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A business card scanner or a business card reader is a handy little device that is meant to make the life of a working professional easier. Although we might have embraced technology in our work space, and emails and video conferences have taken the place of telex and fly-by meetings, we are still quite attached to some of the old ways; ways we’d rather not give up. Therefore, companies will still send out important memos and letters on their letterhead, even though word processors are widely used. In the same way, although storing a number on a cell phone takes a matter of seconds, professionals still like to give out their business cards while making acquaintances.

It is quite natural, therefore, to find professionals keeping scores of business cards neatly organized in folders or card wheels. Although it is possible to store a huge amount of contact data in a cell phone, saving and storing business cards have their own reasons. Firstly, you may not necessarily use the contact information, in which case adding it to your phone contact list isn’t useful. Secondly, at times you may forget the name, address or phone number on the card, or the company, in which case you really cant use your phone to locate it. Thirdly, it’s quite a bother to insert all the fields mentioned on the business card into the phone contact list. It’s much easier to just punch and file. To solve all these problems, most professionals use a business card scanner.

This neat little device sits pretty on your desktop and is attached to your PC or laptop. IT scans the card and automatically fills in all the fields correctly in software that now helps you preserve and save the card virtually. There have been business cards filing software previously, better known as ‘contact management software’ where you have to manually type in all the fields and save them. However, with the latest business card scanners, the device automatically scans the card and enters the correct data in the appropriate field, along with a scanned copy of the card. In a matter of minutes, a business card scanner can scan hundreds of cards and make entries, thus saving you a good deal of time and providing you with a much needed service.

The best part about business card scanners is that you don’t realize how much you’ve needed them until you start using them. The latest business card scanners offer the following services apart from simply storing the card information.

Search: Can’t recall the person’s name? Or even the company? Expect maybe a few foggy terms? The latest scanning software allows you to search your exhaustive contacts list. So even if you remember nothing more than a few letters or even numbers, you can still find your contacts in a jiffy.

All round contact management: Not just business cards, but most business card scanning software makes it possible to add and save contacts from multiple sources like emails, or .pdf’s. It is also possible to sync contacts from your email account, phone, blackberry or anywhere else.

Email: Send your contacts emails from the card scanning software
Organize: Organize your contacts into whatever categories you want to. Create folders and labels.

Back up: Losing one’s phone is a definite nightmare these days. The same applies to this software, which will keep all your contacts. Therefore, most companies provide online support so that you can back-up your data in the rare case that your hard drive crashes.

Business card scanners are available by companies like CardScan, ScanShell store. Most of these companies offer ‘scanning solutions’ tailored to suit all your scanning requirements.

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