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The word Bluetooth has Scandanavian roots, harkening back to the Anglicized name of the Harald Blaatland, a tenth century king of what is now Norway and Denmark. Blaatland succeeded in organizing the disparate Scandinavian tribes into one kingdom, and his namesake, the Bluetooth device, was designed to mimic him by synchronizing various communication protocols into one standard.

Bluetooth technology has many uses, from gaming consoles like the Wii and the Playstation 3, to electronic devices such as high definition watches and modems. The Bluetooth’s knack for wirelessly synchronizing disparate technology into one working whole makes it especially handy for the consumer looking to increase productivity by integrating all of his or her electronic devices.

One of the most well known uses for Bluetooth devices are as wireless mobile phone headsets. But did you know that some headsets have bluetooth speakers powerful enough to allow a user to seamlessly juggle between phone calls and their MP3 playlist without losing any sound quality? The catch when it comes to Bluetooth speakers and music listening is that they often sound better when used with Bluetooth enabled devices. Electronics experts recommend Parrot DS1120 Stereo Bluetooth Speakers, but advise that they work best with their sister component, the Parrot DS3120 Stereo. Even so, the Parrot DS1120 Bluetooth speakers come standard with USB and RCA hookups so that they can easily be used with non-Bluetooth enabled devices without sacrificing too much sound quality.

New innovations in Bluetooth speakers include the Bluetooth GPS Speaker BGS-100/200, otherwise known as the “Bluepeaker.” This hockey-puck shaped device is just what it sounds like a – a Bluetooth speaker with integrated GPS, and its intended to make managing your mobile devices while travelling by car more manageable than ever. This multi-functional little device plugs in to, and even able to charge up from, cell phones, laptop computers, and cars in order to enable the devices with GPS. With this Bluetooth speaker, you never get lost, and you can talk on the phone while arriving at your destination right on time. Further, this little device can give you about 200 hours stand by time and 10 hours of talk time. Amazingly enough, this little Bluetooth speaker also allows voice dialing, making your car trip safer as well as more productive. Not only can you use the speaker for talking and listening, but it is also handy for streaming audio from cell phones, laptops and other mobile devices.

When it comes to car travel, travelers who want an integrated stereo system with great sound quality will find that upgrading to a Bluetooth car stereo is a fairly easy process. Just like the Bluepeaker can help you manage incoming calls and your MP3 playlist on the go, car stereo products like JVC’s El Kameleon KD-AVX40 can help you upgrade your car stereo in style. This device allows you to quickly and easily control your car stereo’s controls with futuristic technology such a touch screen that s automatically activated when your hand draws near. The Bluetooth speakers allow you to make calls and listen to music in a variety of formats, from CD to mp3 and beyond, and the volume control options are handy, too. When on a call, the stereo automatically lowers the music volume only to resume the music at your chosen volume when you hang up.

As with any technology used while driving, it is important to practice safe technology usage habits. The engineers at JVC recognized that fact, and the Chameleon has built in safe guards to keep you from fiddling too much with your new technology while on the road.

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