Bread Machine

A bread machine offers numerous benefits to cooks today. For those who enjoy the scent of fresh baked bread, a bread machine provides an easy way to bake. With numerous recipes available for cooks of all experience levels, everyone from the novice to the seasoned pro can use a bread machine. With all of the recipes available to choose from, making bread has never been simpler or easier.

When choosing a bread machine, it’s important to realize that every bread machine is different. They accommodate different sizes and have different capabilities. To ensure that you select the best bread machine for your baking needs, determine the features that you will need ahead of time. If you are going to be baking mostly white bread, then you should find that a wide array of bread machines would meet your needs. Breads that consist of heavier flour, grains, or other textures often require greater cooking times than traditional white breads. If you plan on making lots of whole grain breads, then you need to ensure that the bread machine can handle cooking at longer times.

The dough cycle is an important feature on all bread machines. During this cycle your brad dough will be kneaded and may begin to rise. It is important to thoroughly read any instructions on your bread machine regarding the dough cycle to ensure that you follow the recommendations correctly. A very important feature to look for is whether or not your bread machine allows for the addition of additives such as fruits or nuts. These additions can transform your bread into the recipe that you’ve dreamed of, giving an extra touch of down home goodness. However, it is important to determine whether or not the bread machine you select is capable of baking these extra ingredients through a special feature, or if you will need to add them to the dough before it reaches the knead cycle.

Another feature to take into consideration is whether or not your bread machine has a sugar or sweet cycle. This cycle causes the baking times to adjust for the amount of sugar that is in the bread dough. High sugar levels will cause the dough to be baked for longer periods. If your bread machine doesn’t have this feature, you will need to compensate for high sugar levels in other ways. You can typically use the settings for traditional white bread to compensate for high sugar levels.

It is important to read through all of your bread machine’s manufacturer instructions or settings to understand all of the functions and capabilities your bread machine has. Often, these settings will determine how long you can bake bread, when you can add additional ingredients, if you can increase the baking time, and what settings are needed to brown the crust to a color that you choose. No matter what type of bread machine you use, one thing is certain. The best way to determine success from any bread recipe is to thoroughly read the recipe before you begin. By familiarizing yourself with the recipe beforehand, you can make certain that you derive the best results from your bread machine.

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