Bookshelf Speakers

The bookshelf speaker basically came into being in the late 1950s. A bookshelf speaker is a small room speaker that is small enough to sit on a bookshelf. Before their invention the only kind of speakers that were available for in home use were large speakers that sat on the floor. You needed a lot of floor space if you wanted to have a high quality sounding stereo system in your home. However wasn’t until the 1990s that the bookshelf speaker really caught on with the average person. The people who are usually credited with making the first bookshelf speaker are Edgar Villchur and Henry Kloss, who were the co-founders of a company named Acoustic Research. Edgar Villchur came out with an acoustic suspension design for their speakers which enclosed the woofer and a tweeter and the driver in what is basically a box. The air trapped inside the box is the spring that controls the resonance.

Nowadays, when people are looking for excellent sound quality and performance in their home theater system they invest in a bookshelf speaker system. These speakers come in all different sizes, colors and finishes to match various home decors. Because they are mass-produced now some of them can really be affordable for almost anyone. These types speakers are best suited for use in small rooms. They are among the most was versatile types of speakers that you can buy. You can get a really good sounding audio system with only two bookshelf speakers. There are wireless bookshelf speakers available now as well. Going wireless really gives you a lot of freedom to place a speakers anywhere you want in the room. Because the subwoofers are enclosed they really can handle deep bass sounds very efficiently.

The main advantage of the bookshelf speaker is there price, size and the high quality sound that they can produce. Because they are so small you can place them just about anywhere. You can use only one bookshelf speaker as a center channel to complement your home theater system and improve its sound quality. Finding the right kind of speakers for your system can be a problem for many music lovers. The selection of the right kind speakers is critical. There are all kinds speakers on the market and the correct ones for your room will depend largely on thier size and the placement of other objects in the room. With the advent of the bookshelf speaker it meant that a large room does not necessarily need a large pair of speakers anymore. However the acoustics of the room play an important role as well. If you are not sure what type of speakers are best for your home audio system you can always go to the experts for advice.

There are three things to keep in mind when you’re shopping for bookshelf speakers. These three things are the sound quality you want, the size of the room they will be in and the size of your budget. Before you buy bookshelf speakers make sure you are getting ones that will be compatible with your audio source. You can read reviews about different bookshelf speakers online or ask professionals at your local audio stereo store. Make sure you have measured the room space they will be going in. If you will be placing them on a shelf you will need to know the shelf size too. You do not want your bookshelf speaker to be to big for the area. As far as your budget is concerned, you can find a bookshelf speaker for as little as $30 or all the way up to several thousands of dollars. You do not necessarily have to buy the most expensive ones to get quality sound output. Some of the best sounding bookshelf speakers on the market today are in the $150-$500 price range.

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