Bosch Dishwasher

Are you in the mood to remodel your kitchen? Perhaps you are building a new house and a new kitchen. One kitchen appliance you will not want to live without is a dishwasher.

Maybe your old dishwasher has been letting you down lately and is producing dishes that are not clean. If you find yourself washing dishes before you put them in your dishwasher because they will not come out clean, you need a new dishwasher too. These are all great reasons to consider buying a new Bosch dishwasher. All Bosch dishwasher models are all top of the lines appliances that you will be very satisfied with.

Bosch is a well known and trusted brand. Their dishwashers are engineered to be energy smart. If you are conscientious about saving water, these dishwashers are the right choice for you. Delicate crystal and glassware are safe in a Bosch dishwasher while at the same time, your dirtiest pots and pans will be cleaned to perfection. Bosch prides itself in manufacturing their intelligently designed dishwashers with the highest quality materials. They are all built to strict specifications with an array of features that are proven to be some of the most desired feature on a dishwasher. In fact, Bosch has won the top dishwasher of the year award, 7 years in a row. Bosch dishwashers are unmatched for their quietness. In fact, these dishwashers are so quiet that you do not even know they are running. They also offer some really cool features.

Bosch provides a unique feature called Infolight to help people know when the dishwasher is operating because they are so quite. Infolight is a light that shines onto the floor so you know when the dishwasher is in operation

Optidry is one unique feature that is built into every Bosch dishwasher. This feature has several sensors that adjusts the wash cycle water temperature to just the right temperature. This produced crystal clear, spot free dishes.

Cleartouch is another Bosch feature that clears up any confusion during operation. You know just exactly where the cycles are by the digital readout panel. The panels can be in the door or located on the outside.

Aquastop is another great Bosch dishwasher feature that is uses a brand new technology that automatically shuts down the dishwasher if a leak is ever detected. In the event of a leak, water is then pumped out so that your floors are protected from water damage.

The Bosch dishwasher model # SHV68E13UC is one of their 24” Integra 800 Plus series. This is a stainless steel built-in dishwasher with a 6 wash cycles and 5 options. It has two pumps to minimize noise levels and vibrations. This model is known to be the quietest dishwasher in the United States today. It has a solid base to contain sound and prevent leaks. The InfoLight shines on the floor to indicate that it is in operation. This dishwasher is large enough to wash 15 place settings at one time and is able to clean dishes up to 22 inches tall. It is normally retail priced at around $2100.

Bosch dishwasher model # SHX55M05U is one of their 24” Integra 500 series. It is also a tall stainless steel tub dishwasher. It runs 5 cycles and has 3 options. This dishwasher can wash up to 14 place settings. It does a quick wash in less than 30 minutes and of course it has Optidry for spotless drying results. It is affordably priced at around $1350.

Bosch also has an Evolution series with similar features the Integra series has. Different models and series offer different load capacities and delayed timing settings. Shopping online for a Bosch dishwasher yields plenty of websites to view and learn about all of the different Bosch models. You will be able to find some great websites that are offering Bosch dishwashers at deep discounts, even as deep as 75% so it really pays to shop around.

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