Bose Speakers

From home theater speaker systems to stereo and computer speakers, the Bose brand of speakers has a variety of offerings for all types of consumers.

The best home theater speaker system is the Acoustimass 16, which includes a rear center channel that deepens the sound. Five cube speakers and a horizontal center channel bolster the system that has three drivers. The Acoustimass 10 speaker system includes four cube speakers, one horizontal center channel and two drivers. The system contains two drivers. The Acoustimass 6 speaker contains a single cube and one driver and is ideal for smaller rooms.

The VCS-30 center/surround speaker package contains the VCS-10, a premium center channel that offers dramatic sounds. The set-up also includes 161 speakers, which are great for front or rear channels. This set combines with an existing stereo system to deliver 5.1 channel sound. CineMate TV speakers are the best way to get widescreen sound for your TV or DVD player, and the system features two articulated speakers and a module. No center or rear speakers are necessary and the speakers can be powered by a universal remote control.

For stereo speakers, consider the Virtually Invisible 191′s, which can be installed in the walls or in the ceiling. The design of the system offers wide range of coverage and the speakers are designed to blend in any environment and can be painted. The Acoustimass 5 speaker system includes two cube speakers and are ideal for larger rooms. The module of the system makes low frequencies with no distortion, and the system also can be used to hold up the rear in a home theater system set-up.

The Acoustimass 3 features two almost invisible individual cube speakers that are better suited for the smaller rooms. The system’s Hideaway Acoustimass module can produce at a low frequency with no detectable distortion. The 301 Direct/Reflecting speaker system is considered the Bosse speaker system’s best “bookshelf” speakers and they offer a wide range of coverage throughout the room. The system features dual tweeters that are highly sensitive, including one that is rear firing. This system also includes an 8″ subwoofer.

The 201 Direct/Reflecting speaker system is another popular bookshelf set of speakers and is better suited for smaller rooms. This system features one tweeter that is highly sensitive and a 6.5″ subwoofer.The 161 speaker system are great for both movies and music, and because the speakers are magnetically shielded that can be placed near the television. The 901 Direct/Reflecting speaker system is the flagship stereo speaker system of the Bosse family, promising epic results with the quality and grandness of a movie theater or a live music performance venue. This system includes nine drivers per speaker and a graphic equalizer that is freestanding.

Among the computer speakers system of Bosse, the Computer MusicMonitor is considered the best bet for two-piece systems and they are suitable for laptops and portable media players. For such compact speakers, these can really produce some high quality low notes. Their small compact frame and simple elegance makes them adaptable for a variety of living spaces, and they are easy to bring along in travel.

The Companion 2 multimedia speaker system is considered a step up from typical computer speakers, and this is the most affordable computer speaker system of the Bosse line. The Companion 5 multimedia speaker system is Bosse’s strongest three-piece set and is great for movies, games and music. Low, full notes, plug and play adaptability and easy connectibility and useability make this computer speaker set a winner. Meanwhile, the Companion 3 offers two small speakers and a convenient control pod.

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