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It seems as though almost every cell phone on the market today is a camera phone. At one time there were only a few models of phone that had the additional camera on the device, but now it would be unusual if your phone was not a camera phone. What is the benefit of having a camera on your cell phone?

Of course, you will be able to send the pictures that you take on your camera phone to anyone that you are texting with on the phone. This is a great way to show someone where you are or what you are doing while you are talking to them. The next time you receive a text that asks you what you are doing; send them a picture for your reply. It’s a fun way to communicate with others.

It is also quite handy to have a camera with you all the time for those moments when something happens that would be difficult to describe. Or those times when no one would believe you without some sort of evidence. The camera is always there in your pocket ready to snap a quick picture for you to show your friends and family when something noteworthy happens.

Many people have found that their camera phone is an invaluable way to snap a picture of a crime or someone doing something that they shouldn’t be doing. There have been many instances of every day citizens catching on camera, something newsworthy that would not have been captured any other way.

The camera phone has become one of the most popular ways that real news is captured before the news cameras or reporters arrive. And it is often captured by real witnesses who are on the scene by chance. You never know who might have a camera phone nearby, so be careful of what you do when you are out in public.

You may not see a need for a camera phone, but chances are that when you have one, you will find yourself snapping pictures more often than you thought. Having a camera phone is a great way to have some fun with your phone and get some great candid shots of your friends while you are out having a good time.

The quality of the pictures on the camera phone has improved over the years. While you will never get the same kind of quality that you find on a high end camera, it is a way to get a quick picture that you can send on to others.

Many of the models of camera phone on the market will also allow you to take a short video with your phone as well. These are fun to send on to others if you have a special message to send to someone. Phones are one of those devices that you will wonder how you ever got along without. Once you have had a camera phone, you will not want to use any other type of phone again.

Shop around for the camera phone that has all of the features that you want on your phone. Many of the camera phone models on the market will also store and play music so you can have an mp3 player along with your phone for your listening pleasure. Today the cell phone is becoming the device of choice for most people to carry with them. You can check your email, text with your contacts, remain in constant contact, and take pictures all from one handy device that you can slip in your pocket. Today, there is no need to carry several devices with you when you head out the door. You can have everything that you need with your camera phone.

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