Buffet Warmer

Buffets are the latest fashion in parties where serving crews cannot be arranged for because of the huge costs involved. This is usually because a complete group of serving crew would include not only the butler and his throng of waiters and waitresses, but also additional subsidiary crew to keep the food warm. However, buffets also have the negative side effect of limiting the duration of time during which the food can be served, because after a certain period of time, the food starts losing heat. Buffet warmers solve this exact issue by keeping the food warm for an indefinite stretch of time, with predefined settings to ensure a constant temperature.

To improve the overall experience with buffets, the role of a burner warmer cannot be over stated. One of the major attributes about a buffet warmer is that it can be customized to suit the users needs. There are various buffet warmers in the market today of which, some are designed to play the role of an additional stove in the case the stoves are all occupied and operating to their maximum limit. This is usually the standard design of buffet warmers. Of course in addition to cooking, these standard designs keep the food warm as well.

Most buffet warmers operate with 1000W heating elements. The designs often come in three different temperatures of the basic variety – low, medium and high. However more advanced designs can provide a wide range of specified temperatures starting from 65 degree Celsius for a lukewarm feel, to 100 degree Celsius, for an extremely hot meal, like for instance, when serving beef hotpot. The dimensions of a standard buffet warmer are 3½x12¼x8½”.

The double induction buffet warmers on the other hand, are meant for more experienced users including professional chefs. Double induction often gives the finest manner of cooking with regard to brilliant quality and taste. One of the reasons is that as much as 80% or 90% of the energy that is produced by the double induction warmer is completely used for cooking. Double induction buffet warmers point out once more, that knowing the recipe is not all that takes to make a great dish – the manner of cooking and the utensils used are important as well. Double induction buffet warmers usually come with several different temperature settings over a wide range for optimum accurate heating experiences. For the enhanced heating, double acrylic breath protectors are known to be better buys than the hard coat aluminums that saturate the markets. A heat base is also quite necessary.

The effectiveness of the buffet warmer is also defined by how long the surfaces can withstand wearing and the ease of it being cleaned from the accidental spills. The texture should be smooth and the serving dishes should be made of such a substance that would allow the user to effectively wipe clean after use. Some advanced models feature timers and control pad locking systems.

Buffet warmers can be found with serving dishes of various sizes. For example the ‘Stainless Steel Buffet Warmer’ boasts 3-pint sized serving dishes, making it ideal for regular family use as well. Although its stainless steel countertops can be a limiting factor to some extent, this buffet warmer can double as a stove. On the other hand, the Hatco Serv Rite Buffet Warmer is more of a hot plate, but has great temperature management facilities. The Swan, Np Hotplate Buffet Server by Swan overcomes the problem of the frame getting too heated to touch, by installing cool-touch handles made of insulator material. However it comes with a maximum limit of 3 hours for which food can be kept heated.

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