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You may often find that even the most powerful electrical or petrol trimmer is not up to the job of cutting down thick grasses and dense shrubbery if your garden has become overgrown. However, by using a heavy duty brush cutter you should find that this arduous task becomes far easier, and even enjoyable. Brush cutters are able to tackle a whole host of problematic regions in your garden that include thick and established weeds, tall and hardy grasses, brambles, thistles, and you may even use a brush cutter on small bushes. You will also find that even though a brush cutter has a vast amount of power, it is surprisingly maneuverable, and able to deal with the most problematic of foliage.

There are numerous types of brush cutters, although the most popular are the two stroke and four stroke. The two stroke brush cutter is the most common type, and typically is used the most. They will generally rev for a lot higher than a four stroke brush cutter, hence making then extremely powerful. A two stroke brush cutter is fairly easy to maintain and are known to be extremely reliable. With that said, they are also known to be fairly noisy and may also produce a lot of smoke and may even give off a distasteful smell. The four stroke brush cutter is a relatively new innovation, which was typically only built by Honda until very recently. They are known to be extremely reliable and are best used for some heavy duty work. The four stroke brush cutter is known to be far quieter than the two stroke machine, and you will notice considerably less emissions. The four stroke brush cutter is also known to use less fuel.

It is important to realize that using a brush cutter will require a fair level of physical effort. They often come with harnesses, but if you intend to use a brush cutter without a harness you will find that it will put a great deal of strain on your back, arms, wrists and hands. This is especially true if you have a large yard that requires a great deal of trimming. This is why it is critical when looking to purchase a brush cutter that you find one that is as light as possible, but also capable of doing the job that you need it to do.

The size of brush cutter that you should purchase will very much depend on the type and size of your yard. Should you have a yard that has a lot of bushes that require cutting back and trimming you will, obviously, need a larger unit that is able to handle the work. Another important consideration is that electrical brush cutters are mainly designed and intended to be used in small yards that have a minimal amount of work to do. Therefore, if you envisage that you have some especially tough trimming to be done, then you will be better off with a petrol model.

As mentioned, an electric brush cutter should mainly be used if you have a small yard to trim. They are known to be lightweight and fairly easy to use. The best way to use an electric brush cutter is to ensure that you trim your lawn on a regular basis so there is no need to cut through high grass. The higher the level of your grass, the more difficult you will find using an electric brush cutter. You should always be wary of the electrical cord when using this specific type of brush cutter. You should keep it away from any source of water, be careful not to trip over it, or indeed to cut into it. The most basic types of electric brush cutter models will typically retail at approximately $80, although the high-quality models will usually cost in the region of $150.

The most popular model amongst consumers is the two stroke petrol brush cutter. They are known to come in various sizes and configurations, but are especially known for their reliability. The most basic models will retail at approximately $400. This will ensure that your brush cutter has approximately 24.5 CC of power, which is more than adequate for the majority of yards. Should you be willing to pay up to $600, you can purchase a two stroke petrol brush cutter with a straight shaft and loop handle. A petrol brush cutter that has approximately 30 cc of power will cost approximately $750, whereas professional models, will typically have 35 CC or greater and, will retail for up to $900.

As mentioned, four stroke petrol brush cutters are fairly new to the market, but are a great alternative to the two stroke models. Four stroke brush cutters are known to make less noise and produce less smoke emissions, and another handy feature is that the oil and fuel are generally separated into different containers. This is extremely helpful should you ever get confused over the correct ratio of oil and fuel to use. You are able to purchase a four stroke petrol brush cutter with loop handle and a straight shaft for approximately $690. This model will typically have an engine size of 24.5 CC.

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