Bottle Warmer

A baby’s feeding time can be hectic enough without the added hassle of warming a bottle in a pot of hot water. Not only is it inconvenient and time consuming but there is the constant risk of scalding from the pot being tipped over. It is also difficult to judge the temperature of the bottle accurately, and can result in overheating which requires even more time for it to cool down. An electric bottle warmer is a quicker, safer and more convenient way of warming a baby’s bottle or food jar. Some models even come with extra features, such as a cooler compartment and a night light.

The bottle warmer is a compact and lightweight appliance, about the same size and weight as a kettle. It has a stylish plastic case with non-slip feet, a large opening at the top for inserting the bottle, and a start switch on the front. Some units also have a cooler compartment at the rear. For the warmer to work correctly, it must be filled with the right amount of water for the size of the bottle, and there is usually a plastic measuring tube attached somewhere on the warmer for this task.

The bottle warmer uses the steam produced from water boiling in its base to heat the bottle or food jar. It works similar to a kettle or steam iron, with the heating element sealed safely inside the case. Only a small amount of water is required to produce the steam and the warmer starts working very quickly, taking just a few minutes to finish heating the bottle. Naturally, if the warmer will be used in another country, check that it will operate on the electrical power used in that country.

The measuring tube has markings on the side that show how much water is required to produce enough steam to heat the bottle. Larger bottles require more heating and need more water added to produce enough steam to warm them to the required temperature. The amount of water required may be slightly more or less than recommended, depending on the shape of the bottle. Normal tap water or distilled water can both be used in the warmer.

Once the water in the measuring tube has been emptied into the bottle warmer, the bottle or jar is placed inside it and start switch pressed. The warmer should begin generating steam in less than one minute and will turn off automatically when finished. Most bottle warmers can only heat one or two bottles each time and they need about ten minutes to cool down before they can be used again.

There are a few extra features to look for when deciding which bottle warmer to purchase. An alarm that sounds when the bottle warmer has finished minimizes the risk that the bottle will be forgotten about and left to cool. A night light is especially helpful for all those frequent night feedings, and is less disturbing that turning on the main light. Wire holders are essential for lifting small food jars out of the warmer. A cover on the cooler compartment will help prevent cold air escaping and keep the bottles cooler for longer.

Some bottle warmer models also have a cooler compartment that can keep a bottle cold for up to eight hours. All it requires is a removable ice block to be taken from the freezer and placed inside the cooler before the bottle is added. This is a convenient feature when traveling because it removes the need to take along a drink cooler with the warmer. Most bottles should fit inside the cooler compartment but it is possible that some with irregular shapes may not fit. When shopping for a bottle warmer, it is a good idea to take along a bottle to ensure that it will fit inside both the warmer and cooler compartments.

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