Bose Wave Music System

The Bose Wave Music System is not your average clock radio. For a start, it is made by one of the most respected audio equipment manufacturers in the world. But what really sets it apart is the superior sound quality, created by an innovative folded waveguide. All the features you would expect from an expensive sound system are present, including a CD player and remote control. The stylish design even extends to its accessories, such as the multi-CD changer.

Bose is an American company that has been designing and making audio equipment since 1964. In that time, their products have gain a reputation for producing high quality sound. Bose make loudspeakers, car radios, tuners, amplifiers, and many other audio products as well. They also make the audio equipment used in many cinemas, theaters, and stadiums around the world. Along with five factories, they operates a chain of retail stores that sell their products and promote the Bose brand. The Bose Wave Music System is one of their most popular and longest running series.

The original Bose Wave Music System was launched in 1984 and featured a radio tune and cassette tape player, since CD players were relatively new at the time. The current system features an AM/FM tuner, CD player, alarm clock, and remote control. Bose also makes the Wave Radio Series, which is similar in appearance but does not have the CD player. The Acoustic Wave Music System is a much larger model that is designed for use in living rooms, halls, and open areas. It produces sound that comes very close to the sound from a component speaker system.

Stylish design has been a hallmark of Bose products since the company was founded. The Bose Wave Music System has a curved front grill with a display and CD player slot in the center. Combined with the swept back sides, this gives the system an elegant appearance that few other systems have. It is available in either titanium silver, graphite gray, or platinum white. Even the remote control is stylish, with well organized buttons and matching colors. The multiple disc changer shares the style and color of the main unit and sits neatly underneath it.

The waveguide technology used in the Bose Wave Music System produces a full, rich sound without the need for large speakers. A waveguide is a tube that amplifies sound waves by directing their energy in a certain direction, similar to how a megaphone works. Each system has a single waveguide that is several feet long and neatly folded inside the case. The problem of adjusting the length of the waveguide to produce different notes was solved by having the speaker end move. This ingenious system has also been used in the commercial sound systems and even in sports cars.

Setting up a Bose Wave Music System is no different that setting up a regular radio or CD player. The system should be placed in a spot where it will have adequate ventilation, and it should be kept away from metal surfaces to avoid problems with AM reception. Once the aerial and power cord have been connected, the unit can be switched on and the clock set. The smaller models need to be operated by remote control since there are no buttons on the case, but the larger Acoustic system retains buttons on its case. A power cord, remote control, and demonstration CD are included in the box.

There are several accessories available for the Bose Wave Music System. A multi-CD changer can be added that holds five compact discs. There are a range of remote controls, including one with braille markings for the visually impaired. An iPod connect kit is available for playing music stored on one of these popular players. Like all Bose products, these accessories are high quality and have a stylish design.

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