Bluetooth Transceiver

A Bluetooth transceiver can be used to connect several Bluetooth enabled devices to your desktop or notebook so that you can use them without the need to connect them with wires or cables. Microsoft includes a mini USB Bluetooth transceiver with certain peripheral devices so you can use it to connect pocket PC’s, cell phones, cameras and printers as well as many other wireless products. Keyboards and your computer mouse are not the only devices to use a Bluetooth transceiver anymore.

A Bluetooth transceiver can give you unprecedented wireless freedom. When you have compatible devices, the Bluetooth transceiver will be able to consistently synchronize and exchange files and print web pages from your pocket pc or other Bluetooth enabled device.

If your notebook or desktop has a Microsoft Bluetooth transceiver already built into it, you can use the Microsoft Mini USB Bluetooth mini transceiver with your mouse and keyboard. You may have to download compatible Microsoft software to use your devices if the transceiver in your notebook or desktop is not a already Microsoft transceiver. A Microsoft transceiver can detect other Bluetooth transceivers in your devices and will send separate connections to any one that it finds. This separate connection will give you the wireless performance that you want for that particular device and will not interfere with your other existing Bluetooth connections.

A Bluetooth transceiver can make it possible for you have your own personal area network (PAN). Wireless communication made possible via your Bluetooth transceiver gives you the technology you need to do away with wired printers, PDAs and USB cables. It makes it even more convenient to synchronize your file sharing and printing within your PAN. Wireless and mobile devices are quickly becoming not only popular but a fundamental need in our modern day society for many people and in particular for those in businesses. In fact, a Bluetooth transceiver uses such cutting edge technology that employees are able to stay wirelessly connected so they can share information between their Pocket PCs, cell phones or personal computers. A Microsoft USB Bluetooth transceiver uses a standard USB connection which makes it really easy to use so that any contact information needed or appointments and emails can be shared easily between employees whenever they need too quickly send this information.

There are other Bluetooth transceivers on the market other than Microsoft. If you need to find out what Bluetooth receiver your notebook or pc has, check the manual that comes with it. Sometimes you can change the Bluetooth transceiver to use Microsoft Bluetooth software if you want too. If you have a different transceiver for your Microsoft Bluetooth mouse or keyboard, it may not work as well and you may not be able to use all of the features.

If you want to connect your pc or laptop to your Bluetooth enabled phone, you can find a compatible Bluetooth transceiver for it. If you are using Microsoft Windows ME, 2000, XP and Server 2003, make sure you get the one that is compatible with whichever one you have. Mac users have to use another type of Bluetooth transceiver.

You can find kits that have a Bluetooth transceiver included in them so that it will give you the ability to connect as many as seven other Bluetooth devices. You can then wirelessly connect your devices to the internet, send emails, synchronize with your PDA and print. You can also text messages from you PC or notebook too.

Pairing a Bluetooth transceiver with other Bluetooth devices can deliver up to 30 feet of wireless freedom. This means that you can be up to 30 feet away from the transceiver and still have full operation of your Bluetooth enabled device.

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