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When it comes to optical excellence, advanced image processing, as well as excellent performance, Canon is one of the brands that have a long history on these and stay on top all the time. Their excellence shows not just on their printers, point-and-shoot and digital cameras, but on their high definition Canon camcorders as well.

Many Canon camcorders take advantage of the flash memory. The fast recording time is something that you’ll surely appreciate. You don’t have to wait for moving parts. All you have to do is press and the Canon camcorder gets to work right away. Thanks to the flash memory that these camcorders use, when you review your videos and footages, they’ll come up faster than you realize.

Canon’s range of professional digital camcorders have been created for demanding videographers who want the best tool to realize their unique creative goals. At the heart of all these video cameras is Canon’s philosophy of creative control, flexibility, and capability, in both High Definition and Standard Definition formats.

Canon developed the first consumer level camcorder to shoot in 1080p24 in 2007. The camera is capable of recording in both HDV and DV formats on MiniDV. This model has become popular with film and video makers who don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on their camera.

The company continues to aggressively develop newer technologies to increase the capabilities of their camcorders. With more and more people turning to video for everything from recording meetings to doing video scrapbooks of their families, Canon has a reputation for high quality camcorders at budget friendly prices.

High Resolution
Canon camcorders have the ability to capture high resolution and high definition videos from lens to screen. It can record and play up to 1920×1080 pixels…and that means you get to play your videos in great clarity and detail.

High Definition Image Production
Coming with RGB Primary Color Filter, Canon camcorders can separate light into red, green, and blue components. This, in turn, makes sure that you get very detailed images as well as natural looking tones that you won’t get from many other camcorders.

12x HD Lenses
The latest releases of Canon boast a 12x-high definition lens. This is an aspherical lens that allows you to get low aberration while boosting your shots and videos resolution. These lenses also feature super spectra coating that helps lower flares and ghosting in your shots. These lenses will surely create high definition image quality!

Image Processing
Moving videos and still images have different color requirements. That’s why Canon camcorders have their DIGIC DV II image processing, which is specifically designed for high definition shots and footages. This image processor uses digital signal processing that ensures you get nothing less than optimal image quality whether you’re shooting still pictures or videos. This also make sure that you get improved color reproduction. That’s especially true for skin tones as well as dark and light scenes.

Additionally, it uses a hybrid system that reduces noise making sure you get detailed and crystal clear images. This eliminates much of the “fuzzy” appearance often found in film produced from lower quality camcorders.

SuperRange Optical Image Stabilizer
Many camcorder buyers would frankly say that they wouldn’t get a camcorder without an optical image stabilizer. By using both vector and gyro detection systems, Canon camcorders can correct camera shake in a snap…prepping it for steady and blur-free shots. True, there are camcorders that have OIS as well. However, Canon camcorder’s OIS has the ability to cover wide range of movements and preserve the image or video’s quality.

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  1. Great info here. I will be buying a Canon HV30 in a couple weeks as it is top rated everywhere. I have seen HD video and I am looking forward to making my own great videos. All the best.

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