Bluetooth Remote Control

Do you want a great way of remotely controlling electrical gargets from anywhere in your house? Have you considered Bluetooth remote control? Bluetooth technology has been making life a lot easier these days. Now we can manage our electrical devices and gadgets with wireless signals that are really radio frequency signals. Bluetooth has developed cutting edge wireless technology that can turn your mobile phone into a remote control.

Your Bluetooth remote control can be used from any room in your house and it won’t require a direct line of site connection to work. Essentially, Bluetooth remote control is effective within a 10m radius. Realistically, you could be in one room and turn off your television in another room without having to go into that room to point the control at the TV. In fact, you are now able to watch your television that is in another room on your mobile phone in your bedroom, if you are using Bluetooth remote control technology. That is because the phone can receive and display the television program by via Bluetooth technology, even if you are in another room.

Bluetooth remote control radio technology can also communicate with your laptop if it has built-in and add-on Bluetooth adapters. If you have this technology, you will completely eliminate all cables and wires between your laptop and the Bluetooth remote control. It also works just as well as a remote controller for windows on your desktop PC, eliminating the need for wires.

Now you can play your ITune songs, use Winam and Media player as well as see your Power Point slides on your mobile phone screen. Since Bluetooth remote control technology turns the phone into a universal remote, you will also be able to create your own applications by using Keymaps or VB and JScripts and be able to see your desktop in your phone. Add Bluetooth technology to your mouse and keyboard and you can virtually take your keyboard to your couch or bed and do all of your computing from there. You can also use your Bluetooth headset to talk on the phone while using your computer and do things like using Skype, VoIP or listen to your MP3’s, all without wires.

There is even Bluetooth remote control technology that creates an all in one remote control that will allow any smartphone to communicate directly with your car. It is hard to believe, but now you can program the remote to unlock your car doors, open the trunk, turn the engine off and then set your car alarm, roll down your car windows for you, turn your car stereo on or off and open or close your convertible top if you have one. Talk about cutting edge technology! You can find several websites on the internet that offer free downloads to turn your phone in to a Bluetooth remote control.

The future looks great for Bluetooth remote control too. Bluetooth remote control phones will be able to dim the lights in your house and lock your doors for you too. AT&T is developing a program that will allow you to monitor your home security through your cell phone and communicate with other things around us as a way of finding misplaced items, but this is still a little ways off into the future.

There seems to be no end in sight to the many uses that Bluetooth remote control will be able to give us. Gone will be the days where everything is connected with wires. Instead, all that will be needed is your cell phone, turned into a Bluetooth remote control to make life easier.

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