Bosch Dryers

Bosch dryers are large capacity stand alone dryer units. These dryers are some of the quietest dryers in the United States. Bosch was the Energy Star partner in 2009. Their dryers have a whisper-quiet rating of only 67dB. They are famous for their WrinkleBlock System which will intermittently tumble dry your clothes for up to three hours after they are dry to prevent wrinkles.

Bosch offers both vented and condenser type models with a choice of being either gas or electricity operated. There are nine units to choose from and they come with or without steam functions. The vented models exhaust the moisture from your clothes out the rear, right side or bottom of the dryer through a pipe that vents outside an external wall into the open air. The condenser type collects the condensed moisture in an easy access container. With the condenser type you do not have to have an outside wall for its location.

The Bosch 500 Series come in gas and electric models. The gas with steam dryers in this series are a little more expensive than the electric vented dryers with steam units. Prices will vary on each model depending on where you buy them. These dryers all use the latest in cutting edge drying technology. They all have the Bosch ECOSENSOR Moisture Detecting system, which monitors the moisture level in clothing and will adjust to the appropriate drying temperature to dry your clothing efficiently while at the same time saving energy usage by as much as 10%. The temperature lowers as the clothes dry because heat sensors and intelligent controls can detect the amount of moisture in the clothes. This feature helps your clothes to last longer since it protects the fibers by not over drying. These Bosch dryers are backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal and come with a two year warranty.

The Bosch 800 Series also comes in gas and electric models but have the most complete array of features. They are also the most expensive models to choose from. They offer features like the Wrinkle Relax, Steam Refresh and Steam Touch Up cycles. The DynamicAir system on these units offers a combination of air volume to dry the clothes. The drums are made from snag free stainless steel and also have the Wrinkleblock technology that will intermittently tumble the drum for up to three hours so your clothes will not wrinkle. Around the edges of the dryer drum are small holes for air flow that allow the load of laundry to dry more evenly.

Both the 500 Series and the 800 Series modes have an air fluff cycle with not heating. You can dry delicate fabrics using the wool cycle without harm to the fabric. The Steam Wrinkle Relax cycle is a 12 minute cycle that relaxes wrinkles in clothing. The Steam Refresh cycle relaxes wrinkles in 16 minutes while the Steam Touch UP cycle will refresh the entire load in 20 minutes. They also have an Active Wear cycle designed especially for drying workout and exercise clothing. Another unique feature on these units is the Dark Color cycle which is gentle on dark clothing and will not fade dark fabrics.

When shopping for a new Bosch dryer you will be able to find some really good bargains online. If you order from an appliance website you can have your new dryer delivered to your home in a matter of days. Before you purchase a new Bosch dryer you can also use the internet to read reviews on the specific model you are thinking of buying. This is a good way to get feedback from others who have already purchased the unit you think you would like to have before buying it.

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