Burr Mill

Not many people have heard of the burr mill or the burr grinder. These were used way back in the 1800′s. The purpose of these grinders is to grind up small foods between two spinning coarse surfaces. There are two types of burr mills, the manual type and the electrical style. Some foods that the burr mills are used for are coffee, pepper, salt, whole garlic and any small food product.

The only function of the burr mills is to create grounded up food. They don’t heat food or cook or mix it in any way. The burr mill has one single function. The two most popular foods that burr mills are associated with today are black pepper and coffee. If you have a salt and peppershakers combo, the only way to get the pepper out of the shaker is to turn the middle of the shaker to grind up the pepper in the bottom. This is called a burr mill or Grinder.

You may see coffee grinders or coffee burr mills in some Gourmet Coffee Shops that allow you grind up your own coffee beans. Most of these mills are electric mills but you really don’t see manual burr mills anymore. The traditional burr mills look great and they have an old fashioned look but they are mostly used for decoration only.

The manual burr mills were great but in the days of technology, no one really has time to grind up their own coffee. For people who want the taste of fresh ground coffee, you can buy the beans in the supermarket or in gourmet coffee shop. By using an electric burr mill you can have a cup of fresh ground coffee every day.

Today’s burr mills that are sold in stores are made from 4 different types of grinding mechanisms. Some are made with a zinc alloy which is the most common material used to create the mechanism within pepper grinders only. Carbon steel is a very hard material and is used for burr mills that use sharper grinders. Professional chefs mostly use these types of burr mills. These mills are not made for grinding salt.

The Ceramic mechanism is a hard material and is used for the toughest textures and for multi use grinding. The Nylon mechanism is a strong material but it is very low cost and not as durable as the others. Nylon is non-corrosive and is perfect for grinding salt and other spices such as garlic or ginger.

These burr mills are fun to have, they can give your kitchen d├ęcor a bit of old fashioned flair. Even if you don’t use them and just use them for show, they are a great conservation piece. There are some people that collect burr mills as a hobby. There are different styles that were made thought the years, so you can put together a great collection, in addition to the burr mill you use for your daily coffee and pepper grinding.

You can purchase electric burr mills in most stores like Target, Macy’s and any retail store that has a kitchen section. These grinders are reasonably priced and you can get one for a price under $ 50.00. Look at the different burr mills or Grinders online and see the different styles they have.

For those of you that are into old fashioned appliances or are collectors of the items from the 1800 and 1900′s, you can probably find a Traditional manual burr mill either in an online store that specializes in the types of appliances or you can find one on eBay. They should be reasonably priced unless there are Traditional burr mills that are authenticated to be from the 1800′s, then you may have to pay a bit more.

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