Bluetooth Printers

The very first Bluetooth printer was released in 2001. Ever since the invention of Bluetooth the wireless craze has taken off. A Bluetooth printer uses wireless radio based communication technology. This technology has provided a tremendous growth in the number of Bluetooth devices on the market today. It has been a little more than a decade or so since Bluetooth technology has been available and it has become extremely popular. Bluetooth technology just continues to get better and better and it is amazing what you can get in the way of a Bluetooth printer nowadays.

With a Bluetooth printer there are no wires to worry about and not restrictions on where you can put your printer in the room. A Bluetooth printer allows you to be in another room, upstairs or even outside and still be able to print out documents if you want. Having a Bluetooth printer also allows you to share a single printer among several employees with no wires needed in an office environment. Shopping for the best Bluetooth printer for your needs can get a little confusing if you have never bought one before. There are all kinds of makes and models on the market nowadays. Many of them on the market now are multifunction printers. The multifunction printers can print, scan, copy and fax documents and photos. Your first priority when choosing a Bluetooth printer should be whether or not it is reliable. When looking for a wireless printer you should go online and read reviews about the Bluetooth printer you have chosen before you buy it. Make sure the make and model you choose will be compatible with your computer and other wireless devices. Prices on Bluetooth printers have come down a lot over the years. You can get a good Bluetooth printer for just a little more than a hardwired printer now. One thing you will want to keep in mind before you buy any kind of printer is the type of ink cartridges it will use. Look for a Bluetooth printer that uses an ink cartridge that has a high rating on the number o pages it will print. Most printers sell for very little these days because the manufacturers make their money off of the ink cartridges for them.

Look for a Bluetooth printer that will have all of the features you will need. For instance, if you are not going to be printing out photos why pay for one that will print documents too? Most of the printers on the market today have a Bluetooth adapter built into them. These printers usually come with a 1 year warranty. You can also purchase an extended warranty with many models. If you want a good photo printer you should find out more about the HP DeskJet 995ck Color Bluetooth Printer. It will allow you to print from your mobile phone, PDA and other Bluetooth enabled devices. You can send what you want printed up to 30 feet away. From a computer it will print out images at up to 2,400 x 1,200 dpi color on premium photo paper. If you love photography this may be the right printer for you. For a multifunction printer you can look at the HP Photosmart Premium CD055A#ABA printer to start off with. It comes with 802.11 b/g/n, Ethernet and PictBridge compatibility right out of the box.

If you are looking for a mobile Bluetooth printer you should look the Poloroid CZA – 10011S Pogo mobile printer. This mobile printer also accepts a USB2.0 cable as well. If you are taking photos at a social event and want to give a copy to family and friends this one is great. You can print 2 x 3 inch borderless photos in less than a minute. There are many other printers available so make sure you pick and choose the one that will fill your needs carefully.

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