Bluetooth Phone Adapter

Bluetooth, as we all must know by now, is a technology that allows wireless transfer of data between devices, upto a certain distance. A Bluetooth adapter is required to create a Bluetooth network between two or more devices. A Bluetooth phone adapter is a device that transfers data from your cell phone to a wireless Bluetooth device that allows hands-free convenience and connectivity.

A Bluetooth phone adapter can be very useful for wireless connectivity all day. It is also a very helpful device in your car, especially when you are driving. If your car does not have an in-built Bluetooth adapter, you can go for adapter kits by leading cellular phone companies such as Motorola, Sony Ericsson and Nokia. The price for such devices starts at $200 and moves onward. Aftermarket companies such as Parrot also offer such devices that work well with most cell phones equipped with Bluetooth. These systems can come as a do-it-yourself kit, or can be installed by professionals, if you are not too sure about your dexterity with installing technical devices.

Bluetooth adapters can also convert typical wired telephones into Bluetooth devices. When plugged in with a standard phone, or a phone jack, the adapter enables the phone to transmit Bluetooth signals. These signals can then be detected through several other Bluetooth-enabled phone devices to make wireless phone calls. The same Bluetooth adapter can be used to enable Bluetooth connectivity in your PC.

There are a number of Bluetooth adapters available in the technology market today, but if there is one such device that should be talked about is the Plantronics Voyager 510SL Bluetooth Headset System + Phone Adapter and Handset-Lifter. This device is a combination of the Bluetooth Desk-phone adapter, Voyager 510 Bluetooth headset, and the automatic handset lifter. The device allows for effortless switching between a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, laptop or PDA and an office or home telephone. The headset system is designed for versatility, both in and out of home and office. This clever equipment can detect which device is being used, and enables the user to receive calls from any one of the device just by engaging a button. The device is lightweight, and rich in aesthetics that not only looks good, but also offers comfort for mobile professionals who can wear the device all day, plus it can be worn in both the ears, unlike other Bluetooth devices.

The microphones installed offer superior quality through the noise-canceling technology for crystal clear voice communication. Voice-activated dialing, redialing the last number, or taking or rejecting calls – all can be done through just a single touch of a button.

The headset is compact and can be folded in to a purse or pocket or increased portability. The system allows for upto 100 hours of standby time and upto 6 hours of talk time. The device also enables a roaming distance of 10 meters (33 feet) from the Bluetooth device. The system comes with an interactive user’s guide to direct the user for the safest and most comfortable use of the devices. The market price for the product is $379.95, and the package contains Voyager 500A Desk Phone Adapter, one Voyager 510 Bluetooth headset, a one AC Power Adapter, one HL10 Automatic Handset Lifter, and 1 Eartip and Windscreen Kit.

Bluetooth phone adapters are taking the world by storm, as it is allowing for wireless connectivity like never before. It is easy to install and use, and offers the hands-free mobility that even mobile phones can not provide. Users reviewed all over the world have a very positive opinion towards the Bluetooth technology, and has whole-heartedly welcomed all the wireless virtues the technology has brought with it. Products like the one mentioned are readily accepted by users in the market, thus increasing the demand for more products as such. It won’t be wrong to say that the future looks bright for further Bluetooth-enhanced technology.

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