Camping Fridge

Every summer families look forward to going on vacation. This summer is no exception. However, with the recent problems we are having with our economy, many families are looking for ways to cut down their expenses during their summer vacation. One popular option is to go camping for a fun family vacation instead of on an expensive trip to Hawaii or an exotic cruise to the Bahamas. Modern people have been used to having the convenience of enjoying cold drinks and having a place to keep their food fresh no matter where they are at the world. Even if you go tent camping you can still enjoy convenience of being able to keep your food cold by using a camping fridge.

If you have never used a camping fridge you will be delighted to know that they work really well out in the wild away from civilization. Use of a camping fridge for summer tent camping is a fairly new phenomenon. This is because technology has recently made great strides in the use of portable refrigeration devices and they are fairly new to the market. The good news is you can find a great inexpensive camping fridge take a long with you on your next camping trip. Most of them typically sell for around $100.

Having a camping fridge will not only keep your food from spoiling, it will keep your milk, beer, sodas or fruit drinks cold for you to. You will be able to find a camping fridge that will even run off of your car battery.

If you’re just now looking for a camping fridge to buy for your next camping trip, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Some important factors to consider when buying a camping fridge should be kept in mind. First of all don’t go out and buy one at will be bigger than what you need. Smaller camping refrigerators use less power and will keep food colder. A 12 volt camping fridge can be plugged into your car battery or you can get a converter for it. If you’re going to be hiking to your camping destination and are going to be away from your car you should take a long another battery to run your camping fridge of. You should also look for a camping fridge that is built fairly strong and can take a beating. You never know when may accidentally drop it so you will want to hold up in tough outdoor conditions.

The Wagan 6 liter personal camping fridge is a really inexpensive model that runs on a 12 V cigarette lighter. This is not a very large camping fridge, but you should be able to put in a carton of milk and a few packages lunch meat. This camping fridge is light enough that you can carry it with you if you are going to be hiking to your camping destination.

The Coleman PowerChill thermoelectric cooler is another inexpensive camping fridge. It also uses a 12 V lighter for power. This camping fridge will keep food cool at about 40 degrees cooler than outside temperatures. The Coleman PowerChill is also insulated so it really works well in keeping food colder longer if you experience a dead battery.

The Koolatron Travel Tote is a 7.5 quart camping fridge that is large enough to hold 12 cans of soda. The Koolatron will also run on 12 V cigarette lighter. This one is also light enough for you to carry it easily when hiking to your camping destination. Koolatron also makes a larger, 26 quart capacity camping fridge. When you want to go camping for the weekend it will easily keep your food cold for you. This larger Koolaton camping fridge can hold up to 36 cans of soda and keep your milk and lunch meat from spoiling. You can find all of the camping fridge models mentioned above on various websites on the internet.

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