Bridgeable Amplifier

People who are not satisfied with the output of their amplifier can bridge the signals to get more amps to their subwoofer. However before you bridge your amplifier to make sure you have one that can be bridged. A bridgeable amplifier is one that is a two channel amplifier. A two channel amplifier is one that has a right and left hand channel. This means there are two sections on it that can be combined so that it is used as a single channel amplifier which will produce a much higher power output to your speakers. This basically really makes it two mono channel amplifiers combined in one box. A bridgeable amplifier has a switch on it that will allow it to be bridged. With this type of amplifier only one of the two inputs are used and you will be combining the power output of two channels into one channel.

Audiophiles like to have a bridgeable amplifier because they can drive one speaker with more power than the amplifier can ordinarily produce in two speakers. Using a bridgeable amplifier is the best way to drive a solitary subwoofer if you have one. If you have a bridgeable amplifier you have more than one source of power to drive the speaker so that it ends up with maximum power. A bridgeable amplifier must be capable of a 4-ohm load when bridged to mono operation. Usually an owner’s manual will come with a bridgeable amplifier and will have instructions on how to make the bridge correctly. The bridgeable amplifier is normally bridged by connecting the speaker leads to the positive terminal from one channel. Then the negative terminal from the other channel is connected. Two channel amplifiers are typically stable and are the best ones that are best suited to drive one 4-ohm single voice coil subwoofer. They can also drive two 4-ohm dual voice coil subwoofers. If you want to run these setups then you need to bridge the signals coming from the amplifier. It should be noted that not all two channel amplifiers are bridgeable so make sure yours is before you attempt to bridge it. If you want to buy a bridgeable amplifier to bridge you have to make sure that it is bridgeable before you buy it. Also, the bridge must be done correctly as you can destroy your amplifier if you do it wrong.

Bridgeable amplifiers are used in both vehicles and for home entertainment systems. Car after buyers are usually bridged for maximum sound output. Many people bridge their own car amplifiers themselves. However installing a car and fired is not such an easy job and bridging it makes it even more complicated. If you have never installed a bridgeable amplifier in your car you should not hesitate to take it in to have it installed correctly by professionals. Not bridging your amplifier correctly can destroy your entire stereo system in your car. Before you buy an amplifier you should always check to make sure that it will work correctly and in conjunction with your car stereo as well.

If you do not know how to choose the correct amplifier you should always get professional advice. There are all kinds of local car stereo shops that employee people who specialize in this area who can help you. You can usually buy a bridgeable amplifier from one of these local car stereo shops as well. You can always go online to shop for a bridgeable amplifier to comparison shop. There are various websites on the Internet that sell them. It is best to educate yourself on the best amplifier for your needs before you make your purchase. You can read reviews online about the various brands of bridgeable amplifiers to learn more about the correct one you will need for your particular system.

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