Canon Digital Camera

From small point and shoots to large scale professional SLRs (single lens reflex cameras), Canon is a popular brand for digital cameras. The products receive consistently high ratings from consumer websites, and user credit the cameras’ sturdy structure and solid images. Most notable for their Digital Rebel series of SLRs, Canon remains a digital camera stronghold, accounting for 20% if digital camera sales in 2006. Not every camera is a hit, but there are certainly a lot of favorites.

The Canon EOS Cameras (SLRs) are considered the most comprehensive in the world. Anyone can use an SLR, from beginners who want to photograph their kids to professional wedding photographers. EOS cameras are for the consumer who really wants to kick their photography up a notch. High-quality images and dependable performance are a couple of reasons so many people adore Canon SLRs, which range in price from $600 to $8,000.

If you’re not quite ready for the Canon SLRs, the Canon Power Shot series features cameras tat are stylish and easy to use. Their lenses and design make them very popular for shutterbugs at all skill levels. With the ease of a point-and-shoot and the high quality of an SLR, the Power Shot cameras are a good choice for those who just need good pictures, perhaps of the family or for traveling. There are various modes to set the camera on, and limitless features that allow for creativity. These cameras range in price from $100 to $400.

When purchasing a camera, be sure to do some research before going to Best Buy or your electronics store of choice. Know all about the available features and how they factor into your idea of the perfect camera. Learn about: pixels, which affect the image quality; optical zoom, which affects how close the objects appear in the image; and memory, which will relate to how many pictures you’ll be able to hold in your camera at once. Think about what you want to use your camera for before walking into the store, and avoid the temptation to go for the cheapest camera you can find.

More megapixels (MPs) mean better image quality. A 2 MP is okay for web pictures, but purchase a 3MP if you plan on printing out pictures, and definitely a 4 MO or 5 MP for professional quality images. Optical zoom is definitely more important than digital zoom, which actually zooms in on the image to a point of distortion. Instead, if you’re looking for getting the nostril hairs of your favorite singer from Row 5, better invest in a good camera with powerful lenses. When at the store, try on the cameras for size and actually take some pictures to see how it works. Make sure whichever camera you purchase is compatible with your computer. Don’t fall for bundles, but definitely invest in memory cards, and if you plan on printing a good printer and photo-quality paper.

Among the Canon bestsellers are the Powershot SD880 IS ($300), the SX10 IS ($400) and the 450D Xsi ($700). The Powershot SD880 IS is a traditional model that remains solid in performance and image quality, offering a 4x optical zoom, wide-angle shooting and a 3-inch display screen for menu options. The SX10 IS is known for its powerful zoom, and is a strong competitor for the best of its kind in this category. The camera features a 20X optical zoom and wide-angle lenses that make it a favorite for shooting nature and travel destinations. The 450D Xsi is the most recent camera of the Digital Rebel series, which combines intense power with usability.

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