can change the lens. This means that can just change the lens rather than buying a new camera for your photography needs. Most of the Canon digital cameras will allow you to mount different lenses. These cameras also having your zero lag time which makes them a great choice for action photography. For instance, you wanted to photograph a drag racing event, you will have no problem with this Cannon digital SLR camera. You can find the whole line of Cannon digital SLR cameras for sale online and at local retail camera stores.

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