Business Laptop Computer

A business laptop computer is designed for business people and students who travel frequently and need to work away from their desks. They are normally used for writing letters, editing spreadsheets, sending emails, and making presentations. The internal components are usually less than cutting edge because business software is not that demanding. They typically have a rugged case to withstand the shocks and vibrations that occur when traveling, and a small screen to reduce weight and make them easier to carry. Support services are especially important for business people who rely on their laptops.

Business software is not as demanding as video games but it still requires some serious hardware. A business laptop computer should at least have a fast dual-core processor and one gigabyte of memory. The hard drive should be quiet and have a large capacity. A solid-state drive (SSD) is quieter and uses less power than than a regular hard drive but is much more expensive. Connectivity is very important and the laptop should be able to use Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile broadband. Fast video graphics are not a major requirement but it is nice to be able to watch movies and play games while traveling.

A metal alloy shell is better than a plastic shell for a business laptop computer. It it less likely to crack when being knocked about inside a bag or luggage compartment. Hinges and latches made of plastic have a tendency to crack so these should also be made from metal. Another reason to avoid a plastic shell is that it makes noises when it flexes while being carried. The laptop should have a matte screen to help reduce the glare from bright fluorescent lights used in offices. It should also have an adjustable backlight to make it easier to see in different lighting conditions.

Other features to consider when choosing a business laptop computer are the keyboard, trackpad, optical drive, and software. Business people do a lot of typing so a comfortable keyboard and trackpad are essential. The widespread availability of internet access means that an optical drive is not as important as it once was, but it is still good to have one as a backup. Some laptops come with a suite of business software already installed. This can be much cheaper than purchasing the laptop and software separately. It should also have firewall and anti-virus software to improve security when using the internet.

A dock is an important accessory for a business laptop computer. It connects a laptop with a regular keyboard, mouse, and monitor on a desktop. Using a dock makes the transition to desktop use much faster and easier. The laptop slides in and out of the dock quickly and easily, eliminating the need to plug and unplug cables each time. Docks also allows business people to improve their productivity by using the monitor and laptop screen together as dual monitors. A dock should be able to swivel and move vertically with just the touch of a finger.

Accessories are also an important consideration when buying a business laptop computer, as they can make traveling with a laptop much easier. While the laptop case is fairly rugged, a carry bag with a molded foam liner provides extra protection. The bag should have soft grips and be made from a stain-resistant material, such as Neoprene. A small, lightweight printer is also good to have when away from the office. An external DVD writer is also good for laptops that only have a DVD reader, CD-ROM drive, or no drive at all.

Support services are also very important for business people. When a problem occurs with their business laptop computer, they usually need it fixed straight away. The large manufacturers offer a variety of support services for their business customers. They provide phone and internet support that also includes help with installing and using popular business software. They may also have a fast replacement service for broken or lost laptops. Buyers should determine what level of service is included in the price of their laptop and what the cost of extra services will be.

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