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We are constantly reminded of how important driving safety really is. In many areas, you cannot legally drive and talk on a cell phone at the same time. Thankfully there are safe ways to get around this issue though. The best way to be able to talk while driving, and also the safest, is to use a Bluetooth headset or speakerphone. Ultimately to be able to drive safely while talking on the phone, there is no better way then to use one of these devices.

Bluetooth speakerphones have many features that make them both safe and convenient to use. The main benefit of these is that they use the speakerphone feature. This will allow you to talk on the phone without using your hands to hold it up to your ear and mouth. Basically, the phone has a speaker installed in it which allows you to hear the person on the other end, and you can talk to them even with the phone a few feet away.

Besides the obvious speakerphone feature included with these phones, there are still many other features that are included with Bluetooth speakerphones. These phones usually have a LCD screen which allows for viewing the phone number and/or caller’s name (with caller ID). The phone can be set up so that you do not have to use your hands at all to use it. For instance, you can simply make a verbal command to phone someone on your contact list, or a specific phone number.

The main benefit of a Bluetooth speakerphone is simply the convenience behind not having to use your hands to use the phone. You can continue driving with your hands on the steering wheel and talk at the same time. This will, and already has, drop the amount of auto accidents caused by driver’s not paying full attention to the road as they are talking on the phone. Obviously this does not completely eliminate the lack of focus, but this is the best possible way to safely talk and drive at the same time.

What is Included with a Bluetooth Speakerphone?
You should know what all comes with a Bluetooth speakerphone before purchasing one. The included materials in the box generally consist of the following: rechargeable battery, recharging cord, and in some cases, ear-bud styled headphones. You may also be able to get a Bluetooth speakerphone that includes actual headphones or various other possible accessories.

Are They Worth It?

The overall determining factor of whether Bluetooth speakerphones are worth purchasing or not will depend on the importance of phone calls while driving to you. If the laws in your city prevent you from being allowed to talk on your cell phone while driving, then you can benefit from one of these devices. If you feel that you will regularly have business, or personal, calls to attend to while driving, then it is definitely worth the investment. If you only use your cell phone for emergency reasons then you likely do not need a Bluetooth speakerphone.

Also, you do not want to just purchase a Bluetooth speakerphone or headset if the laws in your area prevent you from using your regular cell phone. Even if you are legally allowed to talk on your cell phone, you probably do not want to do so. It is a safety risk to use your cell phone while driving. By doing so you will not have full focus on the road and in situations where even a fraction of a second in response time matters, you may not be able to react quick enough. Just buy a Bluetooth speakerphone or headset anyway and have it as a convenient accessory while driving.

One downfall of Bluetooth headsets in particular is that they can be rather annoying to wear. If you have to keep the earbuds or headphones on at all times then it may become slightly discomfortable after time. However, this could be an advantage in some cases. For instance, if you enjoy listening to music while driving then you can both use the headphones for music and phone calls. For this situation though, it is recommended that you get stereo headphones so the quality is better.

The Final Verdict

Bluetooth speakerphone are a great investment but you need to be fully informed about them before making a purchase. There are many different manufacturers and models available that will vary in price, design, features, and specifications. Take absolutely everything into consideration before finally deciding which model of Bluetooth speakerphone to purchase. Also, you may want to look for further tips to keep in mind while looking for the right speakerphone for you. In closing, just do some research on your options for optimal results.

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